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Video || Attempted Assault on Trump

Here’s another angle on the attempt by Tommy DiMassimo to rush onto the stage with Donald Trump in Dayton Ohio, presumably to attack him. Shows the superb reaction by the Secret Service.

30 Responses to Video || Attempted Assault on Trump

  1. Since Michelle Fields filed a police report, I’m not going to comment…yet, but she is an annoying special snowflake that has whined more than Lara Logan these past few days.

    I’m so disgusted with the media too. Friday news dump shoulda been Cruz/Rubio/Kasich support MoveOn domestic terrorists, instead, I got Donald Trump is a meanie poopie head.

  2. The MEANIE POOPIE HEADS disavow all meanie stuff, which wasn’t Trump’s fault anyway,and endorse Trump. (We also ban shredded cheese: “Make America Grate Again”

    Sorry for this post but it’s been such a ridiculous campaign I can’t resist, and the self-promoting agenda-pushers of the media do indeed “grate” on my nerves!

    Thank You.
    Head Poopie

  3. The way things are going with Trump, I wouldn’t be surprised someone attempts to kill him. Scalia was a bump on the rock on the road and was eliminated. This is not over.

  4. This morning (Monday), Fox News keeps referring to him as an “attention-seeking protester.” Notice the clearly biased qualifier, as if this was no actual threat to Trump at all. Something like this would never be so casually dismissed if it were any other candidate.

  5. MoJoe update du jour: Joe on screen and in the Wash Post is still against Trump, his former golden boy. Had no idea when I clicked on the set which way he would go–talk about a weathervane.