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Is White House Getting Inside Info From DOJ?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems mystified at how White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest could know that Hillary Clinton is not a target of the investigation.

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  1. Does anyone doubt that Mzzzzz Jarrett is calling the shots in this case, and telling Lynch when to bob and when to weave, when to play the cards and when to hold them?

  2. The whole e-mail to-do is just more DC theatre meant to satisfy some people.
    Either the whole thing will just fizzle out, or MrsClinton will be absolved of all improprieties – NOT Guilty!

    The WhiteHouse/DOJ is one and the same. The DOJ jobs depend on the good will of the Obama regime, so it’s not surprising that someone(s) there would keep MrO informed.

  3. Just saw a three second clip of Obama ‘meeting with Repubs’ re SCOTUS in the Oval. The camera happened to catch him giving Valjar a side glance that spoke volumes. Looked like he smelled something foul in the room.
    He doesn’t make a move without her. She controls everything, including Mika on MoJoe.
    HRC marches to her orders – no doubt about it.
    Why else has HRC been singing his praises for the last couple of weeks?
    It’s obvious she has been ‘absolved’ of her sins.

  4. I don’t know how true the reports are but a few websites are claiming that when the voters in Texas push the button for Trump the voting machine is switching the vote to Rubio. Several calls to a radio station in Austin were reporting this this morning.

  5. Aileen says:
    March 1, 2016, 9:18 pm at 9:18 pm

    And where the heck IS everyone (who usually posts here) tonight?

    Long day. No cable, so alternately napping, reading blogs and comments re. tonight, and eating chocolate caramel filled pre Easter eggs. :)

    Thanks for commentary. Glad Cruz took TX — he’s still in it, happy about Trump, and still waiting for Godot — Rubio to win something, anything, but the GOPe endorsement that is.

    Re. the chocolate pre Easter eggs ….in training for the chocolate bunny – ears first!

    I don’t get the Dems — it is so blatantly, torturously twisted and corrupt.