As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

37 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || February 28, 2016

  1. Wow, TedCruz vs ChrisWallace this morning.
    SenCruz did not like MrWallace bringing up the dirty tricks his campaign pulled on other candidates.
    DonaldTrump vs ChrisWallace this morning.
    MrTrump has learned how to not answer anything he doesn’t like. Slick.
    SenCruz vs ChrisWallace yesterday.
    SenCruz is out of his depth and he knows it. He won’t win a single race on Tuesday and he’s hysterically throwing punches.

    SenSanders is now a foil for MrsClinton to raise more money against. He has zero chance to even be invited to the Dem Convention.

  2. Well, it is appearing to shape to be the most exciting election cycle I have ever seen.
    The drama is intense.
    I’m lovin’ it.

    Trump is a vindictive SOB, and if he wins, I want to see him take the current administration down for all of the nefarious activities that they have so far gotten away with, starting with Fast and Furious and proceeding on from there.
    They should not be allowed to get away with what they have done.

    If it is Trump, he will probably put the nastiest AG in there that he can find, it’s just his nature.
    And the people would embrace it.

    They are going after him with all guns blazing and he is still far ahead of them.

    Rubio is young and unseasoned and is going to get his head handed to him on a plate.

    Cruz is a Constitutional scholar but has no business experience.

    Trump recently said that his VP pick would be someone that knows politics, which tells me that he will pick advisers that he can trust to further his goal to Make America Great Again.

    We won’t know until the final shoe drops, but it sure is fun to watch the process.

    I leave you with this, we are watching Animal House unfold before our very eyes.

    What he said,…..

    • You’re right on the Animal House analogy–but admiring it? Headshake. And I highly doubt anyone with real administrative or technical chops and leadership ability would be welcomed into this man’s cabinet. Delegating is fine–but when the delegates are nationally known, have their own opinions and approaches, maybe not so fine.

      • Notice Trump has already declined to say he will be going toe to toe with the crafty, currency-fiddling Chinese–Carl Icahn would be the man there…or has he said he would do it?

        • Can you please repeat for poor dumb me. What did you mean when you said

          “complete Obama s work”

          Context to me was that no one running was good enough to “complete Obama s work”

          So since I am a moron please repeat what you ment!

          • I did not and would not call you a moron…but you really must go back and look for yourself…about six threads back…I can’t remember…I am not going thru it again…

        • Star, You are usually be good about vetting your sources and intelligent reading on this Trump/Icahn thing — not so much. First, it is RCP which contains both left and conservative writings as you know. In this case it was an interview with Cuomo which is only one generation away from the biggest sleaze Andrew Cuomo. Second, he only said that he would have people like Icahn and Kravis “oversee”, which I take to mean, advise on and perhaps review governmental trade proposals, policies, etc with China and perhaps Japan. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t see anything about a Cabinet position. He is clear about “oversee trade deals”. Even though Cuomo insists this is big government work. Baloney.

          But did notice Caroline Kennedy said she had no clue, or something to that effect, about how or why she was picked to be Amb. to Japan. Now that’s picking someone clueless to play an important role in trade and international relations.

        • I just said that, Trouble. He said Icahn would take over China–his negotiating selling pt. Oh, whatever…You are determined to forgive this person every ugly or unsupported statement and I am not.

          • Oh forgive me dear Star, for not having my magic 8 ball tell me that our posts were posting simultaneously. I must now run out and get a new one so that it never ever happens again. Your problem Star, in my opinion mind you, is not that you have differing opinions. Sometimes you bring something good to the table. It’s your unrelenting snarkiness toward anyone else’s opinion. You’ve nearly driven me from doing anything but lurking before, but I won’t let you do it again.

          • Just ignore my posts then. I am never going to say anything positive about Trump, who scares me for the future of politics, this country, and of my own child. But I don’t post ad hominems about people who do. And believe me I could post something against this man after every post if I felt like it.

          • You don’t have to say anything nice about Trump.He doesn’t seem to need your help. But you just can’t seem to help yourself with that tone you use. See? You and Trump have common ground after all!

  3. Good morning srdem65 and AFVet,
    In Kansas this weekend and haven’t gotten to the Sunday shows yet but as a political junkie they’re all DVR’d for this evening. As for the Animal House clip? The entire movie (IMHO) is the perfect metaphor for Election 2016.
    I have a lot of friends that like Trump’s message but disgust at his recess campaigning is getting to them. I counter with AFVet’s thoughts on the people that would surround him. Unlike the Jarrett Jesters that run the current administration I see a cabinet of well qualified experienced people ready to punish the lawless and get this USS America back up on an even keel.
    And for those with nothing better to do, here’s Sunday’s Globe column on why (again, IMHO) an 8 member SCOTUS for awhile will not destroy the Republic:
    Or the unedited:
    Gonna be traveling this afternoon so you all have a great Sunday discussion for me to read when I get back home OK?

  4. I am outraged at the GOP. Threaten to run Romney if Trump wins. GRRRR

    I am no longer a Republican and going independent.

    Those underhanded RINO bastards!! All of them! Romney is in a Cult! I was a Mormon until I woke up. Read the actual history of Brigham young and see what a conman he was.

  5. In another stupid move, SenCruz suggests that MrTrump’s tax returns show he had extensive dealings with the “mafia”.
    Good grief, doesn’t he know that the “mafia” is an American institution, or a figment of someone’s imagination? Your pick.

    Of course, MrTrump’s business concerns have done business with the “mafia”, as have we all.
    (been to LasVegas before 1990? or sent the kids to a local video arcade?).
    More so than most because of his business and constructions in NewYork, MrTrump has nothing to fear from the public if he did, indeed, make peace with corrupted unions, or even the local “godfather”.

    SenCruz suggests MrTrump wet his pants, and now this – geez.

    • I didn’t read or hear that about Trump/Cruz mafia thing. I am disappointed in Cruz though every time he jumps into this childish mode. That said, I saw a headline (did not read) that Senator Jeff Sessions has endorsed Trump. I have a lot of respect for the Senator who has consistently spoken up about the lawlessness of this Administration. So, if he is endorsing Trump that is reassuring to me — especially since I am a split Trump/Cruz person.

      Which brings me to another surprising thing about this endorsement. I always Assumed (never do that) that Sessions backed Cruz and now to find out that not only is he endorsing Trump but has been advising him as well is most interesting to me. Sessions has consistently stood up for America, the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He must be pretty disgusted not only with Obama and the Dems but with McConnell in particular and perhaps the President in training Paul Ryan as well.

    • I read a pathetic SM thing that she wrote about how she would not accept a token weekend slot or some such and much more blah blah blah. So, if she off MSNBC or not. I don’t care, but I am curious in light of her I am black media star you cannot stomp on me like t his blah blah blah.

  6. Jeff Sessions AL has always been the standard bearer for anti illegal immigration….thus he is a natural blend with Trump….they get it…as do plenty of the citizens of border states in the South…this will be the defining issue of The Big One 2016 and we will win it. It’s about borders…citizens…tax payers..the whole enchilada American style