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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 21, 2016

10:25 am || Lays a wreath at the Jose Marti Memorial; Havana, Cuba
10:35 am || Tours the Jose Marti Memorial; Havana, Cuba
11:00 am || Takes an official photo with President Raul Castro of Cuba; Palace of the Revolution, Havana
11:05 am || Participates in an official welcoming ceremony; Palace of the Revolution, Havana
11:30 am || Begins meetings with Raul Castro; Palace of the Revolution, Havana
1:50 pm || Along with Castro, gives a statement to the press; Palace of the Revolution, Havana
3:45 pm || Participates in an event focused on entrepreneurship in Cuba; La Cervecería, Havana
7:30 pm || With First Lady Michelle Obama, attends a State Dinner; Palace of the Revolution, Havana

All times Eastern

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, March 21, 2016

  1. The MajicKneegrow where does the BS of this guy stop. Get him out of here, send him off to play gold forever!

    Lame duck meets country of total failure. Maybe they will give him a nice 54 Chevy.

    It just never ends.

  2. Dear Leader Obama, a neo-socialist, being feted by Communist Cuba…
    Obama’s ego this week will be gigantic beyond words…

    (How do you say: “go to Hell” in Cuban…? :-)

  3. OK.
    Bet on one or more of the Obamas make a grande boo-boo gaffe in Cuba tomorrow.

    About those 50’s autos – they are real treasures here in the USA.
    Some of them are worth 6 figures to collectors. Even non-running Chevys and Fords are worth a fortune in original parts.

  4. How many political prisoners (not murderers, thieves and true criminals) are there in Cuba at this time?

    From USA Today:
    “According to the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, the number of political prisoners detained in Cuba has risen from 2,074 in 2010 to 6,424 in 2013. Through the first 11 months of 2014, that number is at 8,410.” And likely more as of today.

    And that’s not counting the “dissidents” arrested just before Obama’s visit today.

    They weren’t even a bargaining chip in the “normalization” of USA/Cuba relation, and they never will be under Obama.

  5. I am taking some pleasure in the fact that the CDC listed Cuba on the Zika list.
    It’d be a pity of a swarm of mosquitoes found their way to the soiree that hitched a ride on AF1.

  6. Watch The One when he comes back from his trip to bolster the Castro Communist dictatorship pronouncing Cuba “Koo-Bah”. He went to Harvard, you know. So he claims.