As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, March 14, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Delivers remarks at the State Department to chiefs of missions
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
5:30 pm || With Mrs. Obama, hosts the Broadway cast of Hamilton for a performance of musical selections; East Room

All times Eastner
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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  1. Please read the news on Drudge Report about the regional German elections, the anti-immigration party AFD triumphs ! This is of great importance. And this is the mood in many parts of Europe right now. Looks like people are getting “Trumpish”. We want to tear down our establishments, they have betrayed us in many ways.

  2. Morning, is anyone having trouble accessing WHD from their PC’s? I can access it by cellphone but not my PC or laptop! Three other people here in Seattle and a friend in CA are having the same problem. Weird!

  3. I do hope Barry and Mooch enjoy the musical selections from “Hamilton”, a play about old white guys played by young black guys.

    • Hottest ticket in town also. How cool is MrsO to summon them to the WH on their only night off (Monday’s typically a day off for theater, not sure if that’s changed).

      I guess much better than bringing them any other night so the real ticket holders won’t get the understudies for their $100-$200 tickets.

  4. Where does Mr0 go when he is not busy having lunch or making remarks?

    Does he go back to the president’s quarters and watch TV?

    Sit in his office surfing the web?

    What DOES he do?

    • I always imagine him on the phone strong arming his personal mafia to make shakedowns for him :) That way his hands are always clean. How he gets whatever he wants and Congress rolls over.

      • Obama is basically an inflatable doll. When Jarrett or her ilk need him, they pump some air into him, and he goes out and does a little dance in front of the cameras. When he’s done, he gets carried back to the office where they deflate him, fold him up neatly and put him back in the closet. There is no there there with The One.

  5. Am I the only one who is shocked that you can attempt to harm a Presidential Candidate and only be,charged with a misdemeanor ?? I would have thought anyone attacking someone under Secret Service protection would have been a federal crime with at least a felony.

    The clown who rushed the stage in Dayton,OH his mother is on the staff of Mayor Kashim Reed of Atlanta. Everyone keeps saying these are planned attempts by Soros and move and such groups…….why aren’t the Secret Service visiting these people like they did Glenn Beck last week?

    • It’s been a bizarre weekend for news since the Friday protest. Even CNN gave the stage rusher a platform to claim Trump is a meanie poopie head and his “tone” made me do it. So stupid.

      Of course the media ignores a real terrorist, Bill Ayers, at the protest, oh, except saying how happy he was shutting down the rally.

      • Or the fact that these are paid protesters with a propensity toward violence. Even the smallest of investigation into who and what is behind this would be more disturbing than anything that Trump has done or said. I am appalled at the “all in” from the media, and from both political parties.

    • PBB & DeniseVB: after listening to a non-stop tirade against MrTrump and violence, I wondered why we’re not upset with him, or even want him to stop.
      It occurs to me that what he’s doing when he yells ‘take them out of here’ he’s protecting the rest of the audience from turmoil and who knows what harm.
      He’s the “dad, big brother, uncle” who comes to your aid when the big kid picked on you.
      Allthe MSM and the rest see is another opportunity to slam MrTrump and infer that his supporters are violent when it’s the outsiders and others who are the problem.

      • He doesn’t want it to stop–or he’d say look, this has gone too far, I don’t want anyone hurt. I am not going to have any more of these rallies if this doesn’t stop. But no–he waffles and ducks and weaves–it’s Sanders, no, it’s my followers’ first amendment rights that have to be protected at all costs, no, I am just the messenger–they are really made about bad trade deals…on and on. He is not trying to protect anyone like a nice uncle. He wants every news cycle, every phoner, every scrap of publicity. Sure those paid protestors are doing it–but Scarborough even intimated they were paid by someone other than Sanders… Even if Trump did not sort of set this up as Scarborough says, he is not shutting it down either.

        • Here’s how I feel, and strongly.
          Your rights end where mine begin.
          Now not you personally Star, just stating my position on “rights”.

          • I do agree those paid protestors should not be raging around there…interrupting. But this whole stew has now come to a simmer–Trump, protests, cops, the incessant coverage, the weak denials, the self-righteous condeminations… volatile mix–and he adds more venues…

        • It’s not his job to shut it down. He is a candidate for the nomination of POTUS. He deserves protection. The protesters are paid and they have a propensity for violence. Instead of cleaning this up, the media, the Democrats and the Republicans are blaming Trump for everything he says and does. If this was anyone but, heck, if this was happening to Hillary or Barack or even Rubio it would be different.

          Nothing about blaming Trump for all this is right. I don’t care who you support.

        • Why should he have to shut down rallies because of a bunch of paid anarchists? Frankly, I’d like to see a few cracked skulls – I’ve had all I can take of the ‘American’ Left.

      • Yes.
        It certainly wasn’t Trump supporter’s breaking out car windows and damaging same, or attacking police.
        But of course the propaganda corp, media, do what they do best.
        Distort, manipulate and falsify Trump events.

        • Some of it’s valid, some not…but the problem is, this isn’t going to get smaller without Trump taking an action. I also recommend the media blur all protestors’ faces–no ink for them.

          • this isn’t going to get smaller without Trump taking an action.

            What action should he take that will quell the machine behind the protesters or prevent the media for misrepresenting and backing lawlessness and the shutting down of free political speech?

          • Star, Absent Trump, any serious conservative challenge to the media or the established political power on the left and the right would probably elicit the same kind of brutish response from what has been financed and building on the left for quite some time. Eight years — do you remember the new Black Panthers with their batons at the voting places –? Doesn’t matter who the challenger is, if they exposed the corruption and collusion that Trump has it would be the same reaction.

          • Star, I have read that Soros and Move are involved with these protests, and are financing it and some protesters.

            As for the media, they are putting a spin on it as are the Dems and the Reps , placing the blame on Trump and not the protesters, who are not shrinking violets.

            And there is virtually little to no discussion of shutting down opposition speech just like is happening all over college campuses. Is this the new pc?

            Geez oh Pete Star.

      • Go Trump ! Clean up the mess made by the MajicKneeegrow!

        Clinton NAFTA robbed us of millions of JOBs !!

        We can come back if we join together and close the border.

        Stop endless wars!

        Stop the coming USA civil war before it starts.

        We are in trouble and we cannot let the libs continue, or all will be lost.

      • Even your hero said he would favor arrest…Did that idea not prove viable–say because of a law? I have been pepper gassed several times–that’s a pretty nasty punishment…

      • I am not a fan of Mr.Trump…….however, the protestors and activists are too blame along with the media. The media covering this garbage only fuels more of this type of actions.

        Speaking of fueling …….The comments from Trump certainly doesn’t help calm things down. I wish Trump would shut up while these people are being taken out. It puts more pressure on the SS,police and the security people.

        • My opinion: trump,doesn’t have to change one thing. If he changes speaking his truth, he is capitulating to these spoiled rotten brats. I can’t call them domestic terrorists because they don’t have the balls.
          They are spoiled immature quasi-adults people who want to make a name for themselves…without any sacrifice. Don’t kid yourself – these brats are being financially supported by someone..Soros?

        • All you have to do to prove your point is to reverse the situation. Had Hillary been the target of the protesters (let’s say), the media, corrupt to the core, would have painted her as the victim being attacked by anti-feminists, the KKK and Tea Party members. And all of them funded by Trump money.

  6. Hahahahaaaaaa!
    I just got a call from a Kasich woman based in Virginia.

    She told me that Kasich has reduced the taxes in Ohio and nada,nada,nada, on trade.

    As an informed voter and a resident of Ohio, I informed her that I will NOT support Kasich in the election.

    She insisted that he has lowered taxes in Ohio, yes, the State taxes, but she did not know that our property taxes have increased by at least 30% since he’s been in office, due to the school taxes.

    Right after I told her that, she hung up.


    • I’ll be casting my Missouri vote first thing in morning and then sitting back tomorrow evening hoping that maybe, just maybe the people have finally come together enough to send one giant middle finger to the political class for good. The left, and the Republican party elite as well have taken a once great nation and brought her to knees. We either help her stand back up now or hang our heads in shame when our grandchildren ask why we didn’t fight for freedom when we had the chance.

      • As a product of the Show Me State myself, I say, “Eloquently stated, sir! You are not alone in your fight nationwide.”
        However, after Claire was elected, well…I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Good luck and God bless!

      • Well said! There is an awakening among the people for all the reasons you cite, and you can feel it in the air. The political class, as you call it, has betrayed the American Idea–it always does to some extent.

        Politics is very attractive to certain types of individual pathologies– without virtue, suspicious, untrustworthy people. We’ve got more than our share at the moment. We’ve come to expect that the Obama types, the Sanders supporters and their ilk would and have betrayed the American Idea. We expect no less from them. And they brag about it.

        But the current Republican elites have joyfully joined the self serving lefties, the corrupt media, the big financial houses, the special interests who buy off politicians, the internationalists–all the forces who point their waggy fingers at the rest of us who are asking, “What the heck is going on here?” They are sinking the ship, looting the treasure, mocking those who raise important questions about their policies and actions.

        Now, a large number of the citizenry is on to the game and they are marching together, voting the bums out (or soon to do so), and you can hear the bleating from the mountains to the valleys. Will Trump win? If they let him live, he might or might not. Will he be a great or even good president? No one knows. Same with Cruz. We just don’t know at this time. We won’t know until they sit down in that chair in the Oval Office for the first time. That’s the bet we always make. But we know the revolution’s on.

        The bell has rung loudly, and the smart set in the political class are in full panic, even to the point of making heroes out of those who disrupt political events.

        The pasty, smarmy and very self satisfied Rove hobgoblin is only one of the evil clowns who are at the center of the political mayhem being created to make sure their candidate wins. But he certainly represents the type–unctuous, slimy, denizens of the political backrooms.

        • even to the point of making heroes out of those who disrupt political events.

          This is more than disrupting political events ala Code Pink,make your statement and leave. No. Apparently the “hired gun” comes in speaks disruptively for about 30 minutes or however long it takes to haul them out, then another starts up, then another, etc. effectively shutting down the event and the the free political speech. I read a little about it over at AOS, and Ace is no Trump fan.

          • Yes, I agree. Long, angry, convoluted speeches are the lingua franca these podium thieves use to communicate, they imagine, with their sympathizers.

            It’s a form of political madness, I think, fueled by who knows what? Anger? Power? Attention? Peer pressure? Lost souls shouting to strangers in the darkness? They are like insane artists scribbling their imagined world on a canvas creating images only they understand.

            You understand world history very well, and I suspect you might agree we are at the end of one political epoch (the madness of the ’60s), and at the beginning of another. Important choices loom, other paths present themselves. Is this a return to the fundamentals which launched our country? A new phase of our journey as a nation? It will take a generation before we know what we are becoming, or have become.

            We are in Rome, 3-4th Century AD. Confusion. Good times, bad times, good emperors, bad emperors, constant political intrigue. Unrest. Mysterious wars draining the life out of Rome. Invasions. Slowly, the curtain drew dark around Rome, but was raised in Constantinople, only to draw dark, even there, eventually.

            The life cycle of nations and empires. Repeated again and again.

            The more things change, the more they are the same– George Bernard Shaw, ‘Revolutionist’s Handbook’ (1903).

    • Is this the same Kasich who said that he would grant amnesty in his first 100 days as President?
      30%? Yikes! That’s quite a beating.
      If Hillary or Comrade Sanders gets elected, we’ll look back and say” those were the good old days “.

  7. Dana Perino showing her true colors has been one of the most interesting things to watch (pundit-wise) during this campaign. Today on The Five, she was asked if it was right for CNN to interview the protester who rushed Trump’s stage…essentially presenting him as some kind of hero. She was very nonchalant in her response and pointed out that Trump had wall-to-wall coverage all weekend, so if CNN could get that interview, why not.

    I’m guessing her reaction would have been quite different if it happened to GW Bush…or whoever she is supporting this cycle.

    • She’s a Romney/Bush insider Republican politics type. I’m sure she’s a very nice person privately, but comes off publicly as childish, silly, and completely without credibility in political matters. She’s never been a go-to person for candid, honest political commentary.

      • Thats always been my take of her too; Perino is just not too bright when it comes to serious issues in politics (I think Don Imus said the same thing about her once)

  8. Biden’s back in town! Fresh from apologizing to Mexico and trying to browbeat the Israelis into some kind of “deal” where they lose and the Palestinians win. And he must be exhausted from all the speechifying he did when that gifted American young man was killed by the Palestinian piece of dirt.