As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

8 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 13, 2016

  1. Morning all,
    Over in KS this weekend helping out the folks so just caught up reading all the WHD I missed yesterday.
    What I find even more disturbing than the Soros/Ayers/Media bunch blaming Trump for inciting his own violence to make himself look better is the joining of that meme by so many on the right. I expected it from the GOPe and the situationally ethical Rubio and Cruz but the bunch over at National Review are making fools of themselves.
    The put out a special issue to denounce Trump as “not a conservative” and yet now when the most important amendment to the Constitution is literally under attack by the left, they abandon all principle and intellectual consistency to rush to join those who would destroy us from within for the sake of political expedience. Talk about Fascism.

      • I had an extensive twitter back and forth yesterday evening with a man that I had always thought put the Constitution above politics. We’ve had discussions for the past several years and he was always solid.
        The past few months though I’ve watched as he slid further and further down the NRO slope of because Trump is not their “pure” conservative candidate (which IMHO makes said candidate unelectable in today’s national electoral map)he must be stoppped at all costs.
        Last night all I could do was feel sorry for him. His otherwise mind of usual intellectual heft had been completely lobotomized by his NRO fed hate for anything Trump.
        In oven an hour of back and forth he was completely incapable of seeing the broader Constitutional issues regarding Chicago’s Friday night massacre on the 1st Amendment. So closed was his mind to anything Trump it was one “he asked for it”, “he eggs it on”, “he incites it”.
        I went to bed last night for the first time in my life, truly afraid that if even usually thinking conservatives are not openly on the “shut him down” bandwagon, this country may very well be already lost.

          • Didn’t NRO have a “thing” with Mark Steyn (and someone before him — Dalrymple or someone)? And has been sliding more less conservative over some time ? Or am I thinking of some other site? I am pretty sure it is NRO .

            The candidates’ siding with the Left against Trump is really disappointing — my tilt toward Cruz has ended and now I am 100% in for Trump.

            If nothing else, you have to admire a man who is attacked by the entire media, both political parties, the Soros orgs and thugs, and his fellow candidates and is still standing. The unchecked “physical” action at his appearances is almost chilling.