As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama: Being President is a Serious Job!

This from the person who has done more than any president to degrade the job since the last Democrat went on dates with his girlfriend in the Oval Office.

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  1. We have to face today’s truth – the President and the First Lady reflect the lack of decorum and manners of past WhiteHouse couples.
    There are no hats or gloves, sometimes there isn’t a tie and most of all, there is a desire to be liked or admired as being ‘cool’ or ‘in the moment’.
    Our President acts like a rich guy with hours for playtime and the First Lady gives the impression she thinks she’s a reality star who can do anything she wants to do.
    Of course, the job is hard; It requires complete attention 24/7, an attention to details and the ability to make good decisions.
    No matter what the politicos claim, no one is prepared for the job, there is no training except ‘on the job’ and sometimes things go wrong.

    Opponents of MrTrump claim he knows next to nothing about foreign affairs, can’t possibly lead the military, and has no experience in running the government – and that’s probably true enough.
    However, SenObama didn’t know any of these things, either.

      • Sure of that? The TV generals? Carson? He basically has said he has no foreign policy advisers and relies on his own brilliant brain for that. Who would even take a post? Not everyone who has spent his or her life studying or formulating policy in a given field, that’s for sure.

        • Its not rocket science.

          Kerry and Majicboy have been doing it and screwed up the entire middle east. Hitlary failed too.

          So what ever Trump does has to be better than this mess.

          BTW Putin ex GRU KGB is doing great. Having out thought Majic/hil/ker in Syria. By like 1000%

        • Yep, I’m absolutely sure of it and submit his own ego as evidence. He will not want to go down in the history books as a failure. We also get the added bonus of motivation to show just truly how much of a failure and full of crooks the Obama administration was.

        • Who would even take a post? Not everyone who has spent his or her life studying or formulating policy in a given field, that’s for sure.
          You don’t know that Star. I suspect there are many qualified people appalled by what has happened under Obama who are anxious to right the course, and who do not see Trump, as you do.

          • And can anyone be worse than Ben Rhodes, Samantha, Susan, John Kerree , Ash Carter, Jeh Johnson, Erica Lynch, Perez, theLaRaza twin, and the myriad of suspect Muslims he has scattered throughout the government?

          • By the time we’d find out–could be too late. Suspecting or hoping or blithely saying it could not be worse–to me–are not assurances. How about he says who he respects or would appt–on O’Reilly (in a shockingly flaccid interview) Bill asked which president Trump respected–and his ans was “Everyone seems to like Lincoln.”

          • The disaster of the MajicKneegrow in foreign policy is unprecedented.

            We have a disaster on our hands right now.

            Tump haters can just suck that fact up.

          • I compare Obama to the worst Egyptian Pharaoh—Akhenaten.

            Akhenaten declared that he was to be worshiped, not the traditional pantheon of gods, destabilized many Egyptian institutions, spent the treasury, fought with everyone, demonized his opponents, lied constantly about everything, snubbed and cheated leaders of other countries, refused to properly support his armies during battle, over taxed his people. Sound familiar?

          • Yes, Obama=bad. On this subj, Cruz just announced a 23-person natl security team–incl Elliot Abrams…at least it’s not just his instincts, TV research and spur of the moment “feelings” or read of what his voters want to hear.

        • If Trump needs a “National Security adviser” I would volunteer in a second… (and being a political appointee I would not have to worry about passing a SF-86 form -LOL)

    • I think we saw the lack of decorum starting with the Clintons–becoming public knowledge, that is.

      Bill talking about what underwear he wore and playing his saxophone on TV. Oh, and then his escapades in the Oval Office.

      Others have had their escapades as well, such as JFK, but they weren’t so widely known.

  2. It really must be difficult and take a lot of time out of his busy golf schedule to blame everything that’s wrong in the country on whites and the police.

  3. This just in: Obummer seeks 18% increase in post presidential pay. Just what he deserves. Too bad he doesn’t do anything now to earn that. Glad tax $ will still be spent on vacations he has yet to earn.

  4. Star, Over the years Donald Trump has moved in some pretty rarified political, international, business and social circles. It is gobsmacking to me that you think that government administration at the executive level is so complex and fine tuned (especially when you look at the history of scandals of a multitude of administrations) that somehow Donald Trump will not be able to staff his Administration with capable and perhaps extraordinary people. Will there be flops yet, but to present him as bereft of either the ability or the contacts is interesting at the least. And the lure of involvement in any Administration tends to draw the previously hesitant and critical politcos to the flame. It’s what they do.

    • Well, let’s see some evidence of all this good judgment–besides that Lewandowski character (ever looked HIM up?) and the people he put on The Apprentice. And, yes, I think many knowledgeable people with good ideas would not want to hop into that mess…Didn’t some natl security people already sign a list saying they wouldn’t…a few days ago…? Oh, well, this is all speculation…

      • plenty of peeps out there for the Jobs. Not a problem. You always make things sound so hard. Its not.

        We have peeps where I worked that can make a guided missile work. Much harder than being a gov hack. Cause it actually has to work.
        .gov morons have given us Oblundercare, war on drugs, war on poverty, common core, and so on all failures.

      • Lewandowski — check out what has happened since it was reported and where Michelle Fields is now.

        Tough guys are everywhere in politics. You know that Star.

        And yes, some natsec guys did sign a letter, which I thought was ill advised. And many did not.

        And people are still scratching their head over the good Dr. Ben endorsing the horrific Donald.

        Our suspicion about Trump comes mostly from the 8 years of Democrat Barack Obama — we are gun shy of people without political creds. And yet those with political creds — all those conservatives we elected to regain the Senate and keep the House — they didn’t turn out to be too conservative either. It’s politics .

        And Hillary even has an ex con in law in her family. America is littered with good people who have been mischaracterized and in some instances, unfairly punished and blackballed, and really bad people who are enjoying the high life — Corzine.

        And Ted Cruz, a conservative whom I like and would support, has a suspiciously high # of Bush cronies on his staff,including the less than admirable Neil Bush who is on Finance Cmte. Really Neil Bush?

        And the need for people like L. to protect as much as possible , rightly or wrongly, their candidate — Trump’s son receiving mail with white powder at his home.

        • I think Fields got fired…blame the vic once again. Yes “other people” this or that–but that does not excuse the ideas or behavior of any one we are looking at. There is always someone worse, but also someone better. That’s what gripes me–why we never get the better one…Now we are looking at holding some lesser or evils accountable…We need fresh blood, yes, younger people, more thoughtful, more willing to learn to work the system for good.

          • It would be nice Star, but my sense is there is a paucity of younger people with the skills,morals or values that would right this. Yes, there are some but not enough. IMO.

          • A new angle of the video shows Lewandowski walking right past her, barely even touching her. She is now being investigated for filing a false police report.

  5. Star, Further on Trump —

    How about he says who he respects or would appt–on

    Why don’t they all. Beyond Sidney Blumenthal and a bunch of Democrat hacks who would serve with Hillary, or Bernie, or Ted, or Kasich — who would make these commitments at this stage of the game and why should Donald Trump be the only one who is railed against for not having done so? Because he doesn’t have a BFF list of politcos?

  6. Today I went to the Japanese restaurant for take out. As I got into my car with the food, a VW car pulled into the space next to me on my passenger side.
    The VW driver’s door was quickly flung wide open…possibly grazing my passenger door and mirror. He was laughing as he departed his car.
    I wasn’t.
    I got out of my car and walked around to check my passenger door and mirror. He was on his passenger side removing something from his car. I looked at him and said, “Just checking to see if your door hit my car.”
    He laughed and said, “It didn’t!”
    That is when I saw the “Obama/Biden” bumper sticker in his rear window.
    A Democrat – that explained everything. I got in my car and drove home.
    A Democrat…explains so much about so many – even faux Republicans.

    • For the first time today, I saw a “Coexist” bumper sticker. On the other side of the bumper was a similar one spelling out “Tolerance” with a crescent moon as the “C”. I just about choked and had an almost irresistible urge to vandalize both.

  7. Leftest thugs blocking access road leading to Trump rally in Tucson, AZ.
    Police see to have a handle on it.
    Towing the blocking vehicles.