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Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 10, 2016

9:00 am || Welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife to the White House; South Lawn
10:05 am || Holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau
11:40 am || Holds a press conference with Prime Minister Trudeau
8:40 pm || Holds a State Dinner with the Trudeaus

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama press conference at 11:40 am

24 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 10, 2016

  1. Little Boy Pretty coming to party with his American counter part while genocide against Christians continues unabated. Can only hope history is closer to the truth of this moment than the idiots forming it.

  2. 9 a.m. ? I have a feeling Obama’s scheduler is going to be fired. And such a late hour for dinner?

    I guess MO’s going to take the red eye to Cali tomorrow for Nancy’s funeral ?

  3. Looks like Obama is pulling out all the stops with fellow traveler Trudeau. Oh, it will be all smiles, and hugs and kisses between these two birds, you can bet. Romance is in the air!

    Interesting to compare Obama’s relationship with Trudeau with the horrible relationship he created with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a conservative. There was lots written about that relationship, with one former minister of the Harper government once saying, “We can’t figure out why President Obama refuses to foster a positive relationship with Canada, as US Presidents have done for 100 years.” Obama treated Harper like a leper, and he treats the pretty socialist Trudeau like a dancing partner at a high school prom. Reggie Love better watch out.

    Anyway, here’s one article describing Obama’s relationship with Canada, pre-Trudeau, and there are dozens of similar assessments.

    • Scarborough was really ridiculing Trudeau’s “boxing” creds…but also, interestingly, seems to be regretting some of his ridiculous love affair with Trump–re Trump’s tirade on Muslims.

        • I normally don’t respond to this kind of criticism or get personal, BUT reading that Cruz stated that Trump supporter’s are ” low information and not engaged “.
          imo, what you wrote only adds fuel to that accusation.

          • I report on MoJoe–almost daily–those were the highlights…his about face on Trump and ridiculing of Trudeau. If everyone is watching it now, I don’t need to report.

          • I am not resp for anything Cruz says…He creeps me out. I would say Trump’s supporters are VERY engaged, in fact. Someone else posted the national security open letter to Trump–I didn’t.

          • Star, I like the Mojo report because I don’t watch it and you “know” these guys.

            Also — I linked the open letter.

            OnCruz — I was left with Trump and Cruz — have only skimmed the comment that Cruz made about Trump supporters and not read it in context. But since a lot of people are Trump/Cruz (I know that may not make sense to you :) it does not seem like a wise comment from Cruz. But then again ….

  4. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Sounds like the Obungler is paving a path for a Canadian exodus for himself and his fellow Communists (Including the many that he’ll surely pardon on his last day in office) just in case Trump is elected.

    • Can you imagine how many illegals from various countries, not friendly to the US, Canada will now allow over its border into our country?

      • grace, as I’ve noted before on other sites, the open border works both ways, and the USA is taking in many, many more “migrants” than is Canada. How many illegals may try to cross into Canada? And if an illegal is allowed into America, wouldn’t that be the fault of American customs, just as allowing an illegal into Canada would be the fault of our border patrol?

  5. Mooch new wig– long to the shoulders , wavy.

    Strapless number that looks like it is made of outdoor furniture fabric. But it could be curtains.