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Sessions Grants Trump Conservative Credibility

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions on Sunday endorsed Donald Trump, effectively anointing the GOP front-runner as the leader of the populist conservative movement and blunting the desperate attacks of Trump’s trailing rivals, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Sessions appeared with Trump at a rally attended by thousands at a stadium in Madison, Alabama.

“I told Donald Trump this isn’t a campaign, this is a movement,” Sessions said. “The American people are not happy with their government … Has the government fixed immigration? Donald Trump will do it,” Sessions said.

Sessions is the Senate point man for conservatives on many issues, particularly trade, immigration and social issues, the areas of greatest concern to many in the Republican base. There is nobody, in short, more trusted as a conservative in the U.S. Congress than Jeff Sessions.

Trump has made limiting immigration and opposing trade deals the centerpieces of his campaign. With Sessions now literally standing with him, it refutes arguments made by Cruz and Rubio that Trump is not a real conservative — particularly Rubio’s current line that Trump is a “con man.” If Trump is a con man, then conservatives must also believe that Sessions, one of their most respected leaders, has been conned.

Sessions, what’s more, has decided to back Trump over Cruz, a fellow senator. Sessions has been one of the few in the Senate, even among Republicans, to praise Cruz, and Cruz has been dropping Sessions’ name all over the place in recent days. That Sessions has come out for Trump is surely a bitter disappointment to the Texan.

And the support of Sessions, who is a veteran and senior member of the Judiciary Committee, helps assuage concerns conservatives may have that Trump would appoint a liberal justice to the Supreme Court.

Sessions’ endorsement comes on the heels of the backing given Friday by Gov. Chris Christie, a major and respected Establishment figure. With Sessions on board, Trump now has critical support from both sides of the Republican Party, adding to his legitimacy as a party leader.

And by rolling out these endorsements in the days leading up to Super Tuesday, Trump ensures that he continues to grab headlines as his opponents vie with him for the media’s attention.

Trump was effusive in praising Sessions, calling him “a great man” and “a man I respect that is an expert on the borders and so many things.”

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111 thoughts on “Sessions Grants Trump Conservative Credibility”

        1. Sorry I’ve left you by your lonesome on here Star, but I work crazy hours over the weekend and I haven’t had it in me this morning to fight the good fight.

          Star admits she’s not a “repbulican” – but I’ve been once since college and I care for TRump just about as much as Star.

      1. Likewise, your slavish devotion and adoration of Donald Trump who is a lying poltroon, not to mention a charlatan, an adulterer, a blowhard and a self centered, obnoxious, thin-skinned con man is equally tiring.
        Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. Cut from the same cloth as Barack Obama.
        People are allowed to disagree with you Trump sycophants ya’ know.

          1. Do you mean Veritas? I have already said I voted for Bernie in the primary since I am still a Dem on paper (slap at Hillary) and will not vote–or maybe write in–on the presidential if Trump is the guy. Many commenters various places are writing in. Don’t really know what diff it makes, staying home or writing in. I still have no party anymore.

          2. I voted for Ted Cruz in the SC primary. I hope to be able to vote for him in the general too.
            When Trump first blew on the scene I was amazed and glad that someone was finally lighting a fire under the complacent Republicans in DC.
            However, as he has continued in his quest to conquer The White House and reign & rule with an iron fist as the new Emperor of the USA, he has become quite repulsive to me.
            The more I hear, the less I like, and the more scared I become.
            His wife too – she posed nude for Playboy magazine. Now how in the name of all that is holy are we supposed to be taken seriously as a country with those two in the WH?
            We already have the world laughing at us and attacking us because of the Obama morons. Next the Trumps?
            And Star, really? Bernie? Ugh.

          3. Protest against Hillary–the others on our AZ ballot were unknowns and I even said (mindreader) that I was afraid one might be a white supremacist or something. Anyhow–the old duffer is working hard with no chance…sympathy?

        1. I like Ted too! But all he accomplished during his first senate term is pissing off the GOPe. I supported him 110% during the shutdown, but the leaders’ destroyed him.

          Then he runs for President? Sweet boy, but no, unless DT picks him for VP, then can burn down DC together. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS THAT?

          1. I like Trump and Cruz. If Trump wins and picks Cruz as VP, none of the Republican “establishment” will work with them. That is childish, of course, and obstructionist — given how frequently they caved to Obama’s every whim — but possible. And if it comes to that — we will see what really matters to them,power and personal gain and not the country. It’s pretty amazing to me how tightly the Republican establishment is trying to hold on to its own power and greed and the comfort they have afforded themselves over the year.

            I wonder how many in Congress truly care about the country any more.

        2. “poltroon”. Great word, we need to use it more. “Washington is awash with platoons of peevish poltroons pandering to panting lobbyists positioned to pass out pay for play.”

    1. Ratings ! So silly, isn’t it. Let’s talk about Obama sitting in RevWright’s HateChurch for 20 years, or not dennouncing the Black Panthers ‘kill whitey’ movement? Or the BLM cop hating movement.

      The hypocrisy of politics is astounding, you should know better. By the way, I like Joe’s brother George better :D

    2. You have stated before that you are a democrat.
      The KKK is also democrat.
      It has always been so.
      Just ask Robert Byrd.
      I sincerely doubt whether Trump embraces the tactics of the KKK.

    3. I’m with Star. I am damned sick and tired of the Trump slobbering love fest. He is a LIAR, A THIEF and YOU ARE ALL TOO STUPID TO SEE IT!!

      1. I want to apologize for my very stupid remark I made. You definitely are NOT stupid people. I guess I am just immensely disappointed that the most conservative candidate, Ted Cruz, who has been fighting the Republican establishment gets such a raw deal from many of you. He is articulate, has some excellent ideas, is experienced and a REALLY nice guy. I voted for Ted Cruz. I do NOT like Donald Trump. I will concede that he has really “shaken” up this very important election campaign and probable without him, not so many folks would be out in force today to vote in a Primary. In fact, this was the very first Primary that I did vote in. I fear for this country. Just not at all sure who Donald J Trump is since he just sounds like a broken record anymore….but, again, very sorry about my very brash comment. My real name is Jerry and I live in Texas. I am a now 59 year old granma still trying to find a job…

  1. Repeat:
    What is the difference between (besides the color) of supporting the NAACP or the KKK?
    I wouldn’t endorse either of these racist organizations, but the PC rules say only the NAACP is allowed.
    BlackLivesMatter is racist, anti-police, anti-White but political figures all seem to bow down to their demands.
    The turmoil at the Oscars is all about race – not Asians or White, but honoring Blacks for anything at all – the AffirmativeAction Oscars.
    Enough. Enough already.

    1. My wife watched some of it and then turned it off because it was all about the black race.
      She said the same thing you did, enough is enough.
      Get ready for affirmative action in the Oscars.

        1. Some blacks, I admire Dr. Ben Carson for his achievements.
          Many throughout history have exceeded many barriers to become great citizens and have made exceptional contributions to this Country.

          1. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Jess Jr. Rev Wright. Race bait er s one and all.

            I have a black Doctor and I work with a brilliant PHD Black guy.

            Don’t be PC – I am talking about the other 80 percent that are dumber than a rock.

          2. The disturbing facts. Don’t say the test are not valid.

            By William Saletan
            Slate Online

            “Among white Americans, the average IQ, as of a decade or so ago, was 103. Among Asian-Americans, it was 106. Among Jewish Americans, it was 113. Among Latino Americans, it was 89. Among African-Americans, it was 85.
            Around the world, studies find the same general pattern: whites 100, East Asians 106, sub-Sarahan Africans 70.
            One IQ table shows 113 in Hong Kong,
            110 in Japan, and 100 in Britain. White populations in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States score closer to one another than to the worldwide black average. It’s been that way for at least a century.”

        1. It’s all yours, Denise. I don’t do Twitter, or Facebook or any of the other the social media stuff. I’m still using the old smoke signal method, though my neighbors are beginning to complain about that. ;+}

    2. The Oscars looked like a Black Lives Matter hostage situation. It was unbelievably racist and disturbing. Chris Rock kept the taunts going for the entire 3.5 hours.
      His last words were Black Lives Matter. (Not all of them, IMHO).
      This is the world Obama has created. Ugly, very ugly!

        1. I have always thought Rock was kinda snide and not that hilarious, but his crack about hanging grandma from a tree was way over the line. In my opinion! Also the slap at Asians. But anything goes these days, I guess–welcome to the new normal.

      1. That’s why I didn’t watch it G1, I knew, I just knew it would be a platform for more of the BLM bull***t.
        Every freaking day, well I don’t care!
        You know who else doesn’t care?
        The answer is on the website HEY JACKASS.COM
        Blacks are killing each other in record number’s, even for Chicago.
        The number of shot & killed since 1 January will astound you.
        If they don’t care, I certainly don’t.
        Propaganda isn’t working on this old boy.

      2. Yes it was so black and they were still upset that they did not win anything.

        O the majic knee grow – the great muslim divider. Maybe thats the plan. A race war where the whites and black kill each other.

        Then the Muslims can take over.

        1. Re: Your comment on IQ.
          IQ’s are like polls.
          I put very little credence in them.

          I don’t care about the skin color or the nationality of the individual.
          The character of the individual is more important.

          Race or the color of the person is up to their parents, they had no control of what they are born as, rather, they do have control over their character.

          IQ can be increased by studying and an exposure to many subjects over the course of an education.

          Character is what matters IMO, also the desire to learn.

          1. AFvet That is so PC and not real. Why do you think the prisons are full of Blacks and Mexicans? Cause there so smart. haha they are just dumb.

            Go to any court room and watch some cases. You will not believe it. Dumb and dumber.

            We have to do something to change this country. Rubio and Cruz are just more of the same. War in the middle east and everywhere else corporate america wants to blow up,

          2. Von, mexicans & black’s don’t use the many,many opportunities provided to them in their freedom loving America.
            It is totally anyone’s own fault if they don’t embrace the opportunity to learn.

      1. LOL. Not surprised at all. “Where’s the words I’m suppose to speak from the heart and with sincerity?” His handlers know better than to let Joe stand in front of a microphone and wing it. Give em that. He’d end up talking about the great blueberry pies you can buy in Delaware. Or the great barber he had when he was a kid. Or whatever. Loose cannon, that guy.

      2. Amazingly, I heard, they gave Uncle Joe a standing ovation. For what? Going to Mexico and apologizing to a foreign government about American domestic politics and rhetoric? And by what rhyme or reason is a Vice President at the Oscars? Nothing else to do?

    1. Nah, he’s too respected in Congress to go oopsies. Christie, Forbes, Benghazi “13 Hours” screenwriters, nope. There are many clues why Trump is resonating with the voters.

        1. This makes me a little uncomfortable, but I actually agree with VE–at least both parties are apparently not producing anyone I respect or would vote for.

    2. I have too much respect for Senator Sessions to believe that. What I think it reveals is how bad our government is — out of control and not working and on the edge.

  2. Doesn’t it seem clear the Republican elites are aiming for a brokered convention? That seems to be the most obvious tool they use to get rid of Trump and as he continues to gain momentum and crush the GOP approved candidates. (Trump–49 percent approval in the latest CNN poll). They will not let this stand.

    Here’s how it works. With the brokered convention, delegates are obligate to vote according to the voter distribution per candidate and the delegate rules of each state only in the first round of voting. If, say, Trump doesn’t get the required 1,237 delegates in the first round of voting, then all these voting requirements get tossed out the window for the subsequent voting rounds. Voters can horse trade, change votes, yell and scream at each other for or against any of the candidates, until some candidate gets the required 1,237 delegate votes.

    In other words, a brokered convention, after the first round of votes, throws all the previous votes citizens cast at the primaries, caucuses, etc. Citizen votes go the trash can. They don’t matter anymore. The heck with what the people want.

    That’s how they’ll try to get rid of Trump or any other GOP candidate the party leaders don’t like. That’s how Thomas Dewey got the GOP nomination in 1948, the last brokered convention we had. Don’t you remember President Dewey? No, the GOP brokered convention ended up selecting yet another loser.

    Here’s a pretty good write up the brokered convention process. Might as well learn now how it works now, because it’s coming our way.

    1. After super Tuesday, Ohio and Florida weigh in and they are both “winner take all” states.
      Two big states but I think that that only applies to the general election.
      I could be wrong on that.
      That is March 15.

      Kasich is staying in until March 15.
      Rubio will stay in until Florida votes.

      If Kasich can’t win Ohio, he’s out.
      Don’t know about Rubio and Florida.

      1. Boy, it’s a hog rassle, ain’t it? States differ on their delegate rules, and I’m not completely sure how we apportion in Maine. Need to look that up, I reckon. Trump seems to be the favorite to win with the R’s I talk to here. But we’ll see.

        1. My wife always held that it should be based on the popular votes as opposed to the electorate.
          I’m beginning to agree with her.

          Hillary is going to steal this election on the dem side because she has sucked in all of the delegates.

          That is unless she is indicted.

          1. Including the superdelegates. Lordy, these politicians are corrupt, and the media who support them are even more corrupt, if that’s possible.

          2. Even an indictment would not stop her.

            And there is no way Loretta Lynch is going to move against Hillary Clinton — no matter how many crimes she committed or how many peoples’ lives she put at risk.

  3. I do believe Trump is a gamble. I also believe that the anti-Trumpers have valid points. What I also believe, however, is that any of the traditional candidates are almost certainly at least as dishonest, and probably more, and they are just much better liars.

    The press keeps holding Trump to a higher standard (“he has given no details, blah blah blah…”). That’s ok, because he is different. But nobody seems to recognize that. What other candidate has give details (that Trump hasn’t) that you actually think they will follow through with? None.

    And, are you really naive enough to believe a GOP establishment candidate’s ‘promises’ after the last 4 elections? Shame on you!

    1. It’s all a crapshoot. As I have said, I don’t “trust” any of these people. But if I can sit in my funky little family room and pick apart someone’s promise and know beyond a shadow of a doubt they don’t understand it or could never do it or its hateful and mean, then that is a suspect assertion to me. But just saying trust me, it’ll be great…that is not enough…for me anyhow. Back to work–surprisingly this is not my only preoccupation.

      1. If it really is all just a roll of the dice, the question then has to shift into what kind of odds we’ll get on our “bets.”

        For instance, in a standard casino craps game, if you place a six or eight, you’re betting that a 6 or 8 will roll before a 7, and you’ll get paid 7 to 6 if you’re right. The actual odds are 6 to 5, so that’s not a bad bet. But if you play Big 6 or Big 8, you’re still betting that a 6 or 8 will roll before a 7, only you get paid 1 to 1 instead of the 7 to 6 you’d get on a place bet. Big 6 and Big 8 are such bad bets that some casinos don’t even offer them nowadays, because they know no one will play them.

        So the question for our political dice tables now becomes, what are the odds, and what are the payouts?

        I would submit that a theoretical President Trump would have much better odds of getting his agenda past Congress, than the political casino is currently offering. He’s shown a knack for connecting with average Americans, and if he goes full Gipper and tells the folks, “Call your Congresscritter and tell them to pass this bill now,” it just might work.

        And if he can make a presidency out of consistently engaging ordinary Americans in the political process, Trump won’t even HAVE to make America great again: We the People will accomplish that ourselves.

        The putative Smart Money says Trump could never get his agenda through Congress. But he knows how to get Americans engaged, and if he says “call your Congresscritter,” Americans will call. Even more, if he has to take his case to the electorate enough times, voters will re-learn this whole self-government thing. The downside to that is…what, exactly?

        Does it matter, then, if the risk is 50-50, or even 20 to 1? Because the reward–a newly engaged and self-reliant American public–is beyond calculation.

        So if it’s all a 50/50 gamble any way we vote, why NOT go with the bet with the highest possible payout?

  4. I applaud Senator Sessions bringing his support to Trump. Folks are fed up with a Republican Party that is deaf and blind to the problems of immigration, crime, foreign policy, companies replacing Americans with foreigners, companies moving overseas, etc.

    1. We let the GOP establishment pick our candidates in 2008 and 2012, how did that work out? That’s my beef this year and let’s try something NEW !

      Had only the GOPe fought as hard against Obama as they are fighting Trump, we wouldn’t have Trump ;)

      1. Barbershop conversation this past week.
        Tired of politicians, let’s try a businessman.

        The Country is in debt up to it’s eyeballs, and the politicians want to spend more.

        Let’s just see what this Trump can do.

        I say, how can it hurt US ?

      2. Thank You! Where was/has been the “GOP vs. Obama” the past 8 years…

        I’m looking forward to Trump going against and trashing Clinton and brining up all the crimes & corruption done by both Clintons (in & out of office), something today’s “media” has a problem doing

    1. I’m currently thinking Trump is neither conservative nor liberal, neither particularly Democrat or Republican, as far as rock bed party follower. He’ll give to both and take from both sides. He takes shots at both parties. We’ve never seen a politician quite like this, so we’re having trouble categorizing him, figuring out his long term strategy, politically. We can see the tactics, but what’s the strategy the tactics are supporting? That’s why the talking heads are all tangled up in their underwear trying to figure out this election season out and what the end result will be. It’s why people go back and forth on Trump. (All my own my theory, anyway). For sure, he’s lit up the room this election season. We’re all watching.

      1. It’s very easy to categorize him. He was a lefty until about six months ago when he figured out how easy it was to con a bunch of redneck bigots.
        I just hope President Clinton will govern in the same manner as her husband and not her imbecilic predecessor.

          1. Pretty much. Unfortunately your name calling doesn’t bother me. Democrats would never run a candidate that is such foul trash. But I guess whatever floats a hillbilly bigot’s boat…

          2. So, Corey…”Democrat” is name calling?!?!
            How do you categorize your avowed socialistic and/or Benghazi ignoring candidates?
            Just curious – no offense intended,

          3. That’s the best you got, toothless hillbilly stuck in 1815?
            At least every other candidate on both sides have put out plans, aside from building a wall and deporting Muslims. That’s gonna go real far. Perhaps Chumples can take you and the other trailer trash to live near the Great Wall of China and you’ll feel so much better…

  5. We’re going to bring down the house tomorrow in the Sec primary…surprise surprise many of us redneck rubes in the south have college degrees and will vote for Donald J…the only man who has had the balls to talk about the border and the miserable fact that the MSM is running the country…got a great bench with Cruz, Christie,Carson and Kasich ready to fill in the blanks..bonus points for Melania First Lady.

    1. Oh yes… Us rednecks who used to be known as hillbillies.
      We know who we were.
      We know who we are.
      We know who we can be.
      We’re pretty accepting of most people – whether we like them or not.
      And we have “the sense that God gave a goose” so we know what is wrong and what is right.
      Is Trump the right choice? I’m still not certain but I can tell you this. He would get my vote over Hill or Bern.

      1. To the elites, anyone who doesn’t live in NYC, Washington, DC, Chicago, LA, etc. is a rube. Boy, do we have a surprise waiting for them. Gonna teach these geniuses a lesson they won’t forget come election day.

        1. It’s hard to tell whose comments are directed to who anymore, and it’s kind of sad Keith never even comments on here anymore either.
          Anywho………I cannot wait until Obama is gone:))))))

      1. Yeah — so much classier to leave a trail of dead Ambassadors and brave American defenders and to endanger the lives of countless more by scattering classified information all over the face of the earth.

      2. @ Corey, Melania is smart, beautiful, gracious. She is everything that ME’Chelle is not. And there is no doubt about what sex she is, either!

      3. Hey there, Skippy. Hope you are having a nice day. We don’t get many trolls here on WHD, so your presence here is unusual, sort of like seeing a meerkat behind the couch. Wouldn’t THAT be a funny sight!

        Anyway, just to let you know, your ditsy and featherbrained tactics aren’t working very well here. You’ve probably noticed that. We’ve all seen them 100’s of times on many blogs, where we’ve experienced a much better quality, more articulate and (not to hurt your feelings) much more intelligent brand of troll. If you’re just starting out on your journey as a professional troll, then it’s OK. You’re just learning the troll ropes, so to speak. We understand that. But you are over your head here, and you aren’t influencing anyone to your point of view. Just to let you know. It’s sort of a waste of time for you. You’re probably very young, at least you act that way, not particularly articulate and your thoughts are not well organized. And, of course, your tired arguments are just silly. Not in the least challenging or persuasive. We wish they were, then we would have a great discussion. We’ve heard them all before by far more experienced and effective trolls than you.

        So you have to decide if you want to persuade us to your point of view, or if you want to be perceived as some sort of neurotic adolescent who is desperate for a venue to express the deep anger inside you. Lot’s of adolescents go through an anger phase, so that may be the case for you. If it’s the latter, this forum probably won’t help you resolve your anger issues. you know? That’s would be like an alcoholic believing he can cure his illness by drinking more booze. Never works. You can overcome your anger issues in due time, with the proper help and guidance. Lots of people do, so can you! Never loose hope! You can become a normal human being with a least a bit of a grip on reality. Yes, you can! Wouldn’t that be a great day? Meanwhile, never give up trying! No siree!

        1. Been postin for two years, “Skippy.” So if you haven’t been paying attention, perhaps your the one lookin like the asswipe who needs to pay attention.

  6. Laura Ingraham’s column at Lifezette today – long excerpt, but I highly recommend reading the full article:

    The Suicide of the GOP Establishment
    Despite the Trump juggernaut, they refuse to rethink Bushism in their support for Rubio

    by Laura Ingraham

    Here is something to think about as we approach Super Tuesday.

    If Marco Rubio becomes president, we can expect:

    1.) That he will work with Democrats and the GOP leadership in Congress to pass something that looks like the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

    2.) That he will urge Congress to pass any trade agreements that Obama has signed.

    3.) That he will send significant numbers of U.S. troops to the Middle East.

    4.) That his foreign policy will be developed by many of the same people who advised George W. Bush.

    5.) That his economic policy will reflect the views of those who were in power when the United States was hit by the economic crisis of 2008.

    Now, I don’t think any of these points are truly controversial. Somewhere, there may be naïve people who actually believe that Rubio will put border enforcement first. But all sophisticated analysts of politics — including the folks at National Review — certainly expect that a President Rubio will support the same type of amnesty that was supported by Sen. Rubio. And on the other issues, Rubio has not even pretended that he will break with the Obama/Bush trade policy, the Bush foreign policy, or the Bush economic policy.

    For almost eight years, it has been increasingly clear that many, many Republicans — probably a majority of the party — do not agree with any of the five principles outlined above. Time and time again, grassroots and movement conservatives have expressed their opposition to all five of the key planks in Rubio’s platform. These Republicans do not support the Gang of Eight bill. They do not support Obama’s trade deals. They do not want to spend huge amounts of blood and treasure again in the Middle East. And they most certainly do not want the economy to look like it did in the fall of 2008.


    As a committed conservative for more than three decades, I am not happy about the potential break-up of the GOP. I have supported the Republican Party for almost 40 years, and I fully intended to support it for the rest of my life. I have great respect and admiration for many of the people in the Rubio camp, and I know we have won important victories together.

    But I do not see how things can go on as they are now. I do not see how you can ask the working-class people of this country to support a collection of policies that have failed them over and over and over.

    What do the Rubio supporters think? That he is a better administrator than George W. Bush? That he will staff his administration with better people? That somehow his youth, or his background, will magically make the same policies that failed in the 2000s begin to work?

    Of course, they do not say. Even today, with the fate of the party at stake, their only argument is to attack Trump and his supporters, to call them stupid, and racist, nativist, and isolationist and every other epithet they can lift from the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

    In the end, they have left the opponents of the status quo no choice — they must either defeat Rubio, and radically change the power structure of the GOP, or they must watch Obama’s immigration policy, Obama’s trade policy, Bush’s foreign policy, and Bush’s economic policy, be implemented.

    On Tuesday, we’ll know how the voters react to those alternatives.

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