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Saturday Open Thread || March 5, 2016



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  1. Kansas and probably Maine for Cruz.

    Mr. Trump, in reply to Romney’s comments, you really should have said, “If I don’t mind, you don’t matter.”

    Right now, this is politics, not business. You can be savvy in business, but you must be politically smart.

    Big difference, sir.

    • Different times, different people, read patriotic, different America.
      You may have read that George Kennedy passed away last week.
      I never knew that he served in the Army during WWII, and retired with the rank of Captain after 20 plus years of service.
      I can’t remember what what his assignment was but it wasn’t Special Services, entertaining the troops.

        • Jimmy retired a a BrigGen, yes?
          I remember Clark Gable was a waist gunner during the war, B-17’s?
          A lot or maybe just a few Hollywood stars served in various branches of the military.
          Remember ” Hollywood Canteen “? Filled with star’s , and did it with out pay.

          • CiscoKid & AFVet Just a guess here, but I think you guys were in my class. Things you post about, bring back sweet memories. I may be on the way to the promised land, still it is good to remember the best of times.

  2. AFVet et. al—

    I believe Jimmy Stewart was a B-24 pilot, much decorated. No difference tho, B-17, B-24, all were heroes. I had a boss in the late 1970s who was a P-51 pilot based in England during the war and an Ace, I think with 7 plus to his credit. (Planes destroyed on the ground counted 1/2.) He wouldn’t talk about it. Heroes all.

  3. CPAC — conservative? Cheers Paul Ryan. Like the Establishment the CPAC foe seems to be Donald Trump.

    And yet there is support for Ted Cruz. How you can pair up support for Paul Ryan with advocacy for Ted Cruz is beyond me.

  4. A young friend’s son who is in the Army Reserve has been called up to go overseas. He tells that he will be heading to the UAR – United Arab Republic.
    He was sent from his home in PA to a training facility in Texas and will be deployed sometime after March.
    Someone, a whole lot of someones are lying to us about “boots on the ground” in the Middle East. This young man is not a Special Force soldier, not a CIA operative, nor is he a skilled worker, but a , well, a grunt who will carry a firearm.
    We assume he will be at war with ISIS or some kind of terrorist organization.
    This young man:
    26 years old, married and the father of one child and another due in June. His whole family is terrified, and rightfully so.
    May God Bless him and keep him safe.

    • My heart is heavy that he has placed himself in harm’s way like so many other men and women of our Armed Services.
      I am at a loss of words to hear this, but I have faith in his mission and that our Creator will watch over and protect him.
      Please keep us posted, if not, we understand, its very personal.

    • Srdem, I sincerely hope that this young man is kept safe and comes home soon. He should not have to go at all.
      Yes, I agree, a whole lot of someones are lying to you and to us about the US politics in the Middle East. Why should young Americans risk their lives over there? I do not believe in this “fight the ISIS” rhetoric anymore. Oh yes, ISIS are there and they are evil but whose tool are they ? I say, leave the fighting to the Mid-Easterners who want them out ( for example Assad with the help from Russia ) and stop the Saudis from funding and supporting them and stop NATO-country Turkey from helping and using them in their dirty Kurd-war. I find it shocking that the Obama administration is hand in hand with such a country as Saudi , so totally contrary to everything the West stands for. We in the West should focus on keeping Islamists away from our shores and land and hunt them relentlessly if they do.

  5. AFVet:
    Many thanks for the great Jimmy Stewart video you posted. I learned more and appreciate it.
    Flyover Bob

  6. Flying Bob, AFVet and Flying Goat.
    The links and exchange of comments made for a pleasurable evening, it kept me away from the TV, which I’m not to fond of.
    Stay safe and take care.