In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || Trump Super Tuesday Speech

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    1. That fact srdem65 is why the “formally” msm will rachet up their attacks on Trump.
      They’ll use the same tactic’s of the past.
      Smear, lie, deciet, innuendo, character assassination and good old fashioned bs for the liv’s.

  1. Credit where credit is due. Despite his Sunday despicable interview with Cruz, Chris Wallace had this to say about Trump, the media and the American people:

    “This has really been a huge case of humble pie to everyone in my business, myself included,” Wallace said. “Lord knows I didn’t think Trump was going to run. When he did run, I thought he had destroyed his candidacy half a dozen times. So I think one of the things you learn is that you don’t know as much as you think you know. That anyone who would be foolish enough to think that they’re an opinion maker or opinion shaper, really, this has been a case lesson in the American people will make their own decision for themselves, and that’s healthy.”

    Read more:

      1. Absolutely. It’s tough, but I think it shows real character to say you’ve been wrong, especially when you’re nationally known.

    1. Grace, that was wonderful. Trump and his voters have made the MSM listen and think, at least for a while. I believe that many here in Europe take an extra interest in this election while we feel that Trump is actually speaking for us as well on the immigration issue. If Trump wins, our MSM and our politicians definitely have to take this issue very serious here as well. Europe is in a dire and dangerous situation right now with this never ending invasion going on.
      I am so thrilled about Trumps triumphs and the enthusiasm and energy that carry him. I believe that the Hillary crowds are often crowds-for-hire, there is a lack of enthusiasm. Where will all the young Sanders-voters go now ? I hear and read that they hate Hillary and consider her a hawkish liar who is against freedom of the Net , with too many Wall Street connections. Will they even consider Trump ? Yesterday, when I tried to follow the drama on CNN, CNN claimed that Hillary will beat Trump in the national election based on predictions of registered voters. They won´t give up, they want the coronation of Hillary.

    2. This is actually an amazing moment in US media history. A major media chin wagger actually eating humble pie, actually admitting arrogant behavior, actually admitting publicly he has NOT been fair and balanced when he pretended to be, is astounding. The media blabbermouths are typically so self righteous and so very confident that they are correct in all matters, so loath to apologize when they have screwed up (which is often), that to hear Wallace publicly declare a mea culpa is, to repent for corrupt professional behavior on the part of the media is, well, flabbergasting. We should mark this date and celebrate it as a national holiday. Good catch, Grace.

        1. Not to fret. We know what you meant. If I had a nickle for every typo I make, I could be living in splendor in some extravagant beach house in Hawaii and hiring people to break open coconuts for me lest I damage my hand.

  2. By the way, I read some stories on Alex Jones InfoWars about Rubios gay past including photos. Is Alex Jones a credible news source ? Well, maybe homosexuality isn´t an issue any more after Obama but I don´t like when people are fakes and have pretend marriages. And Christie said of Rubio : ” Come out of the bubble…” Be open with it.

    1. Jones is widely regarded as a conspiracy theorist and somewhat sketchy on actual facts. I read him from time to time, but always double check that more credible sources are in agreement if possible. He is not as bad as “they” say.

      It is unlikely that Rubio is gay.

          1. Bats are kinda cool–not the ones in someone’s belfrey, tho. I went to a camp where they had two bats–Elmer and Henrietta–who would land on your pillow during rest times.

        1. I understand old missile silos are on the market.
          A plus is there in the middle of nowhere.
          Good place to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass.

      1. Info Wars & WND, always entertaining reading, but fact checking, you know, like with the National Enquirer is necessary ;)

        1. Double LOL!
          The last time I saw one was at the supermarket check out line.
          I’ll never forget the lead story ” Elvis living on Island with crippled JFK.”

  3. I think this is kind of interesting.
    Trump wins big just last night, not even 24 hours ago and WGN-TV Chicago aired its first anti-Trump ad. Entirely negative of course.
    I’m sure it won’t be the last, but is it because Trump is now considered the official Republican candidate by some of the media?
    A lot of the race is still left, but I found it curious.

    1. Another question.
      How long ago was this ad put together? Couldn’t have been in the can to long.
      I wonder if any for Rubio or Cruz were made.

    2. We are at the stage where there is a viable front runner for Republicans. For the sake of illustration, let’s just call him Argus J. Sashweight, just to avoid the Trump name for the moment.

      So Mr. Sashweight, as the Republican front runner, and by a whole lot of distance as the front runner, will NOT be supported by the Republican elitist, navel gazing, $300 haircut gurus. Mr. Sashweight has an excellent opportunity to , for the first time in a long time, beat the Democrat candidate for the Presidency. But, the GOPe is touting the third place and third rate Republican candidate, Marco Rubio, who is guaranteed to lose to Hillary.

      The GOPe is set to spend, what, $25 million to defeat their own front runner. Isn’t this the definition of political insanity? Yes, it is. The GOPe is the best friend the Progressive Democrats ever had. They should get an award from Debbie Wasserman Schultz for loyal service to the Democrat cause.

      1. If Rubio does not win Florida, and I hope that he does not, the GOPe will have a big problem on their hands.

        So, will Rubio — having broadcasted far and wide that he did not like being a Senator (would he like being President better — test driving job openings, calling Marco Rubio) he will have to look for a job. I think K Street and Cantor might help or perhaps his buddy Priebus so, in the end, Rubio doesn’t have that much to lose.

        1. Rubio has been open about how frustrated he was with the Senate (like many who come to this site)…So now he’s bad because he can get another good job if he doesn’t win? Huh?

          1. No Star. He is my Senator. It was pretty clear the whole thing bored him and he quit working early on for his constituents and particularly those in state who worked for him pretty hard to get him where he is.

            And I think, more than other candidates who are also members of Congress bailed on his duties early — hardly showing up to vote.

          2. Marco thinks of himself as the Hispanic Obama. As a lawyer and former State legislator, first term Senator, and full-time campaigner, there are similarities. He thought he could dazzle Latinos and the country with his boyish charm and canned speeches.
            He would be a shoo-in as the First Latino Potus!!!

            Wrong! In reality, Marco is a con-man: a Miami hustler who joined up with some unsavory Miami legislators to defraud the State of Fla. Yes, he paid everything back…b/c he got caught.

            Like Obama, he was never held accountable. Unlike Obama, he never made it to first base. Good riddance, Marco! Sorry things didn’t work out for you, NOT.

        2. I don’t feel like arguing this one again today…If he let you down as your senator, well then hate him, I guess.It’s your vote–you have the power.

        3. Completely plausible. Rubio may well become a K Street guy when this wingding is over. He’ll become a very wealthy man if he goes that direction. Cheesy smile, fish handshake, shiny shoes, swell haircut, support any political position that comes his way. He’d be perfect.

      2. Absolutely spot on Marcus.
        That is the reason current Republican RINOS and RNC are dead to me.
        The PEOPLE are choosing Trump, but no, no. They say ” here’s who you should choose from because WE know better than you ” S**t, with that attitude I may as well vote for Hillary.
        A.J. Sashweight for Prez-2016. (Wink, wink, secret handshake)

        1. The GOPe are so incredibly stupid that they have essentially declared war on Republican voters and their own front runner. That’s unfixable stupidity, a Guinness World Records level of stupid.

          1. Well, I think the somehow got the idea that Republican voters would vote for someone other than a Republican, meaning you know whom. And this bothered them.

    1. This is why the Dem’s are so obsessed with amnesty for illegal aliens. Amnesty is nothing more than a Democrat voters drive.
      I’m sure those shown in the photos are legal immigrants, but in ether case, saints preserve us.

        1. Yes. Amnesty for what’s the numbers? 10 million low, 20/25 million high illegals with immediate voting rights would certainly tilt the scales.

  4. BTW, Ben Carson is not helping himself or anyone else by staying in the race. If he would like to stay in politics and have an influence, then he should be looking for a position where that can happen. State and local would be good. Or perhaps start talking to people, as he probably has, about possible Administration positions. But staying the race, is now just…what?

  5. No matter how you slice it, there will be no President Trump. Nor will there be a President Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich. So we can forget about a brokered convention.

    Two humiliating losses in two consecutive election cycles will signal the end of the GOP. Humpty-Dumpty will not be able to put the pieces back together again.

    After an unprecedented Congressional victory 4 yrs ago, we should have the upper hand today. Unfortunately, it’s another case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Obama is still standing and HRC will fill his shoes.

    Our biggest loss–bigger than the presidency–will be the loss of SCOTUS.
    Obama kept his promise to fundamentally change this country!

    1. Could well be the GOPe has been committing slow hari-kari for quite a while. I hope not. I keep hoping the GOPe is beginning to feel the birth pains of a revolution within their ranks and the citizenry. Time will tell.

    1. Seems like more global warming and green energy coming our way.
      I can’t think of one Obama appointee doing any good anywhere.

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