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Hillary’s Four Days of Gaffes

Didn’t seem to hurt her much last night.

8 Responses to Hillary’s Four Days of Gaffes

  1. Apparently the same people who voted for Obama have not regretted it, and will vote for Hillary. I heard someone say yesterday — the economy is good, no war and gas is down — life is good.

    OT I thought I heard the other day that Iran had released or was going to release the WAPO reporter. I have seen nothing. No one should be held prisoner in Iran, but I thin it “interesting” choice of people to release if this is true. And interesting, that there is no press bash.

  2. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

    And Grace is right. A lot of people think the Obama economy is just peachy, with gas down and the market back up. That you get pennies in interest on your savings account, or the other lousy economic indicators never registers in their collective consciousness.