As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

55 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || March 19, 2016

  1. Country is being run by mob rule.
    Protesters can’t be more that 100/150.
    Blocking access to rally that thousands want to attend.
    All in the name of free speech.

    • Aerial view via news helicopter shows only about 100 thugs, I thought there was more.
      My crowd estimating was way off.
      But my point is how can a small band of thugs be allowed to disrupt thousands in
      I repeat, yours end where mine begin.

        • Yes it is, Star.
          But I continue to hear the chant and today on signs, ” Trump, shut it down ”
          That’s not protest, that’s intimidation.
          “Shut it down”?
          Seems pretty clear to me, just like ” death to America “.
          Nothing to misunderstand.

    • Daughter and I watched the “protest” and tried to keep from laughing. About 50 people milling about, carrying signs in Spanish (yeah, that’ll make friends) and the Sheriff’s dept calling in the tow trucks.
      Fountain Hills, AZ is a high-end bedroom suburb with mansions, tony golf courses and fine eateries. None of the protesters live there, but they may work there (income un-equality).
      Protesters should be on alert that Maricopa Co Sheriff’s Dept is not amused and won’t hesitate to arrest you all, tow your cars away, and welcome you to the Tent City Jail.
      This is not Los Angeles, or Baltimore, or Ferguson – this is Arizona.

  2. AfVet–is he on today? I thought of you when I happened on the Crossroads Guitar Festival on “the cable”–hours and hours of the greats doing their best licks…Wonderful.

  3. Because of the Trump protestors blocking a major street and state highway here this morning, I finally watched one of his speeches (on tv), at the Fountain Hills rally. I don’t care for his mocking other candidates but the man does hit on all the hot topics.

    Many of the protestors were organized by Puente AZ and Move On. A Puente protestor interviewed said Anonymous and some Palestinian group also were there. I don’t know if that’s true but when the protestors finally made their way into the Trump rally some of them had their faces covered. Cowards! They’re planning another Trump protest in Phoenix Wednesday morning according to the Puente facebook page. I’ll be curious to know if these protestors show up in Tucson later today.

    Our NBC affiliate reported at least 10,000 people attended the rally. So far, only 3 protesters have been arrested for blocking the road. I hope they also arrest the organizers.

    • The GOP is desperate to stop Trump because he is threatening their establishment.
      Their tidy little organization is in jeopardy of being destroyed.

      They will stop at nothing to destroy Trump.

      We will see who they really are once this unfolds.

    • If the Maricopa County law enforcement people are in charge–that is good ole Sheriff Joe–why isn’t he charging around arresting people right and left? He was on TV yesterday trying to start something with Sanders–said he got along swimmingly with Sanders wife on her tour of tent city and then Sanders had threatened him…Yeah, I BET she got along great with him. When I see his face on TV, I listen enough to find out OH WHAT NOW and then change channels to my backup channel.

    • I winch when Trump brings up that birther non-issue and I wish he’d stop that mocking, once in a while its OK, imo, but not every time.

      • I guess I am beating a dead horse with a broken record, but he repeats his GREATEST HITS every time–if he has something else, it isn’t apparent. I have it boiled down to … stupid, smarter, worst, Mexico, China, not born here, lying, liar, short, ugly, and to be honest with you. Oh–almost forgot–“great.”

        • And Obama consistently blames the republicans for the demise of this Country.

          I do to.
          They gave into a bunch of liberals that put this Country in debt up to our eyeballs.

          They let a liberal hack, aka Obama coerce them into the situation we are in today.

          Barry Soetoro is a charlatan, and the charlatans that say they represent us are liars.

          Why does it take so much time to rectify an obvious obstruction to the civil liberties, could it be the current administration ?

          Nah, never happen.

        • I would call that consisty and re-enforcement of ” who I am “.
          Not, ” I’ll check the poll’s and tell you what I believe today “.
          But agree on login liar, and that damn birther non-issue. Leave alone Donald.

        • I get all that, AfVet–we say it everyday. But I honestly think the cure could be worse than the disease…and it’s sure abrasive in the making. Oh, well, I guess we just talk past each other…How bad Obama is does not make Trump better.

      • 500 slaughtered.
        For being Christian, because bif your not Muslim, you must convert or die.
        On the Day of Judgment I expect to hear God roar “You did what in My Name?”
        Beheadings, burning people alive, female genital mutilation, crucifixions, throwing gays of buildings.
        What? You did it because God told you.?
        But I AM GOD.
        No blasphemy intended, just saying.

  4. Interesting conversation of the day:
    Female of a couple said she would vote for Trump but said the male of the couple stated, “I will vote for Hillary!” although he has never been in a Democrat in his life of 60 odd years. Just because he dislikes Cruz and Trump…(and all the rest, I presume.)

  5. I cannot believe that these kinds of obstructionist, foul “protests” are allowed. They should be arrested for violating the normal laws and rules of public gatherings, distance from, permits, not blocking public access etc etc. Instead this band of thugs and agitators and communists sympathizers backed by God knows who (yes, Soros but who else). If this were a roving protests of white right wingers on their way to stop Hillary Clinton from speaking your bet your a** they would never be allowed to get even half this far.

  6. It’s a good thing I didn’t fly over to Arizona this weekend like I plan to do one of these months soon. It’s stressful enough to plan that long travel and one of those little snot nosed punks chained to their car…..hmmm make my day.