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Obama Schedule || Friday, March 18, 2016

No public schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s planning a press conference or some kind of public statement to bash Republicans about not acting on his Court pick.

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  1. He’s leaving for Cuba with 1000 of his BFF’s on Sunday. They are probably starting the festivities tomorrow, and will party on til they leave on Sunday.

    Would love to see the ‘guest list’ for this Cuban spectacular! More importantly is the cost to taxpayers! Every hotel in Havana is moving their guests to another location in order to accommodate the Grifters and their entourage. I suppose we are paying for that, too!
    One word: OBSCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Do you think Joanne Chesimard’s race plays any factor in Obama’s total unwillingness to even broach the subject of her extradition? I was a young kid just starting to read newspapers when she committed that murder. It left a big impression on me. There’s a special circle in He!! for her and those who aided and abetted…I hope.

  3. I just read a great tribute to the Trump-voters in…big surprise… The Village Voice . ” The masses are revolting for Donald Trump”. I really liked it.

  4. You know I have days like that, where just I can’t think of a damn thing to do…But, looking back on most of those days…No doubt about it,those were the days I got into the most trouble…

    • I heard the Atty General of Florida (Bondi?) say the Rep rule that the nom needed 1237 was the law of the land. Law of the land? Wouldn’t an Atty General know a law from a rule?

        • Well, she had the patented Fox long blond hair going on–not a v. lawyerly look in my mind. She didn’t impress me. Kim Guilfoyle may be a self-loving little flirt with her hair and the girls showing, but she does know some law.

          • Actually Kim made me laff the other day–referring to her marriage to the mayor of San Fran and how she was a prosecutor. Gutfeld said something about knowing the law bec HE watched THE GOOD WIFE. She said, “I was THE GOOD WIFE.”

      • Which brings up the RNC Rules committee meeting scheduled to meet a week before the convention (as they normally do). It will be interesting to see if they change the Rules of the convention, which Rules they change (if any), what the impact of the changes are re voting procedures, how the delegates react. The Rules committee meeting might be more exciting than the convention!

  5. Sheesh–weren’t we talking about snippy Harvard people? This story frosted by cahooties–those darn retail clinics (yeah, I didn’t know what that mean, either–apparently those in drugstores) are costing the system more because people just run out and get more health care. Sometimes you have no choice–the doc won’t even see you, even if they have same-day appts. Or the docs send you to the ER and urgent care. Hmpf.