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Video || Hillary Heckled by Black Lives Matter Protestor

Uh oh. Just before the South Carolina primary, where Hillary needs all the African American voters she can get. I doubt this will mess it up, but it’s sure funny.

Happened at a fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina.

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  1. I’ll be happy to address it ….. and then “ok, back to ….”

    Maybe the young woman was a Sanders plant?

    What is with HRC and those jackets over pants? Someone needs to tell her what a bad, really bad look that is for her. She looks like a box.

  2. OT but still because BLM. Those of you who do not want Donald Trump to be the nominee much less the President, consider this. Al Sharpton has threatened to leave the country if Trump wins. Now, come on. Really, how bad could “the Donald” be considering some of the previously unforeseen consequences (rewards) that might come with it. And Sharpton might not be the only one who thinks like this….just sayin’

    • Ha, when I saw the headline, “SHARPTON WILL FLEE IF TRUMP WINS…” on Drudge, I said to my husband, “Wow, if ever there was a terrific reason to vote for Trump, this is it!” I might even be willing to buy Sharpton’s one way plane ticket.

      • If Sharpton leave’s it will only be because the IRS wants him to finally pay his back taxes.
        Besides, lots of race baiting to be done and extorting monies,

  3. Regarding the SCOTUS nomination, tweets from Mark Knoller (@markknoller):

    WH announces Pres Obama to meet Tuesday with @SenateMajLdr, @SenatorReid, @ChuckGrassley and @SenatorLeahy to discuss SCOTUS nomination.

    “We’re going to continue to make the case that they should do their job,” says @PressSec of GOP holding SCOTUS confirmation hearings & vote.

    WH also says it has contacted the office of every member of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the SCOTUS nomination.

    WH says Pres Obama has personally contacted several members of Senate Judiciary on SCOTUS. Spoke to Sen Hatch yesterday after bill-signing.

    In statement, McConnell and Grassley look forward to SCOTUS confirmation process once “next President has been sworn into office.”

    McConnell/Grassley say they’ll use their Tuesday meeting with @POTUS to reiterate their view that next pres should fill Scalia vacancy.