As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

One Response to Video Face-off: Trump China vs. Bernie Huge

  1. Say what you will about these two men, but the truth is they are brave souls who entered the presidential race without traditional backing and without a chance of success.
    Yet, here they are – MrTrump the leading Repub and Bernie stepping on MrsClinton’s toes.

    The Dem establishment who shrugged at MrsClinton’s demand that it was her turn to be President are now bemoaning the fact that they could have placed a real winner in the race. Yes, a strong candidate without a dodgy background and a easy campaigner instead of someone who could be abused by a mostly unknown Socialist from a tiny state.

    The Repubs have poisoned their own well with constant attacks on MrTrump.

    So, now we have “china, china” and “huge, huge” as the only interesting candidates.