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Live Stream || Trump Town Hall in Cincinnati

Here’s the video of the event.

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  1. OK…from now on I am going to call these violent, obnoxious, ignorant ‘protesters’ of the Left Wing:, BlackLives, OccupyWallStreet, etc. and al those socialist-communist Bernie supporters who luv shutting down Free Speech…

    “Domestic Terrorists” = they are using violence in a political context to further their left wing, anti-American beliefs.

    • “Domestic terrorists”, exactly, Langley Spook.
      We have these people over here as well, they too use violence to further their left wing, pro-immigration , anti-Swedish beliefs. They tried hard to crush the rising new party “Sverige Demokraterna” but they didn´t succeed. This party is now the second or third biggest, depending on the poll.
      By the way, many interesting local elections in Germany now, making Mrs Merkel real nervous. And she should be….

    • Agree. These protester/terrorist Dems are a stark example of the intent of PC speech – shut up anyone and everyone they don’t like.

      My major disappointment in the calls to blame MrTrump comes from SenCruz. Cruz presents himself as a strong supporter of our Bill of Rights and yet, blames the victim of this kind of violence, and suppression of speech on MrTrump as if it is his fault.

      The constant blame Trump from other candidates and the MSM is just more of their attempt to shut him up, to disenfranchise all of his supporters and return the election process to the liars, cheats, and scum that now run our government.

      • Obama did poke at people with his bring a gun to a knife fight stuff and how Reps are terrorists, Trump did say he’d pay legal bills of people avenging him, paid agitators from the liberal side are involved and setting off the most recent events, people are being denied the right to assemble, there is plenty of blame to go around and now it’s a big slimy stew…and where does it go from here…wait until someone dies, curfews, limits on venue size (also an infrigement), where? No one is a cute little angel in this.

      • Trump is anything but a victim. Did you even take the time to actually read what Cruz said? Didnt think so. Trump started ALL of this telling his supporyets to hit people. You and your ilk have had it out for Cruz from Day 1.

        • You and your ilk have had it out for Cruz from Day 1.


          What an odd turn of phrase “have had it out for” Cruz. Also, untrue. I have been a Cruz supporter, as I suspect many others here have been, until assessing his reaction to Trump, a fellow candidate from the same Party, on an issue as fundamental as Free Speech, and free political speech at that. Sort of like what has been happening on college campuses only significantly more foreboding.

    • But saying “could be some excitement” just feeds the whole thing…Trump was even saying that yesterday…Isn’t this exciting? I think it’s disgusting and disturbing on everyone’s part and I am sick of seeing it on a loop on Fox, too.

    • I agree Spook.
      They see Trump as a strong candidate that is going to take away their power, especially over the media.
      Cruz and Rubio are not going to able to defeat him.

      • So where is that heading–shutting down a free press? Or making it easier for celebrities to collect damages, as Trump has put forth? I do think TV should blur all protestor faces…not give them the ya-yas.

        • I don’t see making it easier for celebrities to sue a bad thing. Too much of the “press” these days is agenda driven falsehoods. Holding the press more accountable to what they print/show/post could only help.
          There is plenty of truth out there to print on anyone without resorting to the over the top misrepresentations going on today.

          • Well, truth is the defense against libel…If they print truth and can show this, the plaintiff loses. I heard Trump actually say, “The lying, thieving press, they are the worst people on the planet.” Yet–he lives by the press….This is all so over the top. The press was included as an almost co-equal branch of govt by the founders. Sure, the 24-hr news cycle and social media have been changing this, but the “press” as a group is not the enemy just because they ask questions, make you look flip-floppy or wrong, distort or take a POV. They are not the worst people on the planet.

          • Your right. As it is the press is free to lie and just make it all up.
            Our press is now a propaganda tool used by the powers that be. They try to create our reality by controlling the narrative.
            AKA psychological operation. PSyOpp

          • To star – you should see that only 6 people own all the MSM. News,both paper and TV is controled and owned by a very few (6)

            They want and do control reality for most people.

          • Yes, there is some of that–but overall, reporters (I used to be one in the interest of full disclosure) are hard-working and do try to slog around and get little talks with people and chase down sources, etc. I quite a job because an editor changed something in my story from right to wrong. Other reporters have done this. The opinion side of the press has taken over too much–I agree on that. Too much crossover. It’s now a mishmash… When someone like Joe Scarborough, for example, or Eric Bolling, can claim to be “press,” well….

    • From the Sunday Open thread but applicable to your post above:
      I had an extensive twitter back and forth yesterday evening with a man that I had always thought put the Constitution above politics. We’ve had discussions for the past several years and he was always solid.
      The past few months though I’ve watched as he slid further and further down the NRO slope of because Trump is not their “pure” conservative candidate (which IMHO makes said candidate unelectable in today’s national electoral map)he must be stoppped at all costs.
      Last night all I could do was feel sorry for him. His otherwise mind of usual intellectual heft had been completely lobotomized by his NRO fed hate for anything Trump.
      In over an hour of back and forth he was completely incapable of seeing the broader Constitutional issues regarding Chicago’s Friday night massacre on the 1st Amendment. So closed was his mind to anything Trump it was one “he asked for it”, “he eggs it on”, “he incites it” after another.
      I went to bed last night for the first time in my life, truly afraid that if even usually thinking conservatives are now openly on the “shut him down” bandwagon, this country may very well be already lost.

      • I respect your views, Geoff, but they are ALL egging it on–Trump, Obama, the protestors (paid and sincere), Trump’s audience with its punches, Fox with its loops, MSNBC with its skeevy little commentaries, Keith saying could be some excitement–everyone!

        • Geoff is right. It may already be too late. Over run by illegals, cheating lying senators,congressmen,news both TV and print we are in real trouble.
          Economically we are near to ruin. QE has not worked and many countries are already doing negative interest rates.
          We are headed to or already in a recession/

      • Trump failed from the beginning to recognize that we have between 11M and 30M illegals. who have been here for over a decade or two, are NOT going anywhere. They cannot be deported, along with their (Phony) anchor babies.

        It’s that simple. LaRaza has been saying for the last 20 years that Mexico would take over the U.S. without ‘firing a shot’. They did it! Fait accompli.

        Trump’s ‘wall’ will not do the trick unless we are planning to keep all of them on our side of the border. Mexico certainly doesn’t want any of them to return home! Think of all the ‘remissas’ they would lose!

        • x2–Trump keeps citing Sheriff Joe as the big border guy–well, heriff Joe is in my view an 80-yr-old loudmouth who has been slapped down by several admins for chasing people who look Mexican around their communities and trying to round them up. Ask Shriff Joe how easy it would be to deport everyone, Don. (Sheriff Joe also has refused to prosecute hundreds of rape cases, loves his tank and his little air force, and is better respected on Fox than he is by me, that’s for sure.)

          • So, is your opinion of Sheriff Clark or border agents who speak out the same as with Sheriff Joe. Just because something is not easy to do, does not mean it should be accepted. Squatters rights should not apply to people who enter a country, and stay illegally for generations – without a move toward becoming legal.

          • I heard Sheriff Clark say Trump rally goers should retaliate or words to that effect–I have always respected him, but that seemed odd from a law and order guy. Yes, ICE refused to detain people Sheriff Joe picked up–and he knew they would–and still harassed those communities and as far as I know, still does. Now whether ICE is flouting the law is another story–they seem to be. But Sheriff Joe, in my view, is just in it for publicity.

    • LS — Good call.

      Unfortunately the Lynch DOJ, the FBI and other LEO who should be on the watch are willingly deaf, dumb and blind.

  2. Trump is in the midst of self-destructing and the blood-thirsty media is going to egg him on and record every second of it. Reality t.v. at its worst.

    Meanwhile, the two Cubans can barely make a dent in Trump’s poll numbers. It’s ridiculous to think that any one of them, Trump included, can beat HRC (or Bernie). That leaves Kasich – my default vote. He’s all we have now (IMO). At least he won’t embarrass us when the main event begins. He really should have a “D” after his name.

  3. Robert King Bullock, Jr.
    African-American supporter of Donald Trump shot and killed.
    Two sign’s found next to body, ” Donald Trump=KKK.
    Story over at Second CityCop.
    Scroll down to heading,
    ” Vote For This Guy ”
    Yes Langley, domestic terrorist indeed.

    • So (wearily) what’s the spin on that–Trying to blame on Trump’s vague KKK comments, was a Trump supporter who is proud of KKK, psycho trying to get in TV, I can’t even think.

      • I don’t think that.
        I believe the shooter(s)
        are afro-am, and the sign means that anyone that supports Trump is a racist, ala, KKK.
        The attacks on Trump, his supporters, Republicans and his Afo-am are only going to intestfy and get uglier.
        That is the game plan, as always, from the left and Democratic party, one and the same.

    • Just one protester.
      Taken out of rally.
      I may be premature but when Trump last night said to have those disrupting his rally arrested and he would sign the necessary paperwork work, imo, that should cut out some of disruptions.
      Municipal codes and State laws vary, but the charge would be Disorderly Conduct, criteria would vary.

  4. Re. Trump and Fox. I didn’t see it, but this is a comment from elsewhere over a Wallace/Trump interview on FNews.
    Watched Trump on Fox this morning.

    Chris Wallace with a blatantly hostile interview.

    Trump would not allow him to set the narrative.