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Golf for Obama In Dallas

Yup, as I predicted. From the pool report:

POTUS arrived at the Dallas National Golf Club at 12:50 after an uneventful ride through the Dallas suburbs. He is golfing with Ron Kirk, Emmitt Smith and Peter Kraus, according to a White House aide.

The club has the top-ranked course in all of Texas. Now what do you want to bet the trip to the golf club was planned first and the rest of the events in Texas were then penciled in?

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  1. Plan golf, then pencil in events? In between his promised 24/7 laser focus on solving our problems?

    Like shoehorning in a “round table” in the midst of a bunch more fundraising events?

    Clearly no room for funerals (unless there’s a chance to sing “Amazing Grace”)…

    • Ayers was there in the middle of that mess. His photo was all over twitter last night and was thrilled when they rally was cancelled.

      It was cancelled because SS uncovered a plan to storm the stage, possibly overwhelming security.

      I am very saddened today that Rubio, Cruz and Kasich blamed Trump and basically endorsed Bernie’s thugs and the hate group

      The media disappointed me more giving those groups involved a pass and promoting violence in their coverage.

  2. GOLF acronym it has been noted the original British abbreviation came from: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. If true, how can this still be used as the name of the game? Somebody will be offended? I think? Maybe? Oh, well.

    • Oh please.

      “A common misconception is that the word GOLF is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. This is definitely not true.
      It is now accepted that the ‘golf’ is derived from an old word meaning ‘club’.
      The first documented mention of the word ‘golf’ is in Edinburgh on 6th March 1457, when King James II banned ‘ye golf’, in an attempt to encourage archery practice, which was being neglected. This royal ban was repeated in 1471 by his son, James III, and again in 1491 by his grandson, James IV. This may not have been links golf as we know it today.”


  3. Riot in Chicago, blame placed on Trump and Republicans, more promised.
    ISIS gaining strength and territory.
    Yep. Everything going smoothly, why not take in a little golf.

      • I’m always ready to respond. Ike was a workaholic and his staff and wife forced him to play golf (which he loved!) at least twice a week to get him out of the office!

      • Ike,
        West Point graduate.
        Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe.
        5 star General.
        Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, Montgomery, Patton, Stalin, a working relationship with them all that lead to victory in Europe.
        Gave the final order for the D-Day landings.
        Impeccable resume.
        Good President/ bad President, history has judged.
        But the current President wouldn’t be worthy enough to carry Ike’s golf bag.

    • ANY candidate who does not publicly speak “on the record” against the people who are attempting to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies are wrong, wrong, wrong.

      • The media seems to be fanning the flames to dump Trump.

        2008: Words Don’t Matter

        2016: Words matter.

        Obama has some pretty “violent” rhetoric (gun to knife fight, get in their faces)plus his race card during his campaigns.

        Why those sweet, nicey-nice guys McCain and Romney LOST.

        Not to mention how Sarah Palin was treated….don’t get me started ;)

  4. George Soros’s is now happily admitting they were behind the ruckus and violence at the Trump rally. They are very proud of it and will no doubt do the same at other Trump rallies. But the MSM is committed to asking on ly “Isn’t Trump to blame because of his ‘rhetoric’? Isn’t it all his fault? DOn’t we agree he’s the one responsible for all this?”

    Not one of the talking heads is asking: why is MoveOn allowed to violently disrupt a legitimate meeting and threaten people, and why is George Soros funding a maniacal group which is at the edge of inflicting personal harm on citizens they disagree with? Do these outlaws have weapons? Who is organizing them? Why do they all use the very same rhetoric?

  5. Trump supporters! Thank you for visiting my blog..

    I started it in 2008 as therapy transitioning from my “liberal” hell at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.

    “you’re either with us or the hell with you”

    I cranked her up a few months ago because I never understood “hate” in lib politics. Do drop by, it’s very pro-trump.

  6. Simply stunning Aileen!
    Not one word of this event by the propaganda corp, aka, msm.
    No film at 5, 6 , and 10 o’clock.
    Not a bad catch for a liv who’s not engaged.

  7. How nice that Obama was able to squeeze in another round of golf into his busy schedule. He always manages to somehow make it an official trip when golf was most likely the priority. Only 312 days of this left.