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Video || Obama Arrives in Cuba

Not to be petty, but glad it rained on them. It’s scheduled to be overcast with some rain while they are there Monday and Tuesday, and then sunny thereafter. I gather God gets it.

Notice all the nicely dressed Cubans with technology cheering him on. Handpicked by the Cuban government, no doubt.

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  1. I’m surprised Obama knows how to hold his own umbrella. I’m glad also that it rained on them. This trip is a huge waste of our resources and money.

      1. Argentina?
        Aren’t the Chinese building some sort of installation there, unknown what type.
        To be manned by military technicians, but Chinese claim its not a military base.
        Read that over at DRUDGE.

        1. Being a wannabe Intel guy; China (the Chinese military) is building a “space station” = a space/satellite monitoring station in a remote part of Argentina.
          ~Could be very useful for intercepting (jamming?) US satellite communications…???

    1. Agreed. I was petty enough to hope he’d be struck by lightning. And barring that, petty enough to hope he gets struck by an errant fastball tomorrow.

  2. Ironic isn’t it, Obummer berates the police here for doing their jobs, while he goes there to meet with the Castro regime that violates more human rights than will ever happen here. Guess he sold his “principals” for a vacation for Mooch and family. Pitiful.

    1. His whole tenure in office has been ironic.
      This Country made a horrible mistake by electing him the first time, let alone the second.

    2. Dear Leader Obama most likely dreams he could do what the Castro regime does = lock up any “political dissidents” (i.e. conservatives & all Tea Party types)

      1. Russians had missile sites there back in the 60’s, I’m sure they’d be happy to be back.
        If we give up Gitmo, it’s going to happen.
        You can take that to the bank.

  3. I think that’s an educated guess LSpook.
    They come half way across the world, man the place with military tech’s, and no civilians.
    Yup. Not going to be in US interest.
    Maybe they want to be closer to continue their hacking attack’s.

  4. Just think what a world we would have if Obama had been as respectful to our allies– former Premier of Canada Harper, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Pranab Mukherjee of India, Cameron of the UK, Shinzō Abe of Japan, Park Geun-hye of South Korea, etc., as he been of the murderous Communist dictators of Cuba. But Barry like likes dictators, he is comfortable with them, thinks like they do, envies their power.

    The catastrophic and dangerous Presidency of Barack Obama occurred because the national media refused to vet him and, worse, created a savior halo around his evil reign.

    1. Absolutely Marcus about Obama’s true allegiances.
      He’s in Cuba meeting with some of, if not the worse human rights violators and Trump, Cruz and Ryan, and I think Kaisch are speaking AIPAC in DC. to our
      Jewish allies

    2. Obama is too much of a coward to live in a society like Cuba’s, but he is the typical limousine liberal who will criticize the US and scamper back to a life of luxury.

      Who needs a President who criticizes his own country, and by extension its citizens, while touring a socialist country?

      Protect and defend?

    1. The same reason Soros is funding agitators that called for and are planning nation wide “protest”
      The same reason GOP elite’s want Kasich to be the nominee.
      To prevent Trump from being elected.
      OT now.
      If anyone watched Trumps speech at the AIPAC conference, you would have heard the words of a statesman.
      He does get repetitious now and then, but today was totally new.
      Made it very clear that his administration will not sell out or abandon Israel.
      Replay of event is over at RSBN.

      1. I watched his speech. One word – Wow.
        There’s something there, something the crowd sensed – he’s one of them.
        Not Jewish, but still..
        Since most Jews still call themselves Dems, his speech might help garner votes in the general election but are of no help now.

        ot: the commenters on FOX
        They sneered that someone else wrote his speech as if MrObama writes all his speeches. Ha.

        1. Anything, anything Trump says or does will of course be attacked.
          Yes he certainly made a connection.
          I think the Jews are glad to hear that they will not be forced to negotiate from a position of weakness, but from one of strength.

          1. I saw a good chunk of it on Fox Business. After feeling uninspired and depressed with Obama in Cuba, I found myself reinvigorated with Trump version 2.0. There IS something there. I liked his foreign policy adviser picks too.

  5. Obama announced today that he would be going to Viet Nam this year. How about a trip to N. Korea? Please, please…Barry! Double dare you!

      1. Of course North,AVet.
        Howza about a trip to ISIS controlled area?
        Wonder what kind of reception he’d receive.
        Hero, or “off with his head”.
        I’d wager hero.

      1. Sorry…did not see your link but to be honest…I didn’t look. I was so in agreement with his speech that I had to post a link.
        I try to be impartial but this speech – this sincere speech and the knowledge of the area and the political information it imparted – was inspiring to me.

    1. Most certainly Aileen.
      No mincing word’s.
      This will be my foreign policy regarding Israel.
      He’s taking a stand.
      America was the first country to recognize the State of Israel.
      No more Kerry or Obama betrayal.

  6. Handpicked crowd. The Soviets were particularly good at this — going all the way back to Catherine the Great’s Potemkin Villages. Ah, the heritage of dictatorships….Obama fits right in.

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