As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || SNL Does a Hillary Campaign Commercial

From Saturday. Liked this one.

30 Responses to Video || SNL Does a Hillary Campaign Commercial

  1. Bernie is spending lots of money here in AZ (primary next Tuesday) and getting a lot of crowds of young somethings.
    @Star and I have already voted for the Bern, so as of now it’s – Bernie 2/Hillary 0

  2. Petty funny stuff! I can even see myself voting for the HRC impersonator in November.
    HRC has so many multiple personalities, it’s difficult to know which one will be occupying the Oval Office next year. Perhaps all of them??? Yikes!

    • Well, there’re more “personalities” yet to be shown to the public. She’s keeping her Barbra Streisand personality private for now, but rumor says she’ll go public in a couple of weeks with it. She’s working on her El Chapo persona but isn’t ready to go public with it. She’ll bring out her Whoopie Goldberg and Abraham Lincoln persona in late summer, in time for the election. She gave up trying to be John Steinbeck. We won’t be seeing that one.

  3. This is o/t and I don’t care.
    Those who believe and will: Please pray for my brother Bill.
    I have asked before, I am asking again.
    Please pray that God – Who can if He will – will cure my brother from his cancer.
    Amen. Thank you.