As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Jeb’s Saddest Moments

This is making the rounds, thought you might want to see. Kind of makes you feel sorry for him.

17 Responses to Video || Jeb’s Saddest Moments

  1. No. Anything about Jeb Bush just makes me want him to go home to Florida and do all those “really cool things” he was so vehemently talking about a while back.

  2. With a nation in full “pissed off” mode, there is no way Ben Carson, John Kasich or Jeb Bush could win. The country is in a hostile mood and want only an outsider to try to right our sinking ship.

    • I agree, its high time to try something different.

      Like a guy with actual real world experience.

      Get the mooches out of the WH and their Muslim buddies.

    • Yes, that’s where we are as a country. We’ve regressed to the storming stage, and with no great surprise with a President who has been attacking Americans, our Constitution, our institutions, our culture, our values, our principles, our international reputation for seven years. We are angry and we aren’t taking it anymore.

  3. Feel sorry for him? kidding, right?
    How can we yokels in fly-over country feel sorry for a millionaire who enjoys the finest perks the taxpayers can provide. Someone who had the benefits of privilege, the son and brother of Presidents, a former Governor of a big state, and a man with a lovely family is not a pitiful person.
    What’s pitiful are the millions of formerly hard-working Americans who now depend on government food stamps to feel their family, the thousands and thousands of formerly hard-working Americans who lost their jobs to illegal aliens and foreigners who are willing to work for peanuts, and the rest of us who don’t have any faith in the future as long as the current regime is in power.

  4. When I see him pulling a zip up hoodie over his head, instead of unzipping it & putting it on…that is an example of why he isn’t cut out o be CIC.

  5. Oh Jeb, you’re still a million times better than sissy hairball. Don’t give up. Maybe after four years of President Clinton the people will be more receptive.

  6. Oh yes, I feel sorry for him on a personal level. His sad eyes said a lot. I wish that at least his Mom could say those comforting words to him, you are my favorite. I hope that he now feels relieved to get away from the campaign cirkus. Why not go fishing ? There is so much more to life than politics.