As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Responds to Romney

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  1. He’s doing good so far. If he just won’t take the bait hanging out there in the air just off the cliff tonight in the debates he’ll turn the corner and Mitt will go down as a bigger loser than just the one who blew it against Obama in ’12.

  2. Well, to the disappointment of all liberals, RINOs, and the other candidates, MrTrump responded in a “who cares?” mood.
    Who cares, indeed. MrRomney is old news, and not that interesting. He doesn’t want a President Trump, OK.
    Don’t vote for him, vote for Hillary or Bernie or one of the odd ducks who manage to get their names on the ballot.

  3. Communication is 85% non-verbal, some say, and more than what Trump said in Maine, was Trump’s body language and ease of manner.

    He was completely at ease. Showed no sign of stress. Was almost playful.

    He actually had a good time responding to Mittens.

  4. Too late now, but Trump could have said,
    “I supported Mr. Romney when he ran in 2012.
    Had he won, he would have been running for re-election.
    Instead, he is stabbing me in the back.
    And that, folks, is your typical establishment politician.”

  5. “I could have made him got on his knees”

    Maybe Megyn Kelley was wrong in August……..he isn’t a jerk to,women he is a jerk to everyone.

    What an embarrassment Trump, Cruz and Rubio is to the Republican Party. I want to hear Kasich yell…..ENOUGH….. SHAME ON YOU THREE!

    • I never would have supported Kasich until we got to the final four. Having spent years living overseas, I shudder to think what the rest of the world thinks of Americans and how they select their leaders. ABC, but what a sorry lot on the Republican side. Since this is the best the Republicans have to offer, we are in sorry shape!

      • As bad as the Republicans are at this moment , and they are, it is nothing compared to the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton which has resulted in the death of the Ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi and who knows how many with her irresponsible email activity. There is nothing the Republicans can do that compares to the depths of depravity, corruption and illegality that is Hillary Clinton and the socialist Democrat Party and Barack Obama.

        As for how the world views us — and what world leader on stage today impresses you that would have us be concerned about their opinion.