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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Guantanamo

The event has concluded.

41 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Guantanamo

  1. If he plans once again to have Gitmo prisoners on US soil it better be in the WH with bedrooms in the Family Quarters, watching tv with the Obamas, prayers with Obama 5 day, hanging out with the girls etc.

  2. He did it without Advise and Consent, as per usual. He did it to placate R. Castro’s demand to return Guantanamo to Cuba in order to make The Deal.

    More importantly, he is in a rush!! How in the world could he travel to Cuba for a celebration next month unless he is bringing a ‘gift’ to his BFF’s, the Castro Bros? His legacy depends on it.

    Very interesting read:

  3. Closing Gitmo is a singular issue with a small bunch of lefty, Islam loving Dems.

    The American public has no interest in closing the place, don’t care if the suspected terrorists and mass murderers rot there forever.

  4. Let me be clear…..Values …….Save money…….

    Let’s see his DOD and Justice Department hasn’t brought these murderers to trial, correct? I don’t understand why some of these haven’t been executed?

    OK…..the DOD states it will save 85 million a year, 300 million over 10 years, over 20 years 1.7 billion dollars.

    Is this common a core math problem?

    The citizens of the US are afraid to bring these people into the country………..Wow……Who cares about the citizens? The allies are more important.

    If President Bush”s shared the same opinion…….Why wasn’t he standing next to him?

    What a joke…….

  5. This just show how much we need Trump.

    Hillary, rubio, cruz all sold out politicians.

    Rubio gang of eight voted for unlimited immigration. I posted proof already.

    • I agree. The Russians. I think the deals been signed between Putin and the Castros. Russia is always looking for warm water ports, and here’s one 90 miles away from Florida. Gitmo is fully set up with all the harbor facilities needed, an air strip, housing and maintenance facilities, electrical power, etc. Putin will pay a nice annual lease fee to Castro and will be right in our back yard. The Russians already have warships going in and out of Havana and other location, but no place to call their own, so to speak.

      IMHO, this has been in the works since Obama came to office–an arrangement among three crazies, Obama, Putin and the Castros. It gives Putin his warm water port 90 miles from the US, it jeopardizes US security (always a major goal of the Obama Administration) and it puts hard cash into the Castro bank accounts.