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Video || Christie Looks Stricken Supporting Trump

Here is Gov. Chris Christie, newly emasculated as Donald Trump’s poodle, looking last night like he might be rethinking this whole endorsement thing.

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  1. Funny. The poodle thing.

    More likely, it’s possible that Christie is looking past Trump and silently communicating with someone off stage or out of camera range.

    1. Yeah–he’s saying HELP ME. Like a hostage eye-blinking–except he made himself the hostage. So bye bye, Chris. You’re the one who is buds with his whole family–I was surprised when I heard that–I thought based on his remarks are about large women that Trump did not “like” large people. Not that he’s a featherweight himself.

      1. More insane Get Trump. GOP is desperate to hold on to power. The know with Trump they are history.

        GOP RNC are absolutely going crazy. They finally have a candidate that can win and they don’t like it.

        They biggest thing to save this country is to build the dam wall. Send the invaders back to where ever they came from.

        Then real Americans can have work. Not the ones that come here to drop a baby and start sucking up jobs and free stuff.

        Want to save money on your medical – get rid of the invaders sucking up resources !!

        Ya ya they are good people, BS they are invaders taking our country.

    2. McDonald’s, Burger King, White Castle. Hmmm. What’s do dinner tonight?
      No offense intended, I’m a plus size myself, well, OK, x2.

  2. Even Keith is on the get Trump bandwagon.

    Status quo at all costs. Damm the country we want an establishment empty suit so we can continue to rape the middle class.

    The war is on – real people vs the 1 percent!!

    1. Von Ebb, you said it! Even Keith is on the bandwagon, I am surprised. All these manipulating statements and low-life talk from Rubio about Trump. Disgusting, Rubio, when he talks, sounds like he’s on pills, amphetamines or something,dtalking all high and crazy fast talking, sweating like that all the time and talking cheap trash about one of our own, eating his own, all of the Republicans eating their own. I am sure they will be voting for Hillary Clinton now to get rid of Trump because the Republicans don’t care what the people want and they want Trump! Destroy the Republican party rather than Trump I say, he’s better than all these manipulating jerks. Wouldn’t that be nice if we had someone like Rubio in the Oval Office now (sarc)after suffering the last 7 years with the racist President? Or maybe if the Republicans can get rid of Trump by voting for Hillary Clinton? I wouldn’t put it past the Republicans now as they are insane now. All the people will get rid of the Republicans now, we don’t need either party as they are both crooked.

  3. So it’s come down to interpreting whatever you want to see from frame-by-frame screen shots down to the millisecond…foolproof stuff!

  4. Understandable. He’s upset because he single handedly destroyed the rest of his career with his “support” for SprayTan Hair Vomit. Hopefully the good people of NJ force him out and he can go work at WalMart with the rest of STHV’s supporters.

    1. He’s not perfect, but we’ve had much worse (eg, Corzine, Florio). But thanks to him, I would be surprised to see another Republican governor here for a long, long time.

  5. I was listening to the radio this morning in the car-Newt Gingrich was being interviewed….he said that over 20,000 people in Mass switched parties from Democrat to Republican so they could vote for Trump. He was talking about how well Trump did last night and like the speech Trump gave-it was presidential. He said the establishment better wake up and listen to the people.

    1. And … the Republican Party elite/establishment has decided to rinse and repeat with Romney giving a pre debate speech tomorrow night.

      I do not think that will go over well with those who support Trump or Cruz. Rubio supporters might think it’s an ok idea, since the GOP seems to favor Rubio. I have no idea about Kasich.

  6. Last week was the deadline to switch parties if you want to vote in the primaries here in Florida. The local radio station last week said they had never seen so many people switch from Dem to Rep in Hernando County and Pasco County. Both counties are about an hour north of Tampa so it looks like Trump might get his share of votes here in Florida. Almost every customer I have talked to in the last few weeks are going for Trump – even my customers that are here from out of state (snowbirds) My one customer is working for the Trump organization and she said 100 hats and 200 bumper stickers were gone within hours of her dropping them off to her community store.

    1. Good news. I am in a conservative swfl small town.

      We are getting alot of snowbirds deciding to relocate, a good many of them from Minnesota and other blue states. More than usual.

  7. He’s never here in NJ so he’s just jet lagged. Plus he had a bad day yesterday. The New Jersey-based Gannett papers are calling for him to be recalled. They say he’s arrogant, but apparently Obama isn’t.

  8. Good gravy, he would have looked like an idiot if he had a grin on his face when MrTrump was seriously acting, um, serious.

    GovChristie is no babe in the woods, no newbie to the political arena, rather a well tested winner in the war zone called NewJersey.
    He knew, he knows what he’s doing.

  9. This is just begging for a thought bubble.

    “Where did I leave that bag of peanut butter cups? In the car? In my desk? Did I eat them all already? ”
    “New Jersey? New Jersey? Isn’t that a state on the East coast?”
    “Someone in the audience has a Milky Way in his pocket. I just know it. I can smell it. Almost taste it. Would he take a five dollar bill for it?”

  10. The Republican party has gone crazy, I know it, you know it and CNN said it tonight. What gives with them? I truly believe tht they would rather have Hillary Clinton, the worst person in the world, win, rather than have Trump as our President??? Such selfish greedy filthy manipulating fanatically insane rotten pigs are Rove, Delay, Ryan, McConnell, etc., etc., so jealous of Trump leading, words can’t describe the viscious slanderous scum that they are, having Rubio do their dirty “con man” stuff every night. You guys don’t fool us, we are all voting for Trump and you cannot stand it!
    These so-called Republicans will let the vote go to Hillary because they don’t care about the country or the people, or who the people want, its what they want and that is why they will be gone and they better accept it and stop doing the wrong thing. If Trump is winning, then he is the winner and what the Republicans are doing to Trump is what they do in third-world countries, not in a democratic society and country. They don’t want to save the country or care about the American people, they just want to keep their money and power, no different than Hillary Clinton, who is corrupt for more than 60 years, and now we find that the Republicans are just as corrupt as she is, CLEAN HOUSE TRUMP, at least Trump is spending his own money not stealing tax payer money like Clinton and the good two-shoe “Republicans”. God help us and save us from these evil greedy pols who would rather have Hillary Clinton win to save their selfish power, well power to the people now I hope. Crazy Republicans with no morals, no empathy, nor help to Americans.

  11. Ol’ Christie looks like he is thinking “WTF? Wait, that is not at all what you told ME you were going to do.”
    This election cycle seems to be more idiotic than any other I have seen.
    The Democrats have 2 impossibly AWFUL candidates (just like the GOP in 2012), and the GOP has 1 AWFUL candidate in the form of Trump, (not counting Carson and Kasich), and 2 good, solid, candidates, and the AWFUL candidate seems to be steam rolling right over common sense and dignity.
    After almost 8 years of the grotesque Barack Obama, I don’t get how America can be so hoodwinked again.
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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