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Clinton: Let’s Get Past Obama’s “Awful Legacy”

More evidence of my theory that Bill subconsciously – or perhaps consciously – doesn’t want Hillary to be president. Dissing Obama hurts Hillary with her most important voting bloc, African Americans, whom she particularly needs now.


18 Responses to Clinton: Let’s Get Past Obama’s “Awful Legacy”

  1. I have new found love for The Bill. A despicable human rapist. Murder as well?

    If he can stop the hilldabitch from being president we all should embrace the evil one.

  2. Oh, I’m sure he misspoke (wink,wink) and will be walking this back any minute now…..

    Hillary keeps mentioning she’ll be Obama’s third term and continuing his historic legacy.

    Chelsea keeps gaffing on the campaign trail promising that her mom will insure all the illegals too.

    Team Clinton 2016 !! /s

  3. Agree. Anyone who has been in a long relationship knows when a comment is endearing or meant to hurt or humiliate.
    Hubby doesn’t know which end of the hammer to hold/Wifey can’t cook a fried egg – can be cutesy or just mean.
    Bubba is mean, doesn’t want to spend his remaining years jumping when the wife yells now, and has no intention of playing second fiddle.
    What if she’s a better President than he was, what if he wants a weekend playing around – yes, he doesn’t want her to be POTUS.

    • Hillary Clinton for President. What a joke and yet these stupid dems vote for her? She’s a greedy sneaky pig who took money from anyone and everyone including middle East countries who are filled with terrorists. And I listened to her the other night asking her supporters who are so poor to send her money, donations! I could not believe what I was hearing that she was asking these poor people to send her money, and they are and she should be in jail for the way she did not do her job at the State Department, broke laws and rules because she’s deranged! On MSNBC, those jerks over there said they was so concerned about trump being President. Aren’t these people at MSNBC concerned that their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is being criminally investigated? No they are concerned about Trump, what idiots these hosts on MSNBC are. They are such liars and deceivers, the liberal media, not journalists or reporters.

  4. Hillary laughed it off and said DH was referring to the Republicans – not Obama. Sounds like Bill left it up to interpretation….he’s a sly one alright.