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Live Stream || Romney Remarks on Trump

The remarks have concluded. Here is the video.

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    • “I am so honored and pleased to have Donald Trump’s endorsement. Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works. To create jobs for the American people.

      Romney 2012 !! who is the fraud!!???

    • Corporate raider, money-lender and two-time loser Mitt Romney criticizing billionaire, mega-builder, entrepreneur and author Trump is beyond absurd.

      But to tell the American People that they’re stupid is a colossal political blunder.

  1. Why wasn´t Romney this tough on Obama ?
    And I used to like this guy, Romney. Oh dear, I confess, bad judgment. I really find the game these people play disgusting, un-democratic. I hope the Trump Juggernaut will roll over them.

    • I’m sure the juggernaut will roll.
      This is so out there, it really shows the establishment GOP will do whatever they can to push Trump out of the way. It will just change his R to an I and he will win. There are too many dissatisfied voters who want real change.

    • I am so mad, the GOP has to be the biggest pile ever. Romney another RINO!!!

      Hate the GOP now. I just want to punch my TV. I had to leave the room.

      GOP have the house and the Senate and they do nothing for the 99 percent. They could stop Obama if they want, but they donT want to there fine with it all.

      He screams and runs out of the room ahhhhhh

      • Too bad Romney wasn’t this forceful against Obama in 2012. He bowed out when he had the chance to win. Now he finds a backbone to try and save the party? Give me a break.

      • @von ebb, Good comment. I know this is no laughing matter, but the mental vision of you running screaming from the room made me chuckle!

  2. It’s no wonder ppl are headed to Trump. The Republican party is trying to hold onto to what they have with all of their might. It would be different if the party would be trying to help the middle class. Reality is they’ve done as much damage as the Democrats have. They’ve just done it behind the back of the American ppl to only feign suprise when they are found out.

    • Agree big Dave. They won 2012 by saying repeal Obummercare – they did nothing!

      Fix immagration – again nothing!

      And so on……GOP just more DEMS

      WE ARE SO doomed!

  3. I voted for Romney.
    I was disgusted with the way Obama rolled over him in the last debate they had.
    Romney is a great speaker, drew huge crowds during the campaign, but couldn’t beat Obama.

    IMO, he doesn’t have the guts to lead this Country out of the doldrums we find ourselves in.

    Obama is a great speaker too, the only thing missing is the guts.

    Trump will respond to this speech.
    It should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if the GOPe were as determined to keep Hillary out of the White House as they are to keep Trump, or any other Republican candidate they don’t like (Cruz, e.g.) , out of the White House. They are placing their own head on the guillotine, and personally releasing the blade to cut off it off. Never saw anything like this. Ever.

    Imagine the uproar from the Democrats if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was about to spend $25 million to get Hillary out of the race, even though she is their front runner. She’d be fired from the Democrat National Committee within 5 minutes.

      • Let me try to repost this thing:
        Wouldn’t it be great if the GOPe were as determined to keep Hillary out of the White House as they are to keep Trump, or any other Republican candidate they don’t like (Cruz, e.g.) , out of the White House. They are placing their own head on the guillotine, and personally releasing the blade to cut off it off. Never saw anything like this. Ever.

        Imagine the uproar from the Democrats if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was about to spend $25 million to get Hillary out of the race, even though she is their front runner. She’d be fired from the Democrat National Committee within 5 minutes.

  5. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Another example of why, WHY, millions of Americans are supporting MrTrump.
    The establishment showing their true colors, their bigotry against the “little people” couldn’t be more clear or obvious than with this sickening tirade against the leading candidate in the Repub race.
    Shame on them, shame on Romney.

        • I don’t think Romney can stop Trump–doesn’t that make you guys happy? For all the reasons you list above–he didn’t smack down Obama, he doesn’t look right name-calling, it’s too little probably too late, it does seem desperate, etc. Somehow I see the fine hand of Mr Rove in this and I despise Mr Rove.

          • Mine either. I must hang around here too much but I even flashed on a scenario in which Trump gets aced somehow, Hillary gets indicted and oh, gosh, guess we need some neutral generals to run this joint. Did I type that out loud?

          • Videos are flying when Romney called Trump the best businessman and the fact that he understands the trade discrepancies with other countries.

            Oh, that was when Trump endorsed Romney.
            Yeah, that pissant Rove is going to wear out his white board on this one.

          • All i ever see u talkin about is i hate & i dont like. You seem like such a miserable person. Im sure youre a real peach in real life, but internet you is depressing as hell. Bitter.

    • Agreed!
      Repeating again I say, the Republican establishment is ignoring the voice of the people in its choice of Trump and attempting to force THEIR candidate down our throat, because we don’t know any better.
      Ya’ see, this like the Democratics think of their constituents and the rest of us, we’re to stupid to know what’s best for us.
      Unless a picture of Trump kicking a puppy, I’m for him lock, stock, and barrel.
      Mitt, you got whipped, sit down, keep quiet and enjoy your retirement.

  6. Rush is tearing into Romney and the GOP.
    His question is,….where was this rhetoric against Obama ?

    Question, why are they going against the will of the American People ?

    Answer, because Trump has the power to destroy theirs.

  7. Some good tweets from Jedediah Bila, Fox News contributor…

    “If Trump is lucky, McCain will give a similar speech tomorrow. Will secure him the nomination for sure.”

    “Mitt Romney, author of Romneycare, taking on Trump for being a fake conservative. You can’t make this stuff up.”

    “Look at Mitt doing all of Hillary’s work for her. So dumb it hurts, GOP. So dumb it hurts.”

    • Remember how Mitt was “too polite” to go after Obama in a manner that would have exposed Obama for the fraud he is? Romney would much rather attack a fellow Republican who is currently leading the delegate count. Maybe Romney has his priorities confused. Ya think?

  8. And now a word about the Mormon Church. They are following a mad man. Smith and Brigham Young were nuts. Young had so many wifes. Read the book written by wife number 19. OMG a real expose.

    Be a morman and you can have your own planet and be a god. Yup they teach that!

  9. Lordy, lordy! If there ever was a time to pop the Orville Wright, it’s now! Too early here on the Left Coast – will wait til the debate tonite.
    Wonder if HRC will wait til tonight to pop the champagne cork? Probably not.

    As much as I dislike Trump, Romney is the biggest loser. His ‘speech’ was delivered with timidity and sounded church-mousey.
    He couldn’t stand up to Obama and now he is lashing out at Trump. Ironic.
    Perhaps the GOP ought to re-name itself –
    The Cannibal Party. They devour their own!

  10. Mitt welcomed Trump’s endorsement when he ran in 2012, and pays him back in 2016 with a betrayal like this.

    The unintentional metaphor was apparently not considered by GOP brass.

    • Star, Yes, but by whom do you think? And to what end (beyond the power, greed, maintenance of lifestyle etc).

      Something weird is happening but can’t figure it out.

      • I don’t know…i just feel we are wheelspinning on these sites, so earnestly–but that someone knows the overall game plan. Knows how this ends. Just a vibe. Maybe I am in denial that anything could get this bad, this different, this not so great for the country…Could it get to the point where no one is elected? And then who runs the joint? I know I sound like our friend Von Ebb, but something is off.

  11. Do the Republ’s actually think we’re going to listen to or actually take advice from someone who lost?
    That’s I believe is adding insult to injury.

  12. Mr. Romney, I listened to you today.
    I thought you sounded pompous and arrogant.
    Guess it does “take one to know one.”
    I have no idea who is “leading” the Republican Party Establishment, but you might want to pay attention. Your leader is taking all of you right over the cliff.
    Please candidates, I beg you, talk about the issues during this debate and hold your tongue when it comes to spiteful and silly personality and physical characterizations.

  13. This is a very dumb move by the Republican Party Establishment. Big, big mistake.

    Romney would not fight against in defense of the country. But he will fight conservative and other Republicans in defense of the Republican Party Establishment and Elite to maintain their power and position and influence. Damn them all.

  14. Here’s an astounding story from Breitbart (complete with secret audio taken at the meeting) of how the GOPe are actively plotting a brokered convention, and how they are marshaling their big donors etc to destroy Trump at the Convention. Again, suspicions confirmed. If only they had put this much energy, planning, time and money to beat Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    • All of this racist blather and PC correctness should have been thrown out of the window once you are elected POTUS.
      Now, you are the leader of this Country and I don’t care what color your skin is or what your race is.

      You are supposed to represent ALL OF US.

  15. They’ll be discussing this epic display for years to come.

    That it was epic will not be in dispute. The question will be whether it was an epic display of tone deafness, or the ne plus ultra of reverse psychology.

    • This was the GOPe, in the person of Romney, in full desperation mode. No one else is allowed to play with their football, apparently. The end for these birds is coming fast, and that’s why they’re panicking. Ol” Reince Priebus should be fired before sunrise tomorrow.

      • Tar, feathers applied as necessary. Place subject on rail then head out on first one-way road out of town.
        Gimme that old time religion.

        • The GOPe is destroying itself, and getting paid $millions to do it. Reckon they don’t need our help to blow themselves up. All they need is more days like today. I bet Trump’s ratings will go up at least 5 percent based on what Romney did today. They just absolutely don’t get what’s going on among mainstream Republicans, or the Democrats switching to the Republican party to support Trump.

  16. Maybe the GOPe thinks that Trump is stupid enough to take the bait and run third party. And then the RP can say — Look we told you so — Vote with us!

    I would like to think they can’t be this stupid, but after 8 years of watching them waste the hard work and energy of Republican voters who returned a Rep. House and Senate for nothing I am convinced they can be this stupid.

    They think we are having a temper tantrum and this will fix it. Nuts.

    • The GOPe is in full demolition derby mode. They are storming among themselves, taking sides, acting in secret, trying to manipulate the electorate, not presenting themselves well at all.

      When an organization (as a generality) finds itself in this sort of self-destructive dilemma, the first place to check is the leadership of that organization. What’s going on there? Leadership sets the tone– whether it’s a bakery, candlestick making facility, dog washing business or a political organization.

      The lack of clear leadership, ethical, fair, visionary, strategic, systemically aware, goal oriented, disciplined, principled, courageous leadership is what we are witnessing with the GOPe. That’s the source of the problem.

      The GOPe is drowning in a cesspool made up of their own incompetence, trickery, secret deals, greed and lust for power. They are doomed if this doesn’t get straightened out.

      • Entire comment, if I may so, is damn well said, its a shame that the GOP is TOTALLY unaware of their problem. If you don’t know the problem or that it even exists, your not going to look for a solution, thus your just spinning your wheels.
        Last paragraph should send a cold shiver thru the elite ranks of the GOP, but their not paying attention.

  17. Mitt should go home and play with his grandchildren. Enough of a man who lacked the will n spirit during his own campaign. His stupidity brought us Obama.

  18. I am hard pressed to find one comment supportive of Romney’s assault on Trump, anywhere. Rather than destroying Trump, public focus is squarely upon the self-annihilating maneuvers of the so-called ‘elite’ Republicans.

    God has heard our prayers!