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Video || Bill Clinton Slams the Obama Economy

Uh, I don’t know, seems like the old man has veered off message again. President Obama is very popular among Democrats, even if that seems a little irrational to you and me. And Hillary needs to keep the black voter who are in her corner and who love the president.

Goes to my theory that Bill has some deep-seated psychological need to derail Hillary’s candidacy because he is JEALOUS.

3 Responses to Video || Bill Clinton Slams the Obama Economy

  1. I think Bill’s playing Bad Cop to Hillary’s Good Cop re: Obama. Both are pandering to the moon and back.

    Very confusing, that is, if I were still a raging lib ;)

  2. What in the world is wrong with him?? and his wife????
    Go away already!! go spend your ill-gotten millions and leave us alone,GAG!