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Webb Says He Won’t Vote for Hillary

Former Sen. Jim Webb, who ran briefly as a Democrat for president, is an honorable guy. I’ve always liked him, even though he’s too liberal for me. I’m glad to hear he cannot support someone who has been so reckless with our national security and who did such a horrible job as Secretary of State.

35 Responses to Webb Says He Won’t Vote for Hillary

  1. The democrats have been politically ‘smarter’ than republicans in my generation. Webb is ahead of the curve, he sees the revolution hitting the right, and knows the left is definitely not immune. So he is proactively trying to insulate himself from the ‘establishment’ on the left. He’s still a snake.

  2. I’ll have to admit that I don’t know a lot about Webb and I’ll have to go along with what Keith says about the man in spite of what “BeamMeUp” says about him (Not arguing, mind you, only being cautious because of my ignorance)

    BUT – As long as Webb don’t throw his lot in with Commie-Bernie’s campaign, I’ll side with Keith’s assessment. Time will tell.

    PS: I can remember when the statement by “BeamMeUp”, “The democrats have been politically ‘smarter’ than republicans” would have been considered ridiculous at best or an oxymoron. – He’s right! How times truly have changed.

  3. Ha. An establishment Dem who says he won’t vote for she-who-must-not-be-denied will find his own re-election besieged by smears, lies, and the fight of his life.
    As a Washington insider, so to speak, if he knows something we don’t, it isn’t enough to cast doubt on who he would vote for – he needs to tell the world why he won’t vote for her.

  4. OT. Sheer craziness. The US (that would be us) is paying for Cuban migrants in Costa Rica who are trying to become illegal immigrants to the US.

    Hey Obama, why don’t you just send AF1 down there to pick them up and transport them to US soil where the American taxpayer can provide for them for the rest of their lives — long after your sorry butt is out of the WH.

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