In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 22, 2016

10:10 am || Delivers remarks to the Cuban people; El Gran Teatro de Havana, Havana, Cuba
11:20 am || Meets with members Civil Society U.S. Embassy Havana
1:25 pm || Attends a Major League Baseball exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team; stadio Latinoamericano, Havana
3:50 pm || Departs Cuba

All times Eastern

25 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, March 22, 2016”

  1. OT and absurd. Mark Levin has decided that it is a good idea to black list those who stand with Donald Trump. Ace at AOS thinks this is a good idea as well.

    I think this is absurd and they might just as well yank the First Amendment.

    And take a list of those awful people — including Senator Jeff Sessions. Really? Crazy is as crazy does.

    Also included Chris Christie, Senator Rick Scott, Sarah Palin. Amazing.

    1. The conservative Repubs have truly morphed into the liberal Dems…using their same tactics, language, smear campaigns, fear mongering, and overall intolerance of anyone holding an opinion other than theirs.

    2. What is it that people who think as MrLevin fear that MrTrump will do to the US?
      Will he force all Americans to buy something, will he encourage certain groups to riot or burn down their cities, will he go abroad to insult American citizens and their contributions to almost every country in the world in their time of need, or are they afraid of losing their special place in the establishment that has made them rich and famous?
      This anti-Trump movement has exposed the sheer hatred and lack of respect the shouting class has for the ‘little people’.

      1. I think he would take a pass at “negotiating” with Congress, then threaten like he did with Ryan, segue to the EOs (what’s another flipflop, esp when you’ve been elected). He won’t do much about ISIS bec he now thinks we don’t need to be leading all the time (almost a quote). He may storm around and “tear up” the Iran thing and who knows what the mullahs would do–they are already tossing missiles around. Then again, that might be “leading,” so who knows. He will try for some ceremonial wall (already says it won’t be 11 miles)–but will run into the Federal Acqusition Regulation, bidding procedures, cost overruns, something called “renegotiation,” and of course problems with “taking” Mexico’s money to “pay” for the thing if it even gets underway. Will Mexico pay upfront, by the way? As for China, I am still at a loss on how He “brings” jobs back–loads them on a boat? All this, coupled with trying to get thousands of qualified people to staff the agencies with possible career ruin for some a risk–well, these are just some reasons, I question the choice of “the little people.” IT’S COMPLICATED!

      2. ‘D’ – All of the above.
        Most notably they’re afraid of losing their place in the establishment that has made them rich and famous, however.

      3. I also think that it reflects how insipid this whole political correctness stuff is. How deeply it has penetrated on a very fake level the American psyche.

        This is not who we are, how we talk, … ew, yuck violence. This from a country who fought a revolution to establish a Republic, and a Civil War where brother killed brother. And now, Donald Trump is too much — today , especially when you don’t have to be black or gay or transgender you just have to think you are — just self identify as — and voila you are. Where the MSM and the Democrat Party will not call terrorists yelling Allah Akbar and blowing up and airport Islamic Jihadists? And Donald Trump is offensive?

  2. Soledad OBrien, fired from CNN and having worked for Al Jazeera, made her way to Cuba however, to interview the Castro wanna be, Barack Obama. Pix #2. Also a little goosestepping for the little dick on Pix#6, Mooch — big hoops and big print, pix#8, hmm inside a Church in Cuba (maybe that’s what it takes to get them inside a church — a taxpayer paid vacay to a communist country where God is still not yet dead — maybe that’s the reason for the short skirts on the Obama “girls”, pix#13). There are lots more pix — you can add your own commentary. :)

  3. Europe in shock. Again. Well, anybody could see it coming. We have the terrorists among us due to our, no, not our, but our politicians , open-border politics.
    This morning bombs exploded at the international airport and in a metro station in Brussels, Belgium, the EU capital in Europe. So far, thirteen dead and many, many injured. There might be a connection between this and the anti-terror raids last week in Belgium when one of the terrorists from the Paris attacks was captured.Is this the wake-up call needed for the European politicians to deal with the severe problems of immigration ? Anybody could see that we imported armies of young men from the MENA countries last year without any control. It was, and is, like an invasion. People protested, politicians and media did not listen, it was the humanitarian thing to do. And now ? May the peoples rage be evident to them. We do not feel safe.

    1. Outrage. The deaths and mutilations of innocent travelers, of men, women, and children who are not the makers of any policy or actions is an outrage.

      May the souls of the terrorists burn in everlasting Hell.

    2. swedishlady, The Brussels attack was the first thing I heard when I turned the radio on this morning. Will this be “the wake-up call needed for the European politicians to deal with the severe problems of immigration?” I somehow doubt it. If they aren’t awake by now, they may never be. Meanwhile the slaughter continues.

  4. Hot line tip: U.S. Customs/AndrewsAFB
    Search Air Force one. Look close for contraband, undocumented passengers, 1954 to 1959 rare auto parts.

  5. While our friends across the ocean mourn the loss of an untold number of innocents killed and maimed by Islamic terrorists, how can our President sit in the ballpark, smiling and waving.
    Out of respect and empathy for this latest outrage, MrObama should spend the day considering how and when the terrorists will attack our country.
    It will happen, we know it.

    1. Baseball. No golf course, or casino, or fund raiser available. This is usually where you can find Obama after a tragedy or outrage. So, a baseball game it is.

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