In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 15, 2016

19 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 15, 2016”

  1. let me start the thread by saying what a stinking pile this country has become.
    No longer any values, via PC nonsense.
    Rap music saying kill cops.
    Blacks given special treatment and allowed to do outrageous things just because they are black.
    MajicKneegrow jumps in to defend thug blacks and Muslims.
    Way to many illegals and they are given special treatment and some laws to don’t apply to them.
    Obamacare is an absolute disaster.

    1. Well, I don’t consider this country a steaming pile, as you so charmingly put it. I know plenty of hardworking, church-going, moral people who care about others and try to make their communities better. They don’t necessarily want to lord their accident of birth over others more recently coming to this country, although they do want a sensible immigration system as other countries have. They want a decent education for their kids, though not necessarily free–but also not so incredibly inflated because of loans and govt subsidies. A return to the 3 Rs would be a start. Maybe we should have Common Core for colleges–no more u underwater basketweaving and transgender studies as majors. They own businesses–work long hours at them–and would like fewer regulations, although not an all-out devil take the hindmost trade war. Many shop at Walmart and don’t want prices to triple. This country is not a steaming pile or a cesspool. I am white but have been on both sides of the police question–intimidated and even badly treated by them but also dependent on them for help in one instance. This is a great country–it could use some tweaking…but what we don’t need is revolution in the streets, more chaos in our public meeting places, anger, contempt, crudeness, and bigotry.

      1. Some tweaking eh? Lets see here are the big problems
        1. all the stuff the MajicKneegrow has done.
        2. GOP and Dems are the same now
        3. We are run my secret donors who buy all the congressmen and senators.
        4. Federal Reserve, is a private company owned by secret people.
        5. Terrible trade deals in place now like NAFTA and WTO.
        6. Over 1 trillion student loans.
        7. No interest being paid on savings.
        8. Stock market over sold from QE
        9. Demorats want to do away with 2nd amendment.
        10 Same for 1st amendment.
        11.Over run by illegals from all countries.
        12.No Jobs for college grads

        and much more. We are Toast!

        1. Good points, notice how with a majority in both houses nothing is done to stop Obama or roll back anything!

          All we get is talk and no action.

        2. See you are sticking with the steaming pile and toast. A steaming pile of pancakes is…never mind. Anyhow, yours is decent tweak list…No, I am not calling you a tweaker… We need to deal with our issues in a calm, step-by-step way…

      1. But it is new. Never before has a 7 ft tall pile of Obamacare been forced on the country.
        Never before did we Have NAFTA.
        Never before did we Have Clinton and Obummer saying they will destroy the coal industry.
        We are a one party country now no difference between GOP and dems.

        We are done and in decline.

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