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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The press conference has concluded.

23 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – Buenos Aires, Argentina”

  1. Why are they there? If this is just another vacation or an opportunity to travel the world, then just say so – we can’t stop the Os from doing anything.

    1. That Macri guy got big press on 60 Mins…Not sure what their relationship would be–probably competitive…who’s the most beautiful, the most charming…Ugh. I don’t know.

    2. He just apologized again for the US keeping files on the military coup that happened down there years ago.
      He is going to declassify the files.

  2. Mr. President Obama,

    I am a naturalized citizen in the U.S, who is very proud to have voted for you. I feel honored that you finally made it to my birth country, Argentina.
    Thk U Mr. President for your honesty and impeccable conduct. I could only wish for more representatives worldwide as good nature as you are. God bless America, God bless Argentina, God bless you and the first family, and God bless us all.

      1. She has her POV–why are we climbing all over Argentina with the Nazi thing? Maybe Obama looks good to her compared with her politicos–we are always comparing one to the other. I have a friend who teaches Eng as a Second Lang to wealthy South Americans–they talk in detail about the corruption of their societies…esp Venezuela and Brazil.

    1. I worked with someone from Argentina years ago. We worked for a company owned by a Jewish family. When she interviewed for the job, they asked her which historical person she admired the most. She replied, “Hitler.” I kid you not. They hired her?!?!? She told many stories about her youth in Argentina. Thinking about her experiences today, I realized that the Argentina she grew up in sounds about like the Cuba of today. So, Mariana, I don’t understand why you think Obama is so great. Yes, he wants The USA to be equal to other countries but please know this…it means we will become just like Cuba or Argentina or Venezuala. They will never, ever be able to become the USA I was born into and grew up in as a natural born citizen.

        1. Buttining in .
          I believe that’s where Eichmann was captured by theIsraelis.
          And Mengale was supposed to be hiding out there also.
          Never been verified.

      1. “I realized that the Argentina she grew up in sounds about like the Cuba of today”

        No, Argentina and Cuba have absolutely nothing in common, neither does Venezuela (except for the language). Never have, and probably never will. Also you clearly know nothing about Argentina. Oh, and it’s Venezuela. Not Venezuala. How do you even dare to talk about other countries when you can’t even spell their names right?. Also, you meet this random Argentine person who happened to be an admirer of Hitler and instantly assume that Argentina is like Venezuela or Cuba? What the heck?. Where’s the logic in that?. I mean, I have this American friend of mine who is a Muslim. Does that mean that all Americans are Muslims or that the US and Irak are the same?. Jesus. Think before you speak. It’s people like you who make the rest of the world hate on your country. Because you speak without knowing your facts.
        As for the other person who commented on Eichmann and some other Nazi people captured in Argentina ages ago, let me remind you that the whole rocket technology as well as the whole US space program wouldn’t exist without the thousands of Nazi scientists brought over to the US. after WW II. So maybe you should look what your country of freedom did in the past before judging others.

          1. Was that sarcasm, Star?
            Did his reply list any supporting facts? Just the usual ignorant name calling and sarcastic innuendo. I am fairly well read and can list way too many references to Nazis in Argentina.
            And as I am certain you know, Werner Von Braun was a Nazi who surrendered to Americans…and eventually came to the USA….worked for NASA and became and evangelical Christian. Oh heck – look it up yourself….

        1. Venezuela and Cuba do have something in common.
          Hugo Chavez ring a bell?
          Venezuela, had a toilet paper shortage, and last week, no power in some parts of that country.
          Rocket scientist from Germany. Yes just like the Soviets, except ours wanted to come to America.
          Just like the Jewish scientists who left Germany to escape the Holocaust.
          And it wasn’t thousands, a handful at best, headed by Dr. Verner v. Braun.
          Yea, yea, I know V-1, V-2.

        2. 1. I don’t see well, so spelling errors occur in my comments to my embarrassment. Perhaps you should verify the spelling of IRAQ?
          2. I noted that the STORIES of my co-worked and friend’s life were the basis of my comparison – socialism/communism.
          3. I have deep and lasting friendships with Muslims so I can tell you that all are not the same…just as all people in the USA are not the same. Some of us are much more intelligent and worldly than others.
          4. Don’t know your religion – but perhaps you should have a little talk with Jesus based on your sarcastic and rude attitude toward others. Just a friendly suggestion…


            And I don’t see how my religion is any relevant to this topic, but I am an atheist, son of Catholic parents.

            Now I didn’t mean to be rude at all, and quite honestly, I believe you’re the hostile one here, seeing how you didn’t bother to inform yourself before judging a country that you know little or nothing about.

            PS: still waiting for your apology.

          2. 1. No apology coming. You are an atheist so nothing you have to say to me has any importance.
            2. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world – even lived for years in a ME country. Perhaps it is you who has no real life experience in other countries.
            3. I am not afraid of you. I am a child of The King…oh, but you don’t know Him, do you?

          3. 1. No apology coming – not ever. Not forever. This is a place you are not familiar with – due to your socialist-communist background. We have free speech here. We respectfully challenge one another. You don’t belong here on this site. Try the HuffPo.
            2. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world – even lived for years in a ME country. Perhaps it is you who has no real life experience in other countries. My friend from Argentina told me things you wish you knew…alas…you don’t and never will.
            3. I am not afraid of you. I am a child of The King…oh, but you don’t know Him, do you?
            “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.” Galatians 6:7 KJV
            Bring on your hate filled rhetoric…”And the princes, governors, and captains and the kings counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.”
            Daniel 3:27
            What this means is – no matter what you hurl at Christians, we will come through the fire of your hate fueled rhetoric and not even smell like smoke. Our eternity has been secured in Heaven.
            4. If not a Christian – are you a citizen of the USA?

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