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Hillary Confuses Constitution and Declaration of Independence

Whatever. Imagine if Trump did this.

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  1. Eh, she makes the opposition argument with her confusion on “life, liberty, etc”. We have the right to protect ourselves from eminent harm, and the liberty to arm ourselves as we see fit.

    As long as there is one firearm somewhere in the world, an evil-doer will find it, or a rogue government will use it against it’s opposition.
    There’s no point disarming the population of one city, or even one state, or actually one whole country – the would-be shooter will find a way to arm himseself.

    • oops. In moderation and an oopsy at the same time – a first!
      MrRomney has joined the army of idiots who hope to bring down the leading Repub candidate. He told FOX that “we” think there is something in MrTrump’s tax returns that would be a “bomb”.
      He cast a doubt on Trump’s integrity, his honesty, and his lawful use of the tax laws – just like the Dems did to him during his run for the Presidency.
      How low can they go, what is next? Maybe there is some poor soul who died in some Trump Tower somewhere because …well, because MrTrump is the landlord. Perhaps MrTrump was involved in an auto accident where injuries were suffered by, uh, Catholic nuns on their way to the local hospice.

      This campaign is a oner, a singular happening, something we haven’t quite seen in modern days.
      What is next, what else.

      • How about more documented scams–like Trump University…Also where he promised the best and brightest people–would these same picks be in his cabinet? Or when he says he went to Wharton–he does not mean the business school. So now, all of a sudden after yrs of saying Obama was not vetted, we are for not vetting every inch of this person? Bah!

  2. Hillary should get rid of her armed security first, otherwise she should shut her ugly pie hole. It always amazes me when lefty nut-jobs try to refer to documents they don’t believe in, unless it suits them!

  3. I believe those are called “inalienable rights,” which is even higher than Constitutional rights. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” were mentioned as rights in the context of keeping the government (the King in particular) from messing in people’s business. If she knew what she was talking about, she might recognize that she is applying those rights exactly backward in implying that they can be used to justify government intrusion into private behavior. Nope. She’s even less of a constitutional authority than the Lightworker.

    • “inalienable rights,” which is even higher than Constitutional rights.”

      Yep. Rights we have just because we’re born as human beings, and based on Natural Law, a core underlying concept of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. They are not issued or granted by governments; we have them just because we are born human. Democracies and constitutional republics tend to honor them; tyrannies try to take them away from us. See Obama Administration.

  4. She is incorrect — Despite what she says — there is no right delineated in the US Constitution to own a gun.

    Own 2nd Amendment does not give us a right to own a gun. The Amendment LIMITS the government’s reach.

    We have — as outlined in our Declaration of Independence — rights. Period. We have the right to own a gun, have pink tile in our bathroom, really bad hair, etc.

    The point is that our elected officials (leader is not the phrase) need to understand that the US Constitution is, in large part, the limit of government.

    Permission is for serfs in a feudal system. We do not ask permission to have a gun. We have that and other rights… Until people like Hillary take them away.

    Now get off your butt and support the candidate that is not Hillary and save this country.

      • Thank you. I thought I was the only one who paid attention to that. Anyone interested should search – Hillary, plane crash, Iran” — Interesting stuff! Answers a lot of questions except the untimely death of Seal Team Cdr. Job Price. The cover up of cover ups!

      • Agree. There is something medically awry with Hillary. You can tell she has good days when she’s more or less on her game (such as it is), and days when she is off her game–confusing responses, looking lost in the ozone. So there’s an erratic pattern of behavior we can detect if we watch carefully enough. It could be caused by an attempt to equalize her meds (my opinion), or there is something the docs cannot quite control yet–her long term recovery process perhaps, as you suggest.

          • Read the article and agree this should be mandatory for all Presidential candidates. It would be useful for them and their families, as well as for the rest of the nation.

            When I underwent my medical exam for an Air Force Commission, after being enlisted for seven years, I underwent an intense process like the one in the article. That’s when they found out I had had tuberculosis as a kid (at about a one year old) which I didn’t know about. Spots on the bottom of the lungs. Nobody in the family had ever mentioned it. And that’s when they discovered that one of the quadrants in my heart wasn’t functioning properly–likely because of a bad round of rheumatic fever when I was 10 years old. They sent the EKG to Walter Reed and they determined that I was more or less OK, and that my heart had “re-wired itself” (their words) so that it could function properly. Eventually, I was approved, physically, and life went on. But it was chancy there, for awhile. I’m perfectly OK now, and haven’t had a single medical issue because of those conditions, except that when I get the occasional EKG from a new technician or doctor, I have to go over this whole heart thing story again with them. Because of the heart condition, the readout on the EKG machine indicates I am having a massive heart attack, which, of course, I am not.

            Weird, but nice to know about, and all because of the intense medical exam I had way back when–which is the point of this far too long essay supporting intense medical examinations for Presidential candidates. You never know for sure whatcha got until they take the right tests.

  5. Too funny. Talking about rights. I am in the moderation pokey three times in a row for trying to talk about a former Republican Presidential nominee and some comments he made about a certain NY real estate tycoon and the paperwork he submits around April 15 of each year.

    Said former nominee might do well to remember what Dirty Hairy said about him. Guess that no longer matters. Uses the same tactics against a candidate from his own Party.

  6. Amazing how politicians want to protect ppl from all of the gun violence. Yet the streets of Chicago are as violent as any Middle East hotspot. So to protect you, we will take your weapons from you, the law abiding citizens, while doing NOTHING to the ones that killing everyday. What a hyprocite. Not even mentioning she has no clue what document is part of the basis of the country she is quoting.

  7. “There is a constitutional right for people to own guns, but there’s also a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

    Well owning guns leads to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So what is her point.

  8. This is why Trump skips town halls like the one he skipped last night hosted by Megyn Kelly. He can’t handle longer format interviews which his expose his shallow knowledge