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Trump Won’t Rule Out Taking Rubio as Vice President

Despite two weeks of vicious invective between the two, Republican front-runner Donald Trump Wednesday refused to rule out taking Sen. Marco Rubio as his running mate.

Trump, who appeared today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, indicated Rubio could have a chance at the second spot if he drops out of the race before the Florida primary next Tuesday.

“Sure, sure and he’s got a lot of talent. I just don’t want to say that yet,” Trump said when pressed by host Joe Scarborough if he would consider Rubio if he suspend his campaign before Florida. “I have a lot of respect for him, he’s got great talent, I just don’t want to say that yet,” Trump said.

What was left unclear was whether Trump, the famous dealmaker, is seriously considering Rubio or dangling the VP opportunity as an incentive for Rubio to get out of the race. Trump very much needs to triumph in winner-take-all Florida and grab its 99 delegate to stay on a path to winning the nomination outright before the convention.

Trump claimed that if Rubio loses his home state of Florida, he would be such damaged goods that nobody would want him as vice president.

“If he runs and loses, and I don’t think he’d win right now, but if he runs and loses, he will never be able to do anything very big politically in Florida. I certainly don’t think he would be considered by anybody as a vice president,” Trump said. “He’s got a very big decision to make.”

Rubio is trailing in Florida polls, is performing poorly all over the country, and may be on track to be upended in the Sunshine state.

Trump’s outreach to Rubio may be part of an evolving strategy to portray himself as a unifier, a theme he struck during a press conference Tuesday evening after winning the Mississippi and Michigan primaries.

A version of the piece also appears on LifeZette.

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  1. The QVC moment last night was imho over the top but well, that’s Trump. On policy I agree with much of what he’s offering. After Mika gushing over Joe’s little diatribe in WaPo this morning I decided to read for myself and penned this off the cuff retort to how Joe’s missing what Reagan was:
    Geoff Caldwell
    7:56 AM CST
    The message may be being delivered by a crude mouth but Trump is actually bringing back the Reagan coalition that the GOP/Bush establishment began to dismantle the moment he went back to his ranch. Reagan talked to Main Street, GOPe dined with Wall Street. Reagan had compassion for illegal immigrants but was lied to about the follow up border security. Reagan was for a strong military but not for the NeoCon dictum of sending it all over the world.
    Hate Trump all you want but “Make America Great Again” is a direct line back to “It’s Morning in America”. Working class Americans have watched for 30 years as the DC elite sent their jobs overseas and hollowed out their communities for the sake of a few pennies more for the stock price.

    1. I know it’s not done, but I have many criticisms of Reagan and the Reagan years. As reular viewers know, Joe is on a crusade to diminish Rubio–it’s apparently personal. But, as I have said, I would not vote for Trump/Rubio anyway with Trump still on the ticket, much less at the top. And if Rubio took VP under this man, he would become DEAD TO ME NO 2.

        1. von ebb, so is Denise.
          We all have our opinions.
          This is a forum, an online discussion.

          All opinions are welcome here.
          I have been here for many years along with Star.
          I appreciate her opinion although I may not agree with it.

          1. Being a US Navy Vet I HATE the way the USA is naming today’s Warships… But I am very proud there is a USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

          2. I hardly think ALL opinions are welcome here. It seems to me that you “regulars” regularly put people down when they dont agree with you. Frankly, Donald Trump is a bully and has no clear or cohesive idea on ANY policy. Ted Cruz does. Ted Cruz is NOT a creep. Trump majically woke up and decided after 40 years of supporting Dems he now wants to be a Republican. Really?? From what Ive seen of Trump supporters they ARE LOW Info voters who blindly follow Pied Piper Trump. That turned out well didnt it. So go ahead, fire away. That is MY OPNION.

      1. Von Ebb–I came here on the first day it opened–I have a different opinion than you on many things, that isn’t changing–ever. I am not addressing these personal remarks to me anymore.

        1. Don’t take it personal. Its just what I see you doing. Its your right to say what ever. I just disagree with all most all of it.

    2. Wasn’t Trump attacked this week on his “failing businesses” ? Probably why the QVC bit. Those products are very much still alive, if only used in his establishments.

      1. My question is, those criticizing Trump on some of his failed businesses, how many have they attempted.
        My guess, ZERO.
        If you haven’t opened and run a business, I’m really not interested in what you have to say about Trump’s.

      2. Oh believe me, I know why he did it but imho it doesn’t help him with those who like the message but are still mushy on support. Like it or not over 1/2 the voters today are media manipulated and it matters how you’re portrayed in the media.

        1. as is the cool aid drinkers!

          The ave IQ is still 100 so many many are lower.

          The insanity of the Dems I know is unbelievable.

          She said the invaders are not coming across the southern border. Really??

  2. How funny – it’s the political equivalent of “yes, I’ll respect you in the morning”.

    SenRubio is too young, looks too young to be taken seriously. Why he thought it was his time or even the only chance he might have to be considered POTUS is a mystery.
    He should drop out for his own future, not a dodgy promise for something he’ll never be offered.

      1. He’d make a great VP but I’d rather see him head up DHS. Border and National security would finally be the priority again and all those TSA terds could be fired and effective airport screening instituted.

        1. Agree. Sessions could be better used than as a VP.

          OT re. VP. I do not think Hillary is physically able to serve out a full term. There is a lot of talk about HUD Castro brother as VP. That would be a disaster beyond even Hillary as President.

        2. Trump has stated that his pick for VP would have to know politics.

          Between Trump and Sessions, I think that they could either fix the DHS
          disaster by appointing someone or just let them do their job.

    1. He doesn’t have the delegates. He should drop out and clear the way for Cruz to make a run — or Kasich for those of you who think he can.

  3. This is just a tease. Nothing Trump ever says is final. Everything (absolutely everything) is subject to further negotiation. The man is the very definition of a moral and ethical relativist. He would drive me and a lot of people nuts as chief because nothing is ever settled.

      1. the current admin

        There are 4 reasons why The Obama is flooding America with illegals’…

        1. They are not white…
        2. They come pre-dependent on the government…
        3. They will vote Democrat…
        4. They will disrupt the social balance of America…

    1. x2 — Among other ways he would drive us nuts…or already has. LOL. Nothing settled, nothing fully explained, no assurance in what he does say that he gets the issue (health, ex), just a big bowl of word salad. You have to elect me to see what I think or would do. Oh, well, I have to get to work…And I am repeating myself more than Don.

      1. For a short while ago, last week or so, I thought there was a shot at a Rubio/Kasich ticket (which might have worked for you) but it appears that the time has passed. Interesting, that’s all.

        1. March 15 is the go/no go date.
          Ohio, Florida, Illinois, and Missouri.

          Ohio and Florida are winner take all.
          We’ll see what the GOPe does with that.

          1. Allowing a little pettiness I would love to see Trump take Florida, my state, because it is winner take all (which I don’t agree with) and it would be a big stick in the eye to the GOP establishment who backed two Florida boys == Rubio and Jeb.

      2. How is that different from what he have now ?
        Like how they rammed that health care down our throats, on Christmas Eve ?

        Oh, nothing settled,…
        How about Benghazi ?
        How about F&F ?
        How about Hillary’s e-mail server ?

        8 years of nothing settled.
        Give me a break.

        1. And Obamacare settled but a major disaster.
          70% agree its a bad thing.

          GOP says one thing and does another. Not to be trusted.

          Dems lie about everything.

        2. I hardly think that is good, either. Just because Obama is just as vague or things are just as amorphous under him, does not mean that is good. I WANT different from what we have now–isn’t that why we have elections?

    2. Trump lives and works successfully in the real world not some fictionalized dream state like Sanders’ “Wall Street will pay for everything” or Cruz “Gays will be prayerfully banned and illegal Mexicans prayerfully never allowed back to the US”.
      If you want stagnation, vote Cruz or Sanders because everything will be settled and nothing will ever be done. Prayerfully or not.

  4. Star, at least you had the intestinal fortitude to open a business. I had a chance to invest in what turned out to be a successful business.
    I was soooo afraid of losing a sizeable amount of money, I declined.
    It’s still running on the other side of the city. I pass by once and a great while and when I do, I think ” could have been a part of that, but noooo.
    Oh, well.

    1. You didn’t buy Google stock either? Know the feeling…Yes, trying to start a biz on credit cards and savings is very exhilarating…Mine was not “tremendous.” I do love SHARK TANK, tho–fun to watch.

      1. This business was not one of my two incorporated businesses, but do you have time for a funny story (in retrospect)? My ex and I and a neighbor were having cocktails one day and decided we needed a lot of money and freelancing was not cutting it (I was supporting my fam and the neighbor was also freelance in graphic design). We thought $50,000 would come in handy. Amid much laughing (those were the laughing days), we wrote an ad for the London Economist. It was headed: ANY LEGAL PROJECT CONSIDERED. The gist was that my ex, former spec forces, would be a courier or troubleshoot anywhere in the world. The last line was “A fee of $50,000 plus expenses will be requested. We called ourselves THE PALADIN GROUP. Mail came in a week, mostly from people wanting to work for us. One, I remember, was on stationery so thick it hardly folded and the guy had an Order of the British Empire. The only concrete idea was for us to middle a deal for a guy in Australia to buy a mothballed ship to take Vietnam Vets around the various spots they might have gone on R&R etc in the Pacific. He sent us the Lloyd’s of London report on the ship. It was called THE STOCKHOLM…sounded familiar–sure enough, one line read “Misadventure Andrea Doria…” It was the ship that sank the Andrea Doria. The guy kept calling us–in the middle of the night…he never sent %50,000, needless to say…and then he was silent for a long while…and then popped up again and said he had been “in hospital.” We had had our fun by then…but as a postscript…We learned from friends who worked at the CIA that they were trying to find out what THE PALADIN GROUP was…the woman said, “That was you?”

        1. My goodness!
          You were part of the Paladin Group?
          The company that sold books on, shall we say unconventional subjects, SF, SPCLOPS, etc?
          If so we did a lot of business.
          Small world.
          And we meet at WHD.

        2. Too funny Star. Thanks for the share. Oddly The Paladin Group sounds familiar. There was a time when I read all the ads in The Economist.

          I too have started businesses — some winners, some not. And helped entrepreneurs and start up companies both here and abroad. The stories! And the hard work. Everybody wants to be the President — until they realize that being the President of your own company also means for awhile you are also the janitor, the 24 hour on call person, etc etc.

          Anyway, good on you and all those who have tried and failed or succeeded.

          1. Everybody wants to be the President — until they realize that being the President of your own company also means for awhile you are also the janitor, the 24 hour on call person, etc etc.

            And the one the IRS sends letters to…

    1. Read the story about Yonatan Azarihab, a Israeli who after being stabbed numerous times by a terrorist, pulled the knife from his own neck and used it to kill his attacker.

    1. He looks like a lot more than 5 pounds.
      Obama’s change reminds me of Johnson when he announced he wasn’t going to run again.

    2. That health report was like AFVet said, phony baloney. If little Barry weighs 160 at most, I will eat a Michelle school lunch.

    1. They are so pro Trump, which doesn’t bother me. The things uncovered about Fiorina were disturbing even creepy re. sounding like Marie H and Kerry. And she went overboard on her Muslim contribution to society and culture–all the way back to the Ottoman Empire.

      But for me what did it was the info on Cruz. I have heard rumors etc. about Cruz, his wife and Goldman Sachs, but what blew my mind is that Neil Bush is now on the Cruz Campaign Finance Cmte. Talk about tight with the Establishment financially for Cruz. And NB was heavily involved in the Silverado S&L scandal back in the day. Neil Bush — Wow!

      1. Way Way OT but for fav Star:

        Wow Star—
        My fee was way less than $50G’s

        ”Have Gun, Will Travel. Wire Paladin, San Francisco.”

    1. I am disappointed to see the names of some people I respect. That said, where were you guys and your voice for these last 8 years?

      And while I have this space I would like to also ask a question I asked on another thread — what was Tom Cotton doing at the AEI conference with all the GOP Establishment?

      1. I don’t know any of the signatories.
        Had I not read the comment here, I might have assumed these people were Democrats.
        What on earth are they really so scared of in Donald Trump?
        There is more to this candidate competition than meets the eye of a no-body like me.
        And by the way, I have begun to wonder who will be tapped to be the VP candidate of all the candidates.

    2. Hmmm? Sounds very GOP-establishment/PACky type stuff. Didn’t recognize any of the names except “Tim Kane” and they spelled his name wrong. Nor am I familiar with that website.

      Are they with the State Dept? They can’t campaign on the public dime.

      Beware of certain groups who write such b.s. letters of concern. Where were they for Benghazi?

      1. Mike Baker is one I did and do like. He was on Red Eye alot. He was never pro Obama — former CIA, with his own very successful consulting company . Appalled at Benghazi and how it was handled. I am surprised to see him on this list.

        As well as Chet Crocker — Chester. Brilliant and a real Africa expert. Came on in the 80s with Reagan as Asst Secretary Africa Affairs or something.

        Google them both. These are not dimwits or publicity hounds. But I can see them supporting someone like Rubio perhaps or Cruz maybe. Anyway … me, no likely this letter at all.

        1. And while on Red Eye Baker wasn’t so oh yikes — torturing a terrorist — oh dear. Not that he advocated torture but he sure wasn’t shy about terrorists or terrorism. Now Donald Trump is the worst ever.

          That’s it for me. Upstanding people — beyond the Republican Establishment — are acting like jackasses about Trump.

        2. Too lazy to google a group of idiot PACers. Just want to know about this group and their funding. Trump Derangement Syndrome is very profitable right now. I trust no links ;)

          1. D — Been around it seems since maybe 2013 — this link has a brief description. I recognize many of the names , as I said. And they are credible security, intelligence, military, professionals and seasoned historians etc. I was astonished to read this letter. Really. After 8 years of the incompetence of Barack Obama and his foreign policy and national security staff and they rail against Trump.

            I was just re reading it and statements like this are gob smacking “His admiration for foreign dictators such as Vladimir Putin is unacceptable for the leader of the world’s greatest democracy. ” Hello — talk about admiration for foreign dictators can we say Barack Obama or Susan Rice?

            Perhaps they had a party, got wildly drunk and high and penned this. Or perhaps they received notice that neither they nor their firms or opinions would be used in a Trump Administration.

            Anyway, imho these are top notch minds. (to my thinking, but you are more liberal than I — so maybe too conservative). Links to a brief note about what WOTR is and link to the site.



          2. Trump’s rant on Muslims is only part of the foreign policy aspects of him that scare me. I know of no so-called allies eager to team up with him or even see him elected…He says he will overturn the Iran deal but does not say how…He bulling around the China shop without explaining currency manipulation or how the Walmart shopper would be affected by a trade war or threats and ultimatums with that country. Even his shameless lacky Scarborough suggested to him that he needs foreign policy advisers but would have to promise to listen to them to even bring any onboard.

        3. I agree about Baker. We watched him on other Fox shows beside Red Eye and he was always outspoken about Benghazi.

          As for other names on the list, Michael Chertoff was Secretary of Homeland Security.

  5. Disgraceful. The stinkhole that is the Obama State Department which Hillary ravaged and Kerry seems to think is there only to denigrate the US and praise our enemies (same old Traitor Kerry) had this to say about the Palestinian terrorist murder of Taylor Allen Force (a West Point grad by the way). Apparently Joshie also brushed it aside in one of his infamous WH Press Briefings. As I said, disgraceful.

    And to think Biden is/was there to restart peace talks — my patootie! Biden plays for Palestine.

  6. Rubio as VP ? Oh, I hope not. How boring. Isn´t there a great, smart Republican female out there for him to pick , someone who could counter-balance Hillary ? And then I do not mean Fiorina.

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