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ISIS Intrudes on Obama’s Havana Holiday

It was hardly surprising that President Obama on Tuesday was in Cuba enjoying a baseball game with a violent dictator and pursuing his ideological agenda while the world was busy dealing with another horrific terrorist attack.

While the planet has disintegrated into a disordered mess plagued by growing numbers of major terrorist attacks, the president has been careful to take at least four weeks of vacation a year, not including three- and four-day golf weekends in sunny locales around the United States. Meantime, his commitment to a politically correct, leftist agenda that views morality in relative terms has prevented him from even calling these attacks what they are: “Islamist” terrorism.

Part of Obama’s ideological profile is the one-world dream of every leftist. Nationalities and borders are so old-school, and so the president allows thousands of Syrian refugees into America while supporting European policies allowing tens of thousands more to swamp the continent and provoke the current outbreak of terrorist attacks.

“President Obama also expressed his appreciation of the chancellor’s leadership in working to address the migration crisis in Europe, in particular her recent decision to ease the burden on border countries by providing haven to Syrian refugees,” the White House said on August 26 of last year. A month later, Obama agreed with Chancellor Angela Merkel that other countries, too, must accept their “fair share” of refugees, as if cultural self-destruction and the danger to national security caused by the refugees should be spread across Europe, not just in Germany..

While assertively pursuing his agenda at home, Obama has been perhaps the most passive modern president ever with respect to threats overseas.

Obama Cuba baseball

It is no coincidence that a vast Islamic state devoted to destroying the West has sprouted up under his watch. World affairs have always been an unwelcome intrusion disrupting the implementation of his ideological agenda at home. That’s why Obama installed a secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, with absolutely no foreign policy experience beyond dodging imaginary Serb sniper bullets. And it is why he has allowed the U.S. armed forces to deteriorate, and why he set a long-term goal of “degrading and destroying” ISIS that has barely progressed.

Obama has projected weakness at every turn, whether allowing the Syrians to breach his “red line” on the use of chemical weapons, permitting China to violate territorial rights in the South China Sea, granting Iran the future use of nuclear weapons, or kowtowing to the Palestinians while broadcasting his contempt for America’s traditional ally in the region, Israel.

The jackals of the world can swell an ounce of weakness in a gallon of bluster, and so they are on the move. Mass attacks in the United States like those plaguing Europe are not far off, former administration officials warn.

But the man who, while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard in August 2014, hit the links just moments after addressing the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley, is not one to allow too much bad news to mess with his schedule

Obama paused only briefly in Cuba on Tuesday to acknowledge the attacks before continuing with the excitement of his trip. The White House made sure to have the president make a brief statement in Havana on the terrorist attacks, including some political correctness about how everyone, “regardless of nationality, or race, or faith” should unite to defeat terrorism. “We can — and will — defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world,” Obama said.

We can, and we will. But first, baseball.

From Tuesday’s White House press pool report:

“POTUS had changed out of his suit and into khaki pants and a white shirt. He was wearing sunglasses and carrying some sort of to-go cup. Secretary Kerry, also wearing khaki pants, a white shirt and sunglasses, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and others left from the same entrance before POTUS.”

So everyone’s in khakis, and the fun can begin.

“To Mr. Obama’s right are, in order, Mrs. Obama, Sasha, Malia and Marian Robinson,” the pool report stated. “As they sat down some Cuban music blasted from the speakers, bringing even more festive energy into the stadium … Before the start of the game, the Tampa players walked over to where Mr. Obama was seated. The president stood up and shook each one’s hand through the net that is hanging behind home plate. He was smiling, sunglasses on, and chewing gum.”

Same as it ever was.

14 Responses to ISIS Intrudes on Obama’s Havana Holiday

    • Surprisingly critical article by Cohen. Critical of Obama, not socialism.

      Once people realize that this was not a state visit, but merely a family and friends supper duper vacation perhaps we will stop expecting so much.

  1. Bravo Keith!

    “Same as it ever was” – Talking Heads reference?

    Possibly, if 51 seconds is considered talking about the body count, the injured, the maimed, the traumatized.

  2. Who would want a few misguided ppl to interrupt a vacation? Just a few dead doesn’t matter. There is trips to take with the family while cementing a legacy hanging out with 3rd world thugs. A shame he didn’t do this year’s ago, he could have employed some for of the human rights abuses he so deplore on his own ppl. He good thing, Hillary will continue down this path of destruction and lack of morals.

  3. I agree, well said. However, I have another opinion on Syria, leave Assad alone, or, stand by his side in fighting IS. If Assad is removed, oh, the horror. IS will rule and we will have even more people running into our poor, defenseless continent, Europe. Migrants mixed with terrorists.

  4. What happens if Belgium says an attack on us is an attack on all NATO members–do we suit up? I know Trump says he’d say show me the money…but what would Obama do? Is this why he sloughs this stuff off as no big deal–so that no Eur countries would invoke NATO?

    • He should jump when told either by NATO or the UN. He wont, remember he was elected to end wars, not start them. No matter the circumstances. Pathetic.

  5. Outstanding review, Keith!

    The Commie-in-Chief finally outdid himself! All of his humiliating pandering and puffery for a few Mojitos and the Cha-Cha-Cha! And, of course, the photo-ops!

    Mr. Kool – the skeletal figure in the white shirt, khakis and shades – looking more like an Ethiopian refugee than the leader of the Free World.

    The joint presser was a doozy! Castro insulted little Barry at every turn. No one deserved it more!

    Oblivious to the insults, Obama’s opening remarks began with this obsequious plea for Castro’s indulgence:

    “With your indulgence, Mr. President, I want to go just briefly off topic because during this weekend, I received news that one of our outstanding United States Armed Service members, Marine Staff Sergeant Louis F. Cardin of Temecula, California, was killed in northern Iraq as we assisted the Iraqi government in dealing with ISIL, the terrorist organization there.”

    Asking for the indulgence of a commie dictator??? Where is the outrage? Donald, are you there???

  6. I was working, and didn’t have time, or inclination, to watch game. Did they play the Star Spangled Banner before start of game?

    Anyone know?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.