As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – March 2, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

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    • Always best to leave on your own.
      Speaking of which, radio report that Mitt Romney will give a address on “The State of The Party”.
      Sir, I voted and supported you, just leave it alone.

    • Well, it’s no great surprise if true. He’s stuck at 4-5 percent, and won’t get higher. There may be a position for him in government, somewhere in the Surgeon General’s office, perhaps somewhere else. Maybe some other situation will come up. I wish him well, as we all do.

      • I think he would make an excellent Surgeon General.
        He obviously knows medicine but I never did think he was cut out for POTUS.
        I wish him well, he is a valuable asset to this Country.

        • He is talented. If he stays interested in government, there should be a post. I am not sure SG is it, but maybe.

          Meanwhile I think he has 8 or 9 delegates.

          Kasich will probably stay in to see if he can win Ohio if so then his delegate count will be valuable should be decide to pull out — who knows.

  1. Does Josh “not so earnest” Earnest have ANY CLUE about ‘current events’…?
    Or does he just spew Dear Leader Obama “talking points” everyday…???

        • AFVet, I wish & dream all of us ‘regulars’ would be allowed to ask questions @ a “White Hose Briefing”… because WE have smarter & more in-depth questions than anyone in this “WH press corps”.
          I am still curious how Mr. Koffler never gives us answers about the obvious crap that goes on in this “WH press corps” with this Obama regime…

          • Well LS, you’ll have to ask Mr. K about that.
            If we were in the room asking questions to the POTUS, he would be scratching at the doors to get the hell out of there.

            Wouldn’t that be fun ?

            Keep the faith Navy, we’re all in this together.

          • The White House Press Corps is part of the problem, and not part of the solution. It’s a little club, made up of ambitious, “go along to get along” type people looking for a line on their resume (Hey, check out his resume. He was in the White House Press Corps! WOW!).

            They are permitted to ask the occasional “tough” question, but mostly they willingly participate in the illusion of searching for and telling the truth about the White House. Otherwise, they get their press credentials pulled. Gotta pay the mortgage, you know.

            They are part of the Obama the King’s Court and they have to dance the latest dances–the Menuet, the Passepied, the Sarabande, the Gigue, the Bourrée–whatever dance Josh The Earnest One chooses on any particular day. And, of course, they must keep their wigs well powdered and wear their white gloves at the appropriate time during the evening. Etiquette, you see.

            There’s not an Ernie Pyle in the bunch.

            The price of admission to the club is that you act nice, as defined by the White House, not probe too deeply into (in this case) Obama’s insane policies or his, shall we say, peculiar, embarrassing and often hidden background and current activities.

            The White House Press Corp could be disbanded tomorrow and no one would notice or care. They aren’t fooling anyone. Except themselves.

  2. Something to note.
    Minnesota has the largest population of Somalians in the Country.
    Columbus, Ohio has the second largest.
    I don’t know how Trump will fare in Ohio, but Rubio won Minnesota.

    Ohio is a winner take all state and so is Florida.
    I disagree with that concept.
    I think that the votes should be split up between whoever earns them.

  3. More and more illegals crossing the border, border agents not allowed to do their job or enforce the law. Jeh Johnson should be removed from office — fired — today. Impeachment is too good for him and will take too long. Loretta Lynch might want to take an few minutes from hanging out with pals Val and Barry and actually do her job and enforce the laws. What an absolutely disgusting in your face bunch of rogues.

  4. O/T
    I would like to ask all the presidential candidates to stop with the innuendoes and character assassinations. We do not want to listen to your sarcastic insults.
    It is not nearly as demeaning to your opponents as it is to yourself. So…
    STOP IT!
    We – the voters – want to hear your plans regarding the most pressing issues.
    Namely, JOBS, ECONOMY, IMMIGRATION, “OBAMACARE” EDUCATION…(other commenters – feel free to add to the list.)
    You want our votes?
    Settle down, calm down and start thinking and speaking from a place of reason – not emotion.
    Please and Thank you.

    • I agree with you generally. Perhaps you might find Romney more to your liking. Apparently the Republican Party thinks so as he has been cleared to give a speech before the debates.

      I am definitely opposed to that as well. I would rather let the gang that we have play it out, then be counseled about being grown ups by someone who had a shot and blew it big time.

      I voted for Romney and Ryan. Now I wouldn’t give either of them a minute of my time.

      • I’m with you on the R and R topic.
        Romney had a chance and he blew it. He lost that election – no one else. Ryan had dropped out long before the actual Election Day.
        Romney has nothing worthwhile to say to me. At all.

    • Yes, indeed. Hillary and Angela Merkel must have the same tailor. Hillarys pant-suit jackets get bigger and longer.They even look like coats sometimes.
      I guess it is difficult to choose smart and comfortable clothes when in these womens position.Fashion is of course not their top priority. But Margaret Thatcher did well here, oh, she looked handsome in those smart , black dresses.
      By the way, I saw an interview with Mrs Trump on CNN. She looked and sounded a little like Sophia Loren, if you remember this Italian actress, a star from 1950-60. I guess the Slovenian language is similar to Italian, Melanias English sounded Italian to me. I hope that she will stay away from the make up-kit if she is First Lady. She doesn´t need that much make up, she is pretty anyway.

  5. Tom Brokaw said this: “Rubio looked like the guy running for student council president without a date for prom”. ( Breitbart ).