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Video || Students Have No Idea About the Supreme Court

Thought you might enjoy this. Or not . . .

Obama will make his “right” to appoint a Supreme Court justice and have them swiftly considered one of the defining issues of the year. If he hadn’t so often abused the office he sits in, one might at least give him a listen.

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    • The guy that was floated out there is the Governor of Nevada.
      A RINO.
      Pro Choice.
      Allowed taxes to be raised after the people elected him and the legislation as republican probably thinking that their taxes would be reduced.

      The biggest tax increase in Nevada’s history resulted.

      Anybody that thinks Obama is going to put a fiscal conservative on the bench is a fool.

      Obama is determined to take that Court as far left/liberal as he can.

    • Star, there is no mandate whatsoever forcing the Senate to hold hearings for a judicial nominee. The Senate has refused to hold such a hearing about 65 times in our history. Obama, of course, can nominated whomever he wants, and as many nominees as he desires. The call for a hearing on that nominee is entirely up to the Senate. I think I heard McConnell say just today that he would definitely, for sure, and without question NOT conduct a hearing for whomever Obama nominates. We’ll see.

      • Not to be Mrs. Conspiracy, butt, 0, like the Clinton’s has a history of getting people to conform to his demands/agenda.
        I hope the senate stands strong against 0’s blustering bs.

        • I hope they stand firm, too. McConnell is not exactly Captain Courageous and who knows what gifts, perks or favors Obama would promise to McConnell if he caved. Other members of the Senate might raise Holy Hades if he did cave, I suppose, but who knows?

          • Can’t remember the details but around 2006 or so Obama is on record against nominating SCOTUS during a lame duck presidency . Of course, a Republican was in office then. Recently Joe Biden got himself all tangled up trying to take back Obama’s statement. There is nothing that says someone must be nominated and/or approved.

            As for the students…as Star would say, pfft.

  1. I’m not surprised.
    Civics based course’s aren’t taught anymore.
    College education consist of,
    White privilege
    Micro – aggressions
    Rape culture
    Safe spaces
    Evils of capitalism
    Social justice
    Bad Police
    Bad America
    Did I leave anything out?

      • Star, the AZ governor has instituted that HS students pass a civics class/test before graduating. That may work ok in the Phoenix area, butt TUSD is such a liberal piece of idiot, pandering, leftie crapola…who knows what will happen here.

      • YES!
        In Illinois back in the day you had to pass a civics test to be promoted from the 8th grade to High School.
        Branches of government, historical dates, how. a bill became law, etc.
        People actually were held back. Standards higher back then, no multiple guess questions.
        The test most people worried about. If you paid attention in class other test, math, history, English, etc. were doable.
        There may have been a chance for retest, can’t recall.
        Many more years ago than I care to remember.

      • We had to take one year of civics and two years of American history in high school, all in the sophomore and junior years. These courses were mandated by the State, believe it or not. And you could really flunk a course in those days and then would have to repeat the course. And if you flunked a course, all hell would break out– in my house, at least. None of us, all eight kids, would have even dreamed of flunking a course in high school.

        • We had to take Ohio History, World History and American History and pass every course.
          The same with civics and economics.

          It is amazing to me that these kids have gotten to their level without the rudiments of even lower level education.

          The liberals have succeeded in dumbing down the youth, to an extant.

          The next generation will have to pay for their ignorance.

        • Even 15 years ago, Tucson time: a student could get all F’s & the parent could beg & plead, but the school NEVER held any student back.
          Horse poop. No wonder graduates are so dumb.

      • When I was in high school, we were taught about American history, as well as the history of Canada. I suspect that even now, so many years later, I know more about American history than these stupid special snowflakes.

  2. As per the video Keith, the girl in the black shirt nailed every one.
    For the others, not so much.
    I think that the follow-up question should be,…do you plan to vote in this year’s election ?

    • Her answer: “Vote? Is that, like, you know, a movie? Is it, like, a pizza eating contest? Do I get a prize for the right answer?”

      I’m not surprised. Not even a little.

  3. Our kids are getting less well educated with every passing year. It’s one of the great tragedies of our culture. CORE will make them even dumber. And we pay the highest per student for their “education” in the world.

    Here’s the sad news:

    “The results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which are being released on Tuesday, show that teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.”

    Here’s the full, sad story. Why aren’t there riots in the streets because of this?

  4. ONE.
    One student knew their names.
    Then we get stoned hippie wanna be- “the Supreme Court gives back to the community.”
    God help us!
    Thanks Keith for the good & the dimm.

  5. With regard to Vincent’s (I was el presidente of Mexico) fox saying he won’t pay for the bloody wall…well I’m damn tired of paying for no wall….it all comes back to Trump having the balls to talk about illegal immigration…we all remember who had our back and who did not…loved my USMC dad…thanks for indulging my heartfelt thoughts for WWII vets

  6. I taught two semesters world history in a community college. God love them, but it was pathetic. They had no background information, would not read, could not — absolutely could not write and essay , etc etc. I finished that last semester and could not continue. It was frustrating and so very very sad.

    • Grace, different butt also a sad part of our society. I had to resign from a Medicaid health plan due to the overwhelming abuse that no one would do anything about. I maxed out after 4 years.
      My sanity was at stake.

    • Grace, in the 1970’s I taught psychology as an adjunct for three summers at a university. I had another job, but I was able to fit the gig in. Summer school students, intense pace, three hour classes, you know the drill. This was in the early 80’s and you could already see the damage being caused by weak educational formation in grade school and high school. I made them work hard–lots of reading, writing and class participation. While there were some students who excelled (there always are), many of them did not. They all passed, but only through mercy grading for many. The essays written by many, as you suggest, were horrible–no organization, no compelling argument, poor formulation of ideas, weak research skills, unbelievably poor spelling. Grammar was a complete mystery to many of them, and their inability to explain out loud what they had read was the stuff of SNL. Class participation, while often energetic, was largely focused on how the students “felt” about something, with precious little grasp of the actual content of the material being taught. Many were just not prepared for college work, and yet, here they were, right in front of me. And these were juniors and seniors for the most part! Nice kids, but scholastically horrible. I had once contemplated a college teaching career, but after that experience, I knew I would not fit in nor feel fulfilled working full time in that environment. So I chose another career path.

      • Your experience very similar to mine. Difference, out of graduate school I thought I wanted to teach — no jobs. After a good career I had this opportunity. Boy, was I saved by the lack of teaching jobs back then!

        BTW, run on sentences (you know the three sentences that comprise the entire paragraph which is one complete page long)….Finally, to make the point I would ask them to read them aloud. When they had to pause for a breath I told them, “There, right there. Put a period”. Just for giggles. And to make the point.

        • LOL… when you realize you’re turning blue and you can’t feel your hands anymore, put a damn period right there! You may have saved many lives without realizing it!