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Republicans Vow Not to Consider Obama SCOTUS Pick

Here’s Sen. Mitch McConnell on the floor. He says, let the people decide during the election. But of course, this is about politics and whether the Court will move dramatically to the Left.

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  1. Thanks Keith.
    McConnell is right in stating that thew people should have input into the next Supreme Court Justice by electing the next President.

    Interesting that he mentioned the Biden rule.

    I still say that there should be term limits on the justices that serve on the bench.

    BTW, Ginsberg just turned 83.
    Happy birthday Ruth.

  2. GOP doing the old extend and pretend. Later when the focus is on something else they will approve of this anti gun liberal judge.

    McConnell is the biggest Obummer helper in the senate. RHINO!!!!!

    • in case you missed it…..

      y David Kopel on April 9, 2010 5:48 pm in Guns, Privacy

      Details here, regarding the 2000 case NRA v. Reno, and Judge Garland’s refusal to require the Clinton Department of Justice to obey the federal statute requiring the destruction of records of firearms purchases by law-abiding Americans. The decision also suggests a cavalier disregard for privacy rights in general, such as the right not to be put on a government list simply because one engaged in a lawful activity.

    • This why I am no longer a GOP supporter. These people are so pompous and are use to running this country unopposed.

      GOP and DEMs are on the same play book, and that does not inclued us.

      We are serfs and are just now coming to realize it.

      The let us vote because it does not matter, they do what they want.

    • “Political parties pick the nominee not the voters”
      Is that so Curly?
      Spoken like one of the 3 Stooges, Moe or Larry.
      S**t like that is one of the reasons I’ve put the endless E-mail solicitations from the RNC for money into my spam folder.
      Same goes for Kasich, Rubio and Cruz.
      Remember, Republicans in office you work for US, the people.

  3. You know its going to end badly when Bitch McConnell “vows” not to do something.
    Anybody read where McConnell, Cornyn, Thune and Hatch are requiring an apology from Ted Cruz for calling McConnell a liar and making him wet his pants, before they will rally round and support Cruz against Trump?
    So funny and so full of fakery these dopes are.
    They are appalled and afraid of Trump being the nominee. Cruz is their only hope. Everyone knows it. And yet they have to play childish face saving games before they finally cave in and do what they already know they are going to do.
    Can you imagine the disrespect they would show Ted Cruz if he did grovel for them and then he was elected?
    It would be neverending.

  4. I think that Mr Garland appeared totally star-struck when he looked at Obama and declared how forever thankful he was for the nomination. I do not think such behavior and words were suitable for the moment. No pride and self respect. Already a poodle ?

    • He is sort of a sacrificial lamb if you want to cite animals. I almost felt bad for him when he was moved to tears…He has very little chance of going to the Supreme Court.

      • Spot on…a political pawn being used as a dare to the Republican Senate. Also, I believe it was Judge Napolatano who noted this morning that Garland is hardly “uniquely qualified” – despite what Barry is trying to peddle.