As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 7, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. It seemed that the Sunday shows were all about stop Trump.

    What a shameful country. The peoples choice is not to be the 1% will not have it.

      • My point was we have no power. The country is run by crooks and thugs in both party.

        If the Donald does not win on the first ballot in the convention then hildabeast is president.

        I will not vote for anyone other than trump and millions more feel the same way.

        Hildabeast is the next president.
        GOP dumber than a box of crackers.

    • I heard somewhere – that if not Romney maybe the Rethuglicans will run Paul Ryan. The very same “I am not interested in the Speakership” , OK, “I’ll do it but only if I can be home with my family on the weekends”, and “So sorry, no budget we’ll just sign this omnibus bill and give Obama everything he wants to help him fulfill his legacy” Paul Ryan. Yeah, that Paul Ryan.

        • My point Star, is about running Paul Ryan. As far as I am concerned everything about Paul Ryan and the speakership is about his running for President eventually. I do not and never did buy this reluctant politician thing about Ryan.

          • I hope he does run. Now or anytime. I agree he has been a little aw-shucks about some of it, but I welcome some modesty about now. My pt was he did not track the omnibus to help Obama, he did it to not further damage Reps with a shutdown.

          • Ryan has also made it clear he disagrees with Obama on about…everything and has not been approached to cooperate…you know, in the spirit of bipartisanship, which both parties only talk about but never do.

          • Star, I read your comments, but the Reply is here. Pretty much you and I will have to agree to disagree on Paul Ryan. We are polar opposites. I do not buy his “act”.

    • This is a stirring video.
      It explains the concept of doing something for God and Country rather than self.
      – two words that aptly describe the Obama administration.
      I am re-reading the Bible this year. Finished Exodus and Leviticus and Numbers. Now on Deuteronomy.
      I have pondered Moses and his leadership countless times during the reading of these chapters.
      And, I can’t help but compare the leadership qualities of Moses to the great leaders I know…and none of the presidential candidates are included in that comparison.
      Thank God that Moses did not tell the Israelites to be satisfied with becoming Egyptian slaves.
      Thank God some (most?) of us are still unwilling to appease and accommodate.
      Thank God I was alive during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. He taught us all to be strong and to hope and achieve.
      God bless The United States of America – my home sweet home.

    • As we respectfully honor Nancy Reagan and remember her husband, what a stark contrast to the present Whitehouse grifters. That has me thinking about Trump and his wife, Melania. I Googled some pictures and darn, she has those store-bought-boobs hiked up to her ears, right in your face if you were a head of state. I am sure they will both have to tone it down. If Trump wants us to get rid of political correctness, think about why she would marry him in the first place. His personality, his charm, his charisma, his hair, his otherwise good looks? No, his $100M NY penthouse and Mar-A-Lago in Florida might be the reason. While we all want change, at what price. Nancy Reagan’s death has reminded us all of how we can and should be viewed on the world stage. Just my opinion.

      • Greta Van Susteren interviewed her last week…she seems like a very nice lady. Probably not fair to make assumptions about her and their relationship.

      • Trump’s wife was a professional model, Bonnie.
        Why would she marry him?
        Perhaps some of the reason’s you noted, but sometimes people are attracted to each other for other reason’s, maybe that side we don’t see, the private side, out of the limelight, not in public view with cameras flashing and a microphone stuck in your face.

      • Wow. Pretty judgmental on Melania Trump. Say what you will Donald Trump and his wives seem to have been able to raise some pretty stable,smart, polite children without any obvious “issues”. And, if fake boobs are a “thing” we are in trouble. America is awash in fake boobs, and facial enhancements.

      • What on earth do your comments, Bonnie, have to do with this stirring video about our country — not the current candidates? Seriously – I appreciate your comments but I would wish that you had commented on the video. It is uplifting.

        • Wow! Sorry I offended so many. My main point is how far we have gone down, particularly in civility, since the wonderful Reagan era.
          The video was beautiful.

      • Melania has a degree in design and architecture, speaks 5 languages and a successful career. Hopefully she would restore some dignity to the WH. Michelle Obama has rolled on the floor, all sweaty, with the Biggest Losers, ran potato sack races inside the WH with Jimmy Fallon, chased him up and down the stairs, played tug of war with him and so on.

        I can’t imagine any of our previous First Ladies ever being so unsophisticated and classless. I do agree with your assessment about changes since the Reagan era.

        As for this video, it’s quite inspirational and I’ve missed having that kind of President these past 7 years.

      • @Bonnie, say what you like about Melania. She is beautiful,seems intelligent, appears to be a good mother, and I’m sure she is classy enough not to wear extremely low cut gowns to state functions. In any case, she is a VAST improvement over the current “First Lady”, in every way!

    • “Appeasement”, the word leave’s a foul taste in one’s mouth.
      ” Negotiations “, yes, from a position of strength. Appeasement is from a position of weakness, although Obama and Kerry would call it smart diplomacy.

  2. Romney has said he wouldn’t rule out accepting the nomination and there is even a draft Paul Ryan movement starting up (see AOS for a discussion — this is just a statement).

    So,I wonder is the Establishment stupid enough to run a Romney/Ryan ticket again? Given its (their) recent behaviour I would not rule out something this insane and desperate.

    And I thought just unearthing Romney to lecture us was bad enough.Never underestimate the Party of Stupid.