As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 24, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Josh Earnest has no credibility. And he gave it up willingly. He reminds me of Marco Rubio — all pretty boy and grins, having snuggled into the life of the sell out.

          • No von ebb, she’s not an Obot but she does like John Kasich, who is on record as saying that he was elected to the Ohio Senate years ago because women got out of the kitchen and put yard signs out for him.
            Then he spent 18 years in the US House of reps, left that to work for Lehman Brothers, and now is our Governor.

            Can’t trust Kasich, he is a RINO.

          • You trust Trump and he is a SUPER RINO. And you know that was not the context of what Kasich said–this was many decades ago when he had been havingkitchen table talks with people…when women did not have jobs and could be found in the kitchen instead of one the phone ordering takeout (which I would do every nite if I had the money). And I do respect and would like to vote for Kasich–going back to his days in the House…which were my Hill yrs. He doesn’t say the country is ruined–he says it could use improvement…I wish I totally believed all is not lost…but currently, I am wondering.

    • Agree Josh the smile boy. He must be getting a lot of money to stand there and not tell the truth.

      He must sleep on that money as he is helping destroy this country.

    • I curse this Josh “not so” Earnest of the Obama regime & this pathetic, useless, weak-willed, sycophant “WH press corps” everyday…

  2. Star attempts to blame us

    “….finish Obama’s work” She said it she owns it.

    She said it and it means everything!
    We have indeed found you our. It explains a lot of your snarky comments.

    Obama is a Sunni Muslim and you support him and what he has done to this country.

  3. I’ve learned much from all the posters on this site for years and love the different points of view and new sources of information.

    I especially like it when similar conclusions are arrived at from different paths posted by various posters. STAR is one of my favorite reads, and all you other guys are great too.

    • Agree. While growing up, I would always here: Do not discuss politics with family and friends. That is certainly what I have here at WHD is family and friends. So we all may have different favorites at this point. That is America. We will all make a proper choice at the end. :)

  4. Oh, this will be fun. Trump building a GOP dream team. However, unlike the author, Mr. Root, I cannot endorse many, if any really , of his picks. And now is not the time.

    I could be wrong. But to Trump, winning and he will not let up until he secures the nomination. He has shown that he knows — whether you like it or not — how to demolish before he rebuilds. He still has work to do with Cruz and Rubio.

    Not attractive, but one thing I do like. Trump is not taking this lightly. He is out to win.

    Anyway, here is the too early on, slightly weak Dream Team of Mr. Root.

    • It’s the strange habit RINO’s have of publicly chewing on one another and non-RINO Republicans, while largely ignoring the crimes and misdeeds of the candidates of the opposition candidates. By now, they should have had both Hillary and Sanders hanging from a political yardarm in the public square. But no, they go after each other. Stupid. I’m actually surprised that Romney, who himself was skewed by the miscreant Reid on the same sort of phony tax charge, would stoop so low as to use it himself against a Republican candidate. Don’t these people want to win a Presidential election now and then?