In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || Trump Post-Primary Press Conference

17 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump Post-Primary Press Conference”

  1. He is (what’s the word?) oh yeah- amazing.

    MrTrump talks as if we are all at the local pub, sharing a brew. He funny, serious, talks big, shows some modesty, and it’s compelling and mesmerizing.
    The MSM loves him, don’t be fooled with their Clinton nonsense – he is great television, he answers questions freely, and he has some great or not-so-great quotes.
    They are imagining a POTUS who will give them access, allow them to ask anything, and take them all with him when he visits resorts and other fun places.

    What a guy. If he was selling heat lamps to us out here in AZ, I’d probably buy one.

    1. First time I’ve sat through one of his pressers…I enjoyed it! Right after he finished, one of the Fox commentators boorishly dismissed him as a “Shamwow salesman”…click, off went the TV!

      1. Yeah, Fox has lost me because of their lack of “fair and balanced” coverage of:
        1) Trump
        2) Hilly’s email issues.

        The problem I have with Fox’s coverage of Hilly’s emails is that they very, very rarely provide the bit of information that the emails were NOT classified AT THE TIME, which is significant. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hilly belongs in federal prison for many things including treasonous handling of state secrets. However, Fox’s poor reporting shows that they are mostly just following their own agenda. It’s far from fair and balanced.

        1. Yet the fact that the emails were not “marked” classified ”
          at the time” is an even worse excuse than the “I did it for convenience” crap.
          As Secretary of State she was only one of a handful of government officials tasked with actually MARKING documents classified. She was supposed to KNOW what was classified.
          She either was too dumb to know or too arrogant to care. Either way, it was SHE, not the intelligence agencies nor the bureaucrats at state who were responsible for knowing what was classified and what wasn’t and in that capacity she failed miserably. (Not to be confused with the rather long list of other Clinton failures.)

          1. Correct. The content of the emails triggers the classification, not a “Top Secret” stamp on the page. The “not marked classified” excuse Clinton is peddling is completely bogus. And she knows it.

          2. As secretary of state she should have considered all her missives as affecting world affairs, wars, treaties, summits, etc and classified them herself. And she sure should have stuck with the accepted server rules. But, as I said before, she walks–quite well connected, you know.

          3. That’s why she belongs in Federal prison for treason. My point was that Fox reported it worse than it actually was. They didn’t need to.

      2. Mr Pibb, I find Fox Business much better viewing. Their primary coverage was not only pretty balanced, it was at times quite witty.

        1. I always forget about FBN – much better coverage there. Fox News Channel has become so annoying this cycle…lots of folks I used to like are permanently on my nerves now. Megyn is unwatchable since her head has grown so huge…and even Bret Baier bugs me – during the Hillary portion of the town hall the other night, he once again didn’t quite ask the right question at the right time, and afterwards gave excuses that he ran out of time, etc. Same old, same old.

          1. It’s unfortunate, the Brett Baier of late. Never a Megyn fan I did read that she took on DWS who was on a rant about how “vulgar” the GOP candidates were. Megyn countered with at least none of them were facing the threat of indictment. DWS claimed that was “melodramatic” to which Megyn corrected those are the “facts”.

          2. Dana Perino’s another one…ever since the rise of Trump, she frequently comes across as a snarky, miserable shrew. Makes me think her goody-two-shoes persona was an act all along.

  2. Trump is a narcissist and belittles his opponents when he shouldn’t (for example, he referred to Rubio as “Little Marco”).

    However, ALL establishment candidates are also narcissists, but are just better liars.

    Trump has some unusually lucid assessments of the issues that are giving us trouble as a culture and a country. He is not in the pocket of donors. He has my vote.

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