As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Koffler on Newsmax Talking GOP Primaries

This was done early evening Tuesday, just before the primary results came in. Notice I predict Cruz could win Idaho. I’m just saying . . .

12 Responses to Video || Koffler on Newsmax Talking GOP Primaries

  1. I suspect Obama is calling all of the shots in HRC’s farce of a campaign. He owns her. If only that fly on the wall in the Oval Office could speak! All of those clandestine mtgs! The fix is in.

  2. Puff the majickneegrow lives by the lie. In a fantastic land where he is the greatest thing ever’

    I am awed by the light shining from his greatness.

    Oh please more laws, more Obamacare lies. Moar moar! More attacks on Coal and climate change. Oh its so hot outside…..waaaaa

    • I concur about Bret…he always promises to “ask the tough questions” in big interviews or debates (I’m thinking Hillary at the recent town hall), yet he usually comes up short – and afterwards, it’s the inevitable excuses that he ran out of time, or could only ask so much, etc.

      Now that he and Megyn are the smug golden children hosting the debates and anchoring Fox’s election coverage, I can’t stand either of them anymore.

    • I dropped cable, but just before I did I sent BB a few emails about his changing and how disappointing that was.

      The rest I could care less about.

      I do like FBN though.

      • How do you get FBN and not Fox? I am such a dope about tech. You know who I am utterly through with–Eric Bolling. My gosh, the man is everyplace–with his big old bland head… He is so boring he’s screen ether.