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Christie Endorses Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Friday endorsed Donald Trump for president, saying Trump is the man who will stand up to the Washington Establishment. “I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States,” Christie said during a hastily called event in Fort Worth, Texas.

Christie made clear he’s ready to join Trump in attacking the front-runner’s chief rivals, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. “We don’t need any more of these Washington, D.C., acts,” Christie said. “The problem is Washington, D.C., and you don’t need Washington politicians to come in and fix it … especially some who’ve only been there for one term and don’t even show up for work.”

Christie denied that supporting Trump was in exchange for a post in his administration should he win. “I haven’t been offered any position,” Christie said. Christie said Trump is positioned to win in the general election against Hillary Clinton. “The best person to beat Hillary Clinton in November on that stage last night is undoubtedly Donald Trump,” Christie said.

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    1. Chris Christie endorsement! That seals the deal for me. Trump is my man!
      Rubio, you are so done. That sure explains your desperate behavior last night after you got wind of this endorsement.
      Boy, this most FUN election ever just got better! Hang on for a great ride!

      1. Christie was on my Would Vote For list and he just changed lists. Would Not Vote for EVER for ANYTHING. Didn’t some of you get mad when he hugged Obama–well, that’s how I feel now.

        1. Christie is now on my fecal roster. And if Rubio took VP under Trump (ack), he would join him there–into perpetuity. I think Chris would not turn down VP if it came to that–he is openly pushing for it, scowling and ranting in the cause of the other scowler and ranter.

          1. Trump to do list

            Build wall and close the border

            Audit the Federal reserve

            Charge the hildabeast with 1300 counts of breaking her non disclosure agreement.

            Charge Obama with war crimes in Libya,Egypt,Pakistan,Iraq,Afghanistan,and Yemen

            Legalize pot

            Send the illegals back to there homeland.

        2. I was a non fan of Christie long ago. For me it was about a 5 minute non answer to Hannity about his views on guns.

          BTW, he would outlaw them in a heartbeat.

          1. I have dubbed Christie DEAD TO ME. When I read about how the Christies and Trumps are best buds, I got a little conspiracy minded like some here…Is it possible all this is a putup job…Does someone know THIS MINUTE now how this ends? Are we just useful idiots…?

    2. I think Huckabee will be the next honey bee in Trump’s bonnet :) Just heard Mike’s daughter has signed onto the Trump campaign.

      Also, Nikki Haley went on record that she will support Trump if he’s the nominee.

      This is the best Friday News Dump Day ever ;)

      1. That’s the fun part of this whole election campaign. Whether from the D’s or the R’s, you never know, from day to day, what’s going to happen, or turn up.

        The electorate is in a foul mood, the political experts are gasping for air, the media are not even pretending to be objective, an old hippy is running for President, Hillary has the FBI hot on her trail, an aging, ex-President (Billy) is reduced to almost no-show crowds, a real estate mongol is taking all the politicians to school, an ex-Tea Party politician (Rubio) is sweating bullets, an expected shoe-in (Jeb) quit the scene, a cardiac surgeon gives it a good try.

        Republican leadership is shown to be completely incompetent, Democrat leadership has a couple of candidates hidden in the wings just waiting for the bell to ring (Biden, Warren). there’s enough name-calling and insults all around to last a lifetime. There has got to be a movie made out of this election season.

          1. True, it’s been done. I watched The Candidate with Robert Redford a couple of nights ago on TCM. Boy, was that a good reminder of how nasty the behind the scenes manipulation gets during the election season. Worth a re-watch during this campaign season. Redford’s final words in the movie after he won the election: “What do I do now?”

            That’s the question we all have after whoever wins this horse race. “What’s the winner g0ing to do as POTUS?” We never really know until that winner sits down for the first time at that big desk in the Oval Office. That’s the gamble we all take. It’s a best guess game. Who could have guessed that Truman, who was regarded as a joke by Roosevelt, the media and the political big shots, would have turned out to be the quite good President he became (even with his faults)? Who would have believed that Carter, who doesn’t have an evil bone in his body, would have turned out to be such an incompetent scatterbrain as President? While we understood that Obama was going to be really bad news, who would have guessed the depths of the evil political behavior he would sink to?

            No one knows at this point how any of the candidates would actually behave as President. Well, except for Hillary. We know what she’s all about. We don’t have to guess in her case. ;+}

          2. Star…It’s well known the Mongols are famous for building huge office buildings using eminent domain and driving sheep herders out of business. Ulaanbaatar has far too many of these monstrocities even now and residents there are not pleased, not pleased at all. ;+}. Good catch.

      2. I find it difficult to believe that Niki Haley would support Trump– she is part of the Ryan- Rubio new GOPe crowd — and I think, but am not sure, that I heard some discussion of her being Rubio’s pick for VP. So, curious about Haley/Trump.

        Lost respect for NH with the confederate flag call and …. think she had promise and now will end up like Ayotte — the girl between two male bookends.

      1. Christie as AG and Cruz either SCOTUS (too young, not yet — he can do more) or DOJ — I would love to see him at DOJ and Hillary in orange or black and white stripes.

  1. Just some thoughts:
    The MSM has moved into the Trump camp. Now that the Repub top three consists of two Hispanics, and a native NewYorker they are closing ranks around one of their own; a sophisticated billionaire, educated at the right schools, and oh so telegenic that TV signals follow him.
    MrTrump has burst thru the establishment fence that was used to keep out those who weren’t willing to follow the rules they set. Their anger and disgust at this intruder has made them impotent to stop his advance.
    We’ll soon see the endorsements come tumbling out of the establishment as they hope to save what they can of what’s left.
    IMO, of course.

    1. And just last night the chatter was about how Rubio had gone after Trump and succeeded. I thought he looked like a hyperactive kid with Trump just looking at him, but that’s me.

      1. It’s impossible to take him seriously. He’s out of his league – maybe he should try coaching a little league team after he leaves the Senate. Politics is not his game.

        1. Just watched a HUGE Rubio rally in Georgia–he was cracking jokes…even laughed at a guy holding up high heel boots–“They’ll be back, don’t worry,” he promised.

    2. Sophisticated? Not a word I would assoc with him. But yes, in the desire for eyeballs and revenue, a lot are trying to get on what they see as the “winning” side. There is very little pretense even of objectivity anymore. So zip–my old profession is lost, too.

  2. As Democrats like to say on the Mizzou campus..lets bring some muscle….this is a great combination of muscle..politics is a blood sport especially when you need to defeat Hilldabeast. Bring it

    1. Lifelong political hacks are like people on crack cocaine. Once they taste it and get the high, they’ve lost touch with reality, and need more and more of it.

  3. Just when you think it can’t get more bizarre! This is not ‘politics’- it feels like a combination of The Apprentice and The Biggest Loser.
    Trump gets more ridiculous every day – Hillary must be doing cartwheels. Ugh!!!
    God help this country.

    1. Hillary doing cartwheels. Eye Bleach.

      But seriously can you imagine her doing a cartwheel in one of those “iron box” pantsuits? I think the top would send her sprawling out of control if she tried.

  4. “I thought I was in a bad mood, but it’s been a few years so I guess this is who I am now.”
    Weezie (?) in ‘Steel Magnolias’
    That’s me many a day.
    Christie goes for Trump. Big deal. No pun intended.
    Now, Haley says she will support Trump…
    Get back on the porch, Rubio. It is over for you.
    Cruz – in a quiet place, a “safe place” ask yourself if you honestly think you have a chance. Let me answer for you just in case. “NO!” Get out while the gettin’ is good.
    Some of my Christian friends are patiently explaining the who/what/when/where/why Trump is “bad” and Cruz/Rubio/Carson/Kasich is “good.”
    Honestly, I don’t see a tinker’s damn worth of difference in any of them.
    But, I will vote for anyone of them rather than Hillary or Sanders or Biden. (Look for Biden…he’s coming down the pike.)
    As I read today, not voting makes you a Democrat.

    1. Correction: the actual Stell Magnolia quote is
      “Ouiser: I’m not crazy, M’Lynn, I’ve just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!”

      Still….I get it.

    2. The candidates and the endorsers are all playing musical chairs right now. They are trying to associate themselves with whom they are guessing will be the winners, power centers, influencers, job brokers. Think of how a flock of starlings will move in mysterious patterns as they follow the leader of the flock. Political animals. It’s a type.

  5. Other than the small articles on the conservative sites showing Biden apologizing to Mexico for Rep. rhetoric has anyone seen any coverage of his trip down there or why he went and what he was supposed to accomplish?

    1. I get where you’re going with that, but a lot went wrong in 2012. Christie’s hug was just one more flooded compartment on an already sinking ship.

      If Mitt had been as effective at a frontal assault on Obama in 2012, as he’s trying to be with his from-behind ambush on Trump, he’d be running for re-election right now.

      No WONDER the GOP electorate is pissed.

    1. And it reminds people of how Hillary treated the White House military staff when she was First Lady. Her insulting, demeaning manner toward these young men and women in uniform is the stuff of legend. She insulted them, cursed at them when they didn’t please her, treated them like butlers, made them feel like fools. Billy just reminded us of that sad experience.

          1. @Marcus

            Oh, Cacklepants has a potty mouth that could make a sailor blush. She one referred to Bill as a c**ksucker, and she wasn’t even referring to Monica when she said it.

            (but Trump is the boor in this race, a-course…)

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