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Warren Suggests Hillary is an Unprincipled Opportunist

I thought you might be interested in this video, in which Elizabeth Warren discusses how Hillary Clinton killed the bankruptcy bill during her husband’s administration but then voted for it as a senator taking donations from the credit card industry.

Warren has not endorsed Hillary. No wonder.

44 Responses to Warren Suggests Hillary is an Unprincipled Opportunist

  1. Yet doesn’t Warren herself have a history representing large corporations? Seems more like pot meeting kettle to me. Throw in her “high cheekbones” defense of using Native American heritage for personal advantage and I’d say they’re BOTH unprincipled opportunists.

  2. This Elizabeth Warren character accusing someone else of being unprincipled? The same Warren who claimed she was part Native American when there is not a drop of Native American DNA in her body? The same Warren who claimed affirmative action privileges to get on the Harvard faculty? The same Warren who plagiarized Native American recipes to create her “Native American Cookbook” and call it her own creation. Yea, THAT Elizabeth Warren.

  3. OT…Here’s a devastating article in the January, 2016 Commentary Magazine about Obama and his clown car of associates and how they have destroyed our reputation on the world stage. It describes in no uncertain terms how Obama’s insane policies, his ineptness, his clueless behavior on the world scene and how his negative impact directly contributed to the current catastrophe in the Middle East. It’s a powerful article, and pulls no punches, and reminds us of the monumental challenge his successor will be forced to deal with to get the United States back on track.

  4. Trump is scheduled to speak at rally being held at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.
    Watching local news it is very clear that the Dem’s have mobilized their Brownshirts to disrupt the event.
    A sample of signs… Shut Down White Supremecy, (whatever the f’k that is) Black Lives (Lies) Matter, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, etc.
    The same old tiresome regurgitation of mind numbing slogans.

  5. “Free speech”?
    Only if its the party line, the Democratic Party.
    I talk it earlier, Brownshirts, the thug arm of the Democratic Party, an integral component.
    Anyone recall Republican supporters acting in the same manner at a Democratic rally, violently disruptive.
    Can’t watch local news anymore, ” unbiased ” reporter’s actually have glee in their voices reporting this.

        • Days of rage, yes I do.
          Main players, SDS, Weatherman, and a sprinkling of Black Panthers.
          Focus was more anti-VietNam war.
          “protesters waiving Viet-Cong flags.
          ” Hell no we won’t go”.
          I remember vividly because I was a young trooper stationed on a missle site in Munster Indiana on alert/standby waiting for orders to go to Chicago to augment National Guard and Chicago Police.
          Yes Aileen, I remember vividly. You’ve seen the pictures/film, soldiers with fixed bayonets on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.
          1968.Yes I remember.

  6. Tks. I try to do my best.
    It never ceases to amaze me that the propaganda corp, aka, msm never shows the size of the crowds at Trump rally’s. And it’s always a tight shot of Trump at the podium.
    Media here actually had a helicopter in the air live broadcasting the mob. Nice big long shot.
    So much for unbiased reporting.