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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 17, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:15 pm || Holds a conference call with allies in Judge Merrick Garland’s confirmation process

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:15 pm

58 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 17, 2016”

  1. I assume the wording comes directly from the WH: “confirmation process”?

    Onward! Push forward. The will of the people be damned.

    There is a YouTube video and a Twitter account just to get this guy through.

  2. Obama meeting with his allies at 12:15? Well, this should be interesting. Hope there is a photographer at the meeting.

    It’s not often we have, in one room, all these allies of Obama–the Grand Ayatollah of Iran, George Soros, Al Sharpton, an assortment of radical idiots from Black Lives Matter, Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernardine Dohrn, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Quentin Young, Tony Rezko, Davis Axelrod, Wahid Hamid, Sohale Siddiqi, Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair, Derrick Bell, Jodie Evans, Gregory Galluzzo, Patrick Gaspard, Jeff Jones, Rashid Khalidi, Marilyn Katz, Mike Klonsky, Khalid al-Mansour, etc. etc. etc. All close associates of Obama, fellow travelers, radicals, progressives, pro-jihadists, fellow terrorists, committed Marxists, and other assorted misfits. Other allies are still in prison for various crimes, so they can’t attend the meeting today. They are all anxiously awaiting their Presidential pardons this fall, however.

    Should be an interesting meeting.

        1. I got put in moderation a second time down below. I used up all my swear words in the first moderation. It’s like getting detention in grammar school, isn’t it? Except in grammar school the Principal tells you why you are being sent to detention.

          1. Aleve helps a lot. ;+}. My whole day is been bonkers from the moment I got up. Pretty much nothing has gone right. Ever have one of those days?

    1. I’m in a quandary.
      If the party elite’s actually pull and get away with this dismissal of the peoples choice/voice, that would be me, who do I vote for in November?
      Tentative plan is if they stick it to me by cheating Trump out of the nomination, I’d like to stick it to them by voting Democrat. Let them deal with Hillary or Sanders for 8 year’s and beyond.
      A lot of “they/them” but you know I’m talking about.
      Any thoughts AVet?

        1. They’d do the same if Cruz was leading the pack. Neither Trump nor Cruz are RNC approved candidates, and must be destroyed at all costs. The candidate the R electorate has chosen doesn’t carry any weight whatsoever, according to what insider Republican consultant Curly Haugland declared a day or two ago. He let the cat out of the bag. The RNC is committing political suicide. If they bring in a Romney or a Ryan at the convention, or anyone else who hasn’t run the race so far, it will get very, very ugly. And we will see Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. Maybe the RNC is really working for the Democrats.

        2. Voting dem isn’t the answer, if you love freedom your bible & guns.
          I could see Trump running as independent or ? Which would even more so flip around the GOP. I’ve been Libertarian for many years. I switched to r to vote in the AZ closed primary this time.

        3. I have even considered voting for Hillary BECAUSE Trump might be the nom. But I think I will write in or pass on voting. Hillary would be the best WHD fodder–selfishly speaking. I am not sure this site would hold the president accountable if his name begins with T.

      1. Kasich said that he would get out of the race if he lost Ohio.
        He won it by a thin margin.

        I won’t vote dem,…both are nothing more than an extension of the failed policies of Obama.

        If that happens, this Country will never recover.

        It is to the point now, being 19 trillion $ in debt, we need to do something quickly.

        Politicians got us here, let’s try a businessman.

          1. Voting machines in Cleveland put Obama over the top by 150% in some districts, and Romney never got 1 vote.

            1 woman in Cincinnati voted 5 times for Obama, a poll worker, she was jailed.

          2. A win is a win. Are you really going to whine about rigged machines, etc…it’s over as far as the primary goes… I liked Rubio, too, and even misted up a little, but politics is a mean taskmaster. Elections have winners and losers. And maybe whiners?

    2. It’s been looking like a brokered convention is being planned by the Republican elites for some time now. Just wait until the RCN Rules Committee does their dirty work the week before the Convention begins.The big shots are ticked off at Trump who has energized the Republican electorate, crushed the establishment candidate choices and beat his competitors to a pulp, refused money from the rich boys who want to control the election, got George Soros to spend a lot of money to pay for crazed activists, kicked the political consultants in the butt, gets more people at his public rallies than anyone else in the race, gets more free TV and radio time than any other candidate, takes no guff from the RNC, is demonized by the Democrats and all the “know better than us” commentators, is constantly taken out of context when being quoted, won’t play the political game like a good boy, doesn’t play nice with the other boys and girls, brings out all the Democrat and lefty activists who now threaten to “shut down the system” because of Trump, etc, etc, He’s exposed them all as hypocrites, parasites, liars and the creeps they are.

      What’s not to like? ;+}

      1. Awesome rant & spot on.
        The establishment is afraid…they’re losing control. F— them
        We need a president that knows how to establish priorities & get the right people in the right jobs to get the USA on the right track again.

  3. Thanks for the input Zephyr Dmm.
    I guess I was thinking more of revenge against the Rep’b elites.
    3rd party? I could deal with that.
    I’m only one vote, but I’ve always tried to make it count.

      1. Good point AVet!
        Not thinking clearly at the moment.
        Angered at the propaganda corp, media talking heads, that Trump is calling for riots.
        Yet Soros funded activist are working on nation wide protests, read riots.
        Media coverage? Zip, nada, zero.

        1. Trump is NOT calling for riots.
          He said that there may be riots if the GOP carries out a brokered convention.
          Rush just clarified this point.

          Trump doesn’t want riots, the left does.

          Look what happened in Chicago.

          The LEFT have threatened riots, not Trump.

  4. I’m so disgusted that the (GOPe) refuse to listen to what the people want.

    From WaPo:

    A secretive group of Republican operatives and conservative leaders convened Thursday morning for more than three hours to discuss ways to unite the right against Donald Trump, with a presentation about the feasibility of mounting a third-party challenge as well as extensive deliberations about whether a coalition of anti-Trump forces could prevent the billionaire mogul from securing the party’s presidential nomination at the July convention in Cleveland.

    1. The GOP working against an extremely popular candidate should indicate just who they are.

      They are charlatans, desperate to keep the power that they have nurtured for years.

      Republicans/conservatives do not riot like the left does.
      We however are more apt to pose a quiet riot at the polls.

      Now, if that alternative is taken away from us due to a brokered convention, it is hard to tell what will happen.

      I remember the attacks on Reagan years ago.

      He won.

      Trump is no patsy, and they are terrified of him.

  5. Listening to Rush and he played about 1/2 dozen audio clips of media types that LIE about Trump’s interview calling for riots.
    Then Rush played the actual statement by Trump.
    I for one didn’t hear anything about starting riots.

    1. And Trump specifically said in the latter part that statement (which the MSM did not use) that he did not want to lead the “riots” or have anything to do with them. Of course, they, as I say, cut THAT little piece off the statement he made. The MSM is as corrupt as they can be.

      1. I saw that with my own eyes on MoJoe–and I did see it repeated in the press. He outright lied on O’Reilly–said he never said Bush lied about WMD–when he did say that. He claimed he said MAY have lied. Let’s go to the videotape, Donald…

        1. Let’s go to the videotape Obama, and Hillary.

          Why Star aren’t THEY being run over the coals ?

          Oh, maybe because they are the elite Liberal class.

          Hillary should be in JAIL.

          Obama is an insolent LIAR,….on TV !!!

          Trump is nothing compared to these liberal bastards that consistently blindside the illiterate into voting them into office.

          Don’t give me this crap about parsing Trump’s words.

          1. I would not say Trump is nothing compared–they are comparable in my view—but yes, no question there is a double standard. And don’t call my words crap.

        2. To my knowledge, Donald Trump has never killed anybody.
          His opinion as a citizen of the United States is valid.

          Can you say that about Hillary Clinton ?

      2. Well at least they’re consistent in their attempts to demonize anyone that opposes the liberal viewpoint, and that includes leaving out pertinent information.

      3. Abc radio news; yesterday said the senate is using “the Biden rule”… They won’t vote on a SCOTUS nomination. No more info than that,
        Twistytwirly mush.


    Interesting article, pro’s and con’s.
    Me? I see part of the world afraid that they won’t have the US to play the fool anymore, no more taking advantage of America, especially American $$$.
    An American President who WON’T bow, who won’t apologize, who won’t blame every ill in the world on “racist America.
    No more Obama, their sorry to see him go.

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