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Video || Obama Laughed at When he Says it is Hard to Vote

As he should have been.

Has anyone out there had hard time voting? Really?

The Founders said you had to be a land owner. Now, maybe, you just need some identification.

This is the new method of accusing Republicans of being racist. President Obama is at the forefront of it.

Obama says it’s easier to order pizza than to vote. Okay, I give, let’s require identification to order pizza.

32 thoughts on “Video || Obama Laughed at When he Says it is Hard to Vote”

  1. If today’s USA only had Voter ID and IQ laws…

    (for a stupid ‘values seminar’ class I needed for graduation I wrote a ranting, drunk draft of a “TED Talk” about having “Voter IQ” laws-rules… I got a an A- on it -LOL)

    1. What’s worse, taxation without representation or representation without taxation? You shouldn’t be able to vote if you don’t pay any taxes.

  2. OMG…is he drunk or high? He can’t even get his words out!

    It’s really hard…a utility bill will do the trick! And if you don’t drive, get an absentee ballot through the mail or online. It’s really hard!

    ***From HAVA Help America Vote Act):
    HAVA in a nutshell: you should include your drivers license number on your voter registration form or you should be prepared to provide ID the first time you vote in person or by absentee ballot. You must meet this ID requirements the first time you vote in a federal election in a new state – even if you’ve voted before in another state. Acceptable forms of ID include:

    a non-expired photo ID (driver’s license, US passport, student ID, military ID, work ID, tribal ID, etc)

    a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document that shows your name and current address

  3. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Trump rally stopped before it started thanks to near riot from various left wing shock troops.

    Law and order votes tend to break for the GOP, historically, so this could well backfire on the collectivists.

    1. Stunning, absolutely stunning.
      They are mostly Bernie Sanders supporters who are outside the arena.
      The election rules are all broken this year, but a thousand Dem candidate supporters protesting at a Repub candidate’s rally is unheard of.

      Something will break with this unprecedented protest, something has changed tonight.
      If a multitude of anti-Trump activists only shored up his supporters with their angry, insulting speeches, this event tonight will tip the scales to put MrTrump over the top.
      Amazing, just stunning.

      1. Exactly. This could well be the moment where the GOP electorate finally says Enough, no mas, and up with this shit we won’t put.

        So, if I put out an over-under on Trump getting 1,237 delegates at April 30, who’s taking what?

      2. All the conservative pundits on Fox tonight (Stirewalt, Lowry, et al) basically blaming Trump for the protests…because of his “tone,” his “angry rhetoric,” promoting violence at his rallies, etc.

        1. Thought experiment:

          If a woman or child at that rally had gotten hurt or God-forbid killed, would they still be blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the tragedy?

          1. Not only would they blame Trump, they’d amplify it.
            There appears to be no depth to which the establishment and the NRO “intellectual” crowd will go to stop working class, traditional America from taking their country back from the coalition from hell of free trade R’s and open border D’s.

          2. So Trump never said punch him the face, don’t give him a coat, we used to punch people in the good old days, I will pay your legal bills, etc…I swear I saw tape. Yes, the protestors were paid, many of them, and yes, this anger and divisiveness started with Obama and his clingers crack, Reps as terrorists or worse, and so on–but into this mix, Trump throws gas…This is not the last time this will happen…

          3. I watched a little of Greta on Fox when this jumped off. She said there were Bernie signs, that had been pushing it all day, there were anti-Trump, pro-Trump, other splinters…Rubio phoned in and said many were being paid…but he also said Obama’s and Trump’s atmosphere might have contributed. I thought it was pretty laid out…within chaos, that is. In the WaPo–commenters blamed Soros, Kochs, Trump, Obama, the usual suspects.-

        2. Maybe they can explain the hammer and sickle flag that one of the Bernbots was waving. Leigh Wolf over on Townhall has a screen grab from CNN.

        3. Fox is now just a sell out. Like the Dem and Rep uniparty, Fox, while never totally conservative was at least not in the bag for the Dems. Now that there is little distinction between the political partys’ Fox has decided to throw in its chips with the “elite”, the “establishment”, the “powers that be” on both sides. No rocking the boat, the media in this country no longer functions as anything more than propaganda.

          Maybe it’s because there is now so much intermarriage between the politicos and the media. Used to be that was kind of if not “scandalous”, at least noticed and talked about in quiet corners. Now, it’s a celebration…

  4. Obama reminds me of a story about the village idiot.
    If goes something like this. This little village had a local guy, just a tad slow in the head. His name was Alfred and he hung out all day every day in front of the hardware store. The city council decided to give him a job shinning the old civil war canon in front of the court house. So Alfred started his long career at a meager wage of a dollar a day. Time went by and after 20 years he wanted to retire. So the whole village turned out for his retirement event. The Mayor said, “well Alfred you’ve done a swell job shinning the canon for 20 years, what are you going to do with the money you saved?” Alfred, thought awhile, then slowly said, “I guess I’ll buy my own canon.”

  5. “It´s easier to order pizza than to vote”, Barry says. Well, shouldn´t it be ? How can he rank equal pizza order and voting for the nations leadership? Of course the voter must be able to identify her/himself. In my country the citizens are mailed a poll-card ( röstkort ) beforehand, based on the civic registers. Then you have to bring this card plus valid ID ( driving license or passport ) to your voting district, the card is checked and registered, you identify yourself, you vote in secret and then cast the ballot. Simple, no problems. You can also vote by mail in a similar process. To protect democracy, identification is of utter importance.

    1. It’s the same in Canada, swedishlady. A card comes in the mail, with directions to your polling station. You go there, show ID, and vote. What’s the big deal? We have to show ID to get a library card!

    2. Obama is back on the hootch. It is not “easier” to order a pizza. You have to pay for a pizza. Image the ‘racism’ cries if you had to pay $15 to vote?

  6. I early voted yesterday, the first year voter ID is required.

    So, I stated my name, address, and party affiliation, as in the past. I also showed my driver’s license, which the clerk barely acknowledged. She was so busy looking up my name and address.

    It was easy-peasy, as it always has been.

  7. ROFL, could this moron “president” be more delusional? But then again, he’s largely speaking to his delusional moron supporters.

  8. Just a little update on last night’s riot.
    Yes, not protesting, but a riot.
    Chicago Police Officers hit by objects thrown by mob causing injurys, some requiring stitches.
    Mob went thru parking lot breaking windows and damaging cars that displayed Trump stickers.
    Pictures over at SecoundCityCop.

    1. Makes Obama and Jarrett and that silly ballerina Mayor proud. Exactly what they wanted. The Democrats are now on record for suppressing free political speech with this nonsense.

    1. And to tie up this thread.
      Oh my! The man is so drugged out, as Girly 1 said last night. He stammers, flitters his hands about & goes stoned silent, like he’s hearing the buzzing in his head. Very inappropriate for CoC, especially with how he clogged up the town; some people couldn’t even step out on their balcony while he parked his stoned a$$ in town.

        1. I’m in agreement Star.
          Old timers might recall President Johnson was making a speech and he tried to place nitroglycerin pill under his tounge and 3 or 4 just dropped out of his hand.
          But he never missed a beat just kept on talking.
          Long time ago.
          Obama just doesn’t look good/healthy.

          1. Trying to run a free country into the ground, will of the people be damned, SHOULD cause health problems.

            Karma’s coming after him early, it would seem. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving heap of pond scum.

  9. Not having a teleprompter present he couldn’t figure out what to say, so he fell back on an old lie. Listening to him, you know why his eyes are brown: he’s full of shite!

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