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Saturday Open Thread || February 27, 2016

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  1. Stop Trump. The establishment Repubs are not shy about their attempts to stop MrTrump from becoming their nominee.
    The message from them is that the majority of voters who cast for MrTrump are nobodies, nothings, of no value, and must be put in their place.
    This campaign to stop the frontrunner, but not to promote a better candidate is the very reason MrTrump is leading across the country.
    The elites are fueling Trump’s campaign with their overt attacks and desire to promote another owned candidate.

      1. The elites are fueling Trump’s campaign with their overt attacks and desire to promote another owned candidate.

        Then they must want him to be the nominee…but not admit it… This is why I have no party. Voted for Bernie in the AZ primary since I am still a reg Dem. Just an anti-Hillary slap. Big deal. Wish I could do more–but I may not be able to.

        1. That is some strange logic. They want him but say they don’t?

          The GOP is funding a study right now to see if they can run a 3rd party candidate.

          Why would the RNC spend this money if they want The Donald?

          Fact is they want another Obama,Hil,Bernie, or a loser like Bush,Romney,Dole,McCain so they can continue to be RINO’s.

          1. Yeah–who were those two others? I could not bring myself to vote for some David Duke wannabee or something…and did not feel like doing research on my weak little protest vote.

        2. Even an opposition vote is worth it. Clinton, the MSM and the Democrats are treating her like she is some dreadful princess soon to be coronated Queen. I don’t know why but I hear either the press is no longer allowed to watch or perhaps it is photograph her boarding her private plane.

          The Republican Elite Establishment is horrible with their treatment of Trump — even to the extent that there is talk of bringing Romney back. And as bad as that is, and the childsihn infighting among candidates, it is nothing compared to the Democrat Party’s total control of the electoral process, taking rights away from Bernie but from his supporters as well. In the Democrat Party you either vote for Hillary or you vote does not count as all.

          And that does not say much about Bernie who is unwilling to go to the mat. And why should he? He has it made from now until he kicks. And the blatant manner in which all of this is done makes it just so much worse.

      2. Yes you are correct. I have never seen a party getting so upset about a viable candidate.

        They want to run a loser so they can do what they do. Be a RINO and keep the status as is going.

    1. You bet. The establishment see that under The Donald they are going to lose power.

      They want to keep screwing us to the max.

      GO DONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Without secure borders that still holds true Star. We cannot be a sovereign country without secure borders.

            As it is illegals are voting and more of them next time around. The vote is supposed to be for American citizens.

          2. Cubans are showing up around here in large numbers. And it is too soon for them to have been processed illegally. I work part time at a large grocery store, and this woman appeared with a friend who could speak no English and looked rather “worn” — around late 30s, early 40s. Her friend said she had just come from Cuba three days ago. She paid with a card — and it did not look like a personal credit card.

            By the way, people I see with EBT and WIC do not make an effort to save — they do not buy store brands or use coupons. This is not 100% but it is noticeable.

            One woman using an EBT said when purchases did not qualify “Boy, this is not like back in the day”. Yep, welfare is generational –. But with Hillary and the Dems possibly coming in — everything will be FREE! Good days Good days.

          3. Star, I believe that we in Europe have found, the hard way, that without secure borders we can not have a union or, on a national level, a country.

          4. Star, I know you’re getting hit over the head with this, but secure borders are critically necessary for any country, and even a cursory view of history proves the point. Borders not only circumscribe the governmental authority of a people, they also help maintain the political, administrative, trade and jurisdictional order needed for citizens to thrive, or even survive. And they keep the bad guys out, or should. Insecure borders lead to chaos and worse, as we know from history. In some part (certainly not the only reason) , Rome collapsed because the Roman Empire lost control of their borders and was invaded by every hooligan and nut job adventurer who could make the trek to Rome. A country’s enemies looks for weaknesses in that country’s borders. That’s how they get in. I know you know this, but just had to say it.

          5. So according to this, with insecure borders, we are not a country–so how could we be made great again? DOES NOT COMPUTE, as Rubio would say. :-) See where all this hyperbolic blarney gets us?

          6. Of course, we need secure borders–this has nothing to do with my point. My point was in all this overblown verbiage, it’s been said we are not a country since we don’t have secure borders—we are still a country, and I happen to believe still a great and unique one. And we will be greater when we deal consistently and humanely with people who want to live in this great country.

    2. Excellent article AFVet…..and the comment section after it is wonderful also…I will pass this on to all the Trump supporters I know down here in Florida.

    3. Excellent. It should be shared if anyone has some use of SM — MB or that insane Twitter, which might ban it anyway on the grounds that a conservative is writing it.

      Thanks for the link.

      1. And not blue grass…but one of the all time greats:
        Way back in the day, students in the real USA would ride buses back and forth to other small towns for basketball games.
        The boys rode one bus and the girls rode another.
        We girls used to sing songs riding home after a game…and this song was a favorite.

      2. Alison Krauss & Union Station played my little city just about the time they were starting out. At the midconcert break I had a chance to chat with her a few minutes, and she was the nicest person, most pleasant person you could ever meet. What a talent! Turns out she is a trained classical violinist and was a child prodigy as well. Yes, we like bluegrass in Maine. It very popular.

    1. AFV, thanks for thinking of me. I love all kinds of music but especially liked the Alison Krauss link you posted a while back.

      I’m always a day late and dollar short but I do enjoy reading all the comments here. I’ve learned so much from all of you. :)

  2. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    About Obama’s Friday schedule:
    I believe that I found a typo Keith. Are ya’ sure that 1:30 PM stop shouldn’t read, “Shaft America Advanced Batteries Plant”? If not, perhaps that’s how the Obungler read it and just had to rush down there for some “back-slapping” accompanyment to more of his meaningless drivel.

    Then after I read all of the schedule I am sure there were omissions. Not once was another Dim-O “Fundraiser” mentioned. C’mon, we all know that Obama cannot leave the White House without burning-up thousands of gallons of jet fuel and taxpayer’s dollars on the premise of delivering 5 minutes of “remarks” at some remote location without beggin’-for-Dim-O-dollars.

    And here’s a challenge for ya’: I’d be curious, if you have the info in your archives, just how much of such, similar traveling was done by any of our former presidents – Of both parties.

  3. This can’t be good…I just opened my mail and the top email started “speaking” with an audio–about Trump vowing to change the laws so the media could be sued down to their socks or something. I had not clicked on it–it just started talking. Me no likee. It was from CNN!

  4. Just thinking about Rubio. He is an ambitious, bright enough guy. But he lacks character.

    First, he threw in his lot with Schumer and the Gang of 8. Now, voted in as a conservative, he long ago lost interest in the Senate and has now thrown in his lot with the Establishment.

    He is not his own man. He is just an ambitious man, perhaps without principles.

    Ted Cruz understands who he is and what he believes and what he is willing to fight for.

    1. Grace and Marcus, I agree with you. Rubio lacks character. And he is not manly at all, he looks like a little choir-boy but he is selling his services. Well, he is not the only one to do that but I can not in my wildest imagination visualize this boy as a president.

      1. Think about not going so much by appearances…For example, even though I am 72 (or will be next Sat), I still retain some blond hotness–and ALSO have a weird is THAT?

        1. Star, I don´t really mind that he is small, short and boyish if he is an intelligent,trustworthy , nice guy with integrity. But he is not. So therefor…

  5. This article is in red at the top middle column of Drudge right now. I hope by the morning he moves it to the top big headline:

    I knew it. I remember thinking back in 2103 that it was very odd how quiet Fox News was being about the Gang of Eight immigration bill. Sleazy, slimy Marco Amnesty Rubio and evil Fox News! And Rush Limbaugh! So disappointing how they all conspire to dupe the little people.

    I thought back then how odd it was that there was NO conservative pushback on Fox News and talk radio the way there was in 2007 when GWB was president and the conservatives stopped amnesty. I remember saying in 2013 when they were trying to get it passed that Fox and talk radio hardly ever mentioned it, and when they did they adopted the Democrats’ language of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, not amnesty. This is so shady. Screw them all!

    1. This is an important article, and should be used to smoke Rubio from his incredible hypocrisy on this issue. Filed under Suspicions Confirmed.

      It also rhymes perfectly with this little gem from Breitbart, commenting on the NYT story you reference.

      “NY Times Bombshell Scoop: Fox News Colluded with Rubio to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens”

      Oh, what a twisted web Rubio has weaved when first he practiced to deceive. He’s gonna pay a price for this.

    1. Whoever becomes President must be a person who can deal forcefully with Xi Jinping of China, Putin of Russia and the Ayatollahs of Iran. That’s just for openers. The new President will have to make serious and difficult decisions about our economy, security, international and domestic policies. The new President will make a lot of enemies in that process and will have to withstand the constant attacks from the media, political enemies and a wide assortment of special interests who do not want any improvements in the status quo. And that’s just the beginning of the healing process post-Obama. Rubio doesn’t have the spine or the authenticity to succeed in any of these issues. The Chinese will walk all over him, Putin will kick him in the backside and the Ayatollahs will make a fool out of him.

      1. Agree Marcus, Rubio is not presidential material at all and yes, the new president must be something special. Forceful? Absolutely, but not needlessly aggressive. I can´t stand it when I hear presidential candidates talk about “carpet-bombing” this and that, I heard Fiorina and Cruz say such things. It is so primitive, violence can not always be the solution. The neo-cons must be kicked out of the White House. They , and the clueless puppet Obama, caused the crisis in the Ukraine which had dire consequences for Europe as well. And later on, for Syria. Trump may have some flaws and is not really tested in politics but I still believe that he can be the one to start the healing. He has the confidence, he will not be subdued by the PC editors in the MSM, he can take a beating and he can fight back. That inspires respect , Putin certainly respects a real man. Trumps focus is on trade and immigration and I believe and hope that he will rely on negotiations and diplomacy. And if even Snowden finds him the least corrupt, oh, that is wonderful to me.

        1. SL, When you enemy is cutting off heads, burning people in cages, slaughtering entire masses of people for practicing a different religion, and has an express intent to wipe you off the face of God’s good earth violence is the only solution. These evil people also breed evil people.

        2. …”violence can not always be the solution…”

          For sure, that’s true,SL, as Reagan proved with the collapse of the Soviet Union . Not a shot was fired. Violence was, indeed, not the only solution. Amazing.

          But that success required extraordinary diplomacy, coordination and the intelligent application of the mysterious international movements and their impact on world developments to achieve success. All that is currently absent missing in our Western countries.

          We have, mostly, the sorriest gang of Presidents, Premiers and legislative bodies we have suffered under for a long time. The Obama administration isn’t the only hapless, clueless slouch in this dangerous arena. There is no Western diplomatic backbone or effective, intelligent and realistic strategists anywhere in sight at this time. We are traversing a very dangerous era, from the Chinese militarization of the South China Sea, to the perpetual madness we see in the Middle East which is extending to a world wide jihadist movement, as we know.

          All that said, there may come a time when direct destruction and merciless punishment of the enemy is needed, along with smart diplomacy.

          1. Grace and Marcus, I contemplate your words, but I am trying to say that diplomacy and negotiations should be the preferential mode of operation. Yes, the Reagan administration did very well here. I sense that Lavrov and Kerry have worked rather well together behind the curtains, right now it is quiet on the eastern front.

      2. All I can say is YEP!
        Nice guys and gentleman need not apply.
        We need a rough tough s.o.b. who will work for us.
        I’m through with crossing the aisle and shaking your hand well you kick my ass.
        I want someone as ruthless as Obama, but acts in the best interest of America.
        It’s time.
        Fist fight, street fight, street brawl, down and nasty.
        No second place winners thank you.

      1. Star, Snowden might look like that ( not to me, though ) but he has got courage, intelligence and integrity. So therefor he is a golden hero in my eyes.

        1. So now you know how I feel when you make appearance statements about Rubio. Actually I don’t think most Ams agree with the hero part, either on Snowden–but that’s what make interesting discussions.

  6. So, HRC will not allow the media to photo her getting onto her private plane. And the media — the press — apparently agrees. Why don’t they do it anyway, and cover it like they should? What makes her the Boss of Them? Or perhaps that is what it is — the media works for Hillary. Not for the voters or the American public and she in indeed, the boss of them.

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