In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread

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    1. Very good.

      Yesterday I attended our county’s GOP convention. The keynote speaker was our retired state representative. She gave an excellent overview of how we got to where we are with Donald Trump mania. The anger with our politicians not listening to us. Their special perks, including their golden health care coverage. And the political elites are STILL not listening to us.

      I wish I had a transcript.

  1. So glad to see the Judge’s opening going viral. Especially considering lil Georgie on his show today had Glenn Beck comparing Trump to Hitler:

    Say whatever you want about the Dems but they know better than to eat their own. And they certainly don’t accuse their own of being Hitler! UGH!

    On a positive note, there’s a little sanity returning to the University of Missouri after last fall’s fiasco:

    Corner unedited version:

    1. It’s simply amazing of the lack of knowledge of some, hmmmm, maybe a lot of Americans.
      I read that Trump is compared to PolPot and Stalin, two COMMUNISTS, yet Sanders & Hillary, two home grown Socialist/Communists are hailed as the peoples hero’s.
      Go figure.

  2. Trumpty Dumbty sat on a wall, and then came the neo-cons causing a fall.

    All the Zio-money and AIPAC to boot, Went to
    the WhiteHouse straight to the root.

    Cum Hillary shouted as loud as she could, You promised to help me as only you would.

    Election day came, the votes didn’t matter
    it’s all been decide who’ll climb up the ladder.

    So hickory dickory and Bernie is in, The Jew with agenda in pocket of sin.

  3. MrRomney on this morning political talk shows:
    If I see his smirking face one more time as he tries to destroy a private citizen, a man who earned his own way in life and not by the taxpayer’s hard earned money, and a man who has touched millions of Americans as one who really might care, I’ll just…well, do something.
    I voted for this loser. It’s not the first time I voted for a loser, but it’s the first time I regret doing so.

    SenRubio – oh, way past time to give it up.
    SenCruz – enjoy your victories, you probably won’t win another primary this year.
    MrTrump – OK, you can dial it down now.

    1. As I say in the next thread–Rubio has had it. But it’s too late for Trump to put on another mask and be sensible, thoughtful, and reasonable. Who would buy that–I sure wouldn’t.

        1. I am not defending Romney–badly timed (not that there was a good time), bad executed, and Trump’s supporters either know this and don’t care or won’t hear it from him either. Pointless, in other words.

  4. I guess WAPO has spoken and all 150 FBI agents can go on Spring Break! Everyone,except Hillary and her staff, were in the wrong at the SOS office!

    The article focuses on email and classifications blah blah blah………the one thing WAPO thing forgets to mention is HRC failing to “Secure Classified Documents Properly”. I found it interesting that WAPO implies that HRC’s Server is more secure than the email server at SOS. For argument sakes, that statement is true. Is the server more secure than the server that the classified documents were taken off of then put on HRC email server. It would have been illegal to take the documents off the secure server and put it on the .gov email server as well.

    Funny, how this article reads like it was by the Clinton spin machine!

    1. Yeah–move on, nothing to see here…How my Dem friends put it, too…Hoping it will morph from meme to truth, I guess. And it might…There seems to be a lot of morphing going on.

  5. Did you know that my avatar can fly ?

    Look closely at it, and then watch this 8 minute air show.
    The artwork on the plane (P-40 Warhawk) was used in Burma to fight the Japanese in defense of the Chinese courtesy of the American Army Air Corp.
    They were called the Flying Tigers.

    My Dad was stationed in Burma and saw them take on the Japanese Zeros.

    So here’s a brief air show of Pacific Warbirds.

    1. I enjoyed the hell out of that!
      Sparked my memory of when I was a youngster, building plastic models of various war machines.
      Mustang, F4U, Sabre, ME 262, Stuka, ME 109, P-40, P-38, B-17, B-25 Mitchell.
      Honest John & Nike middle.
      Big MO, Arizona, Bismarck, Hornet.
      I could go on and on, spent a small fortune on models.
      Revell was a big maker back then.
      I really enjoyed that link, took me back when I was a young modeler.

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