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Sunday Open Thread || February 21, 2016



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  1. If Cruz doesn’t dump Jeff Roe and his Axiom strategies low life firm he’s done. Acting like a preacher at rallies and then letting Roe fill mailboxes and inboxes with slime doesn’t sit will with many. Trump may be crude but he doesn’t hide it. My 2 cents on that anyway.

    Here’s the Sunday column: Hypocrisy eclipses history on Obama/Schumer and dems re: Scalia

    The history buffs here might also want to check out the front page story on our little low water bridge. Been there over 100 years but as usual, in the name of “progress” the powers that be prefer tearing it out and replacing with a sleek steel elevated structure to enable the motorists and who cares about the history and aesthetics. (Yeh, I’m ticked)

    Have a great Sunday all. Got to mid 70’s here yesterday and another great one starting.

    1. Good stuff. Just want to add that the US Senate has refused deliberation and consideration of a judicial nominee (various court levels) at least 25 times in the history of the country. Reasons range from the nominee being clearly unsuited, unprepared for the role of a judge, political reasons, payback for perceived wrongs, etc. The US Senate is not Constitutionally obligated to conduct a hearing for any nominee to the bench. It’s their call completely. There is NO requirement that the Senate conduct hearings on a judicial nominee if they chose not to, as the Democrats know so very well in their own long experience in not taking up judicial nominees they didn’t like. So when Barry starts whining about the Senate not doing its job by not conducting hearings on whatever Progressive whack job, political hack nominee he throws out there, and that the US Constitution demands it, he is incorrect. As he usually is on everything.

      1. Glad you liked and some great points. I’m following it up next with a “what if” that will describe the players in Marbury v Madison with names changed, then opine on only having 8 justices just before I zing the local lefties with the fact that Congress has ALL the power on number of seats and what’s going on today has not only happened before but it’s been with us from the beginning.

        The more the Democrat party veers down the road of Obama and the radical left, the easier it is to show it for the farce and hypocrisy that it is.

    2. Nicely said Geoff.

      Since the 17th Amendment was passed, the people now elect the senators instead of the states appointing them as was set up originally.
      Therefore, the senate has a say in either confirming the president’s nominee of rejecting it determined by the popular vote.

      McConnell, IMO, was premature in his statement.
      Let the president provide a candidate, then do your job.

      It would surprise me if the president doesn’t try to weight the court for the liberal side.
      However, let it play out.

          1. Agree on that, Grace. He broke through with many interesting insights, i.e. Cloward-Piven Strategy and other behind the scenes tactics of the Hard Left. He’s become tedious (for me), though apparently successful in his enterprises, so I sure give him that. Took a lot of spine to break out on his own, start his various endeavors. I liked listening to him when he was at that stage of his on air efforts. He seem now, to me, to be just rambling around.

    3. Good stuff on the article Geoff. I would have preferred that McConnell say nothing. But the fact that he jump started does not surprisingly bother me that much. I am used to McConnell waving the white flag that I was glad to see him take this stance not to consider a nominee.

      Yes, Presidents are entitled. But there is nothing in the Democrat past or especially in Obama’s and his nature to suggest that a nominee would be anything, whether overtly or covertly, extremely leftist to the core and damaging to the Constitution and the laws of the land. Nothing good would come of it and the long term effects of an Obama court would be a disaster.

      So, if McConnell was perhaps belligerent about it then so be it. Obama and his ilk would have done the same. And, it helps to have McConnell on record given his propensity to cave, as Harry Reid says he will. And that is still an option always with Mitch.

    4. Cruz sounds like preachers I have heard. He uses their technique of raising and lowering their voices….and making many one syllable words into two syllables.
      He has lost any potential he might have had of my support.
      I don’t like lies and lying liars.

  2. Observations from yesterday and this morning:
    Listening to the top three talk about their situations, Sen Rubio and Cruz are all about their talking points, serious, profoundly serious. MrTrump converses for the most part, he talks to someone, not at them.
    If I didn’t know who they were or what they were doing, I’d think that Rubio was afraid of something, Cruz is hiding something, and Trump knows something the others don’t.
    On the Dem side – all that shouting, all that deep voice Clinton that sounds so phony, and Sanders in his amazed wide-eyed facial expressions that tell he never thought it would come to this.

      1. Surprising, I don’t agree…He sure doesn’t talk to me in any lingo that resonates. He repeats phrases over and over, has his greatest hits list (people in DC are stupid, China is stupid, Mexico is crazy smart duping the stupid people, this or that whole population should be banned from the US, something is going on (what, Don, what), etc. And above all, with his “lets it all hang out” stream of unconsciousness approach, he is encouraging people to be hateful and profane…People who might otherwise behave decently. Look at just this list–with the n-expressions creeping back on, pft.

      2. That point was also made somewhat in the Dreher article in discussing the difference between Cruz and Trump.

        But yes, a Trump strength is the talking to and not at. And I love how he brings people from the audience to the podium to share their views. Especially memorable (but apparently without details because I can’t remember names and specifics) was recently when he called up a guy who had helped evict a vile protester from a Trump events. Donald Trump is not afraid of what people will say. He is ready.

        Remember the hell that Obama put Joe the Plumber through?

    1. Good insight. I really liked this:

      “Sanders in his amazed wide-eyed facial expressions that tell he never thought it would come to this.” LOL… Nailed it.

      All that energy in his arms and hands while he’s rating, haranguing and soapboxing (if I may invent a word), making faces like a goldfish in a bowl trying to get the owner’s attention. He would have been a dangerous traffic cop at one of those big city intersections. Arms waving, yelling at drivers. With Sanders directing traffic, they would have all ended up in one big pile of crushed metal and car parts. He would have called it a successful day at work, of course.

        1. But he sure does have a swell sense of fashion ;+}. I’m about 5 months older than he is, and I remember the Bernie Sanders types on campus back in the ’60’s. Lazy, skipping classes, smelling like a city dump, drunk or high most of the time, mocking everything that was good and decent about the US, calling cops pigs, complete sell outs to the craziness of the times. Complete slobs in the way they conducted themselves. Most grew up to be responsible adults, (I guess) but there are a few like him who never matured, never acquired a real skill benefiting society, remained incapable of actual, meaningful work, never mentally became adults. Ingested too much dope, probably. They never made the trip back to reality.

          1. I sure knew some that fit your description, Marcus…But Sanders got where he is saying the same simplistic things from websites and “the shows”…America is ruined, here’s who ruined it, get them, give everyone else presents, etc etc.

        1. Oh, I can be…LOL. Leap week–yes, I noticed we have an extra day to wait for the SS money. Anybody doing Sadie Hawkins–asking a “guy” out? Nah–me either. My guy asking days are over.

  3. Cloyingly annoying to me ( starting to send me emails from them) is the SC contingent of “Team Marco” Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy and Nikki Haley.

    Kelly Ayotte is always sandwiched between McCain and Graham. I wonder where Haley will end up.

    Any consideration of her by Team Marco for for VP is ridiculous.

    BTW Geoff I agree re. Cruz advisors. I don’t know enough about his team but if he doesn’t make a change and a charge now Rubio will overwhelm him. 22.5% to 22.3% was what I read was the difference between #2 and #3 in SC, so it’s possible.

  4. The Breitbart “conspiracy” and Rubio. There is just something “pampered” about Rubio. That aside, I haven’t heard him give any credible defense of his joining with the Gang of 8 or indication that his position on immigration has changed. He makes the point that Harry Reid was (one can argue still is) in charge of the Senate — so if he knew that, how does he explain aligning himself with Schumer.

    Rubio does not wear well.

    1. Yes, Rubio is a slimy lying politician. He sides with Fox News saying Breitbart is a conspiracy theory site.
      That’s ignorant & not who this country needs. He did come out strong at first, butt seems like all the other Rinos.

    2. He wears well with some people, thank goodness…but will it be enough…I despair. You aren’t getting in the least sick of the Big Beige Face scowling and repeating the same scripture from the Book of Trump? Guess not…well, you are loyal.

      1. Not so loyal Star. Just looking for someone who can play hardball with the criminal perhaps to be coronated Clinton. She will eat Rubio alive.

        I am not that impressed with the lot. But we need something to shock us out of the Obama mire (frying pan approach). The institutional damage and the infiltration of the Left throughout this country over the years is huge and unchecked does not augur well for our future. And the unvetted illegal immigrants do nothing to strengthen us.

        For me, Scott Walker was the guy. But he really disappointed in “real life”. And I would take Cruz for SCOTUS any day. But would settle for him as President. Say what you will about his personality and perhaps flaws but he reveres the law and the country.

        Just think Trump can beat him.

        And while I “have the floor” and to prevent more hogging of thread check out this disgusting 2010 email from Blumenthal to Hag Hils — .

        1. I am no convinced she could eat Rubio alive or any other way…She might spastically clutch the air at him and caw. This was one of your best posts, grace, and I mean that. I fear the impulse to say let’s blow this b-word up and start over…too easy and potentially disastrous–making the frying pan look pretty nice. I get a bad feeling–a very bad one. With Don, I can see him bull into some re-negotiation with Iran in his usual “I win–you must lose” deal-making mode and my kid ending up blown to giblets. Or desultory swipes at getting Congress into the program when he decides on one, followed by EOs all day. Or a cabinet off “the shows.” Or even too much bowing to the military and too much war resumed…These are just a few things I think about during the sleepless hours. I don’t just some here and say this stuff to be contrary or irritating to some of you–I think about it all the time.

          1. Given Donald’s history in making deals, I would bet he will surround himself with many sane, able cabinet members & staff. These individuals will hold his possible foot-in-mouth moments in check. His business experience gives him the ability to achieve what is best for America.
            0 spouts off more stupid stuff in one day than Trump ever has. And we need someone not beholden to those who bought him the office of president.

          2. I am not convinced of any of that–I guess that’s what it comes down to. I am–frankly–scared. Scare that he would say the wacky things he says and scared that people nod and say, “Makes sense.” I even asked my daughter should I ask the doc about anti-anxiety pills–she said how would we get to the doc with no car?

          3. Star, Thank you. And I mean that.

            Perhaps you are right about Clinton. She may not have the staying power I am assuming. Perhaps Rubio could best her, but I do not see him as someone who is quick on his feet. He’s scripted.

            As for your fears. They are yours, of course. And not unreasonable. As for me, I have worked with many a person both in WDC and in Silicon Valley with the grandiosity of a Trump. In many (not all) there is a temperance and really really smart person or team behind them to prevent what you fear. I am willing to make that bet with Trump as well.

            Right now I see him as bent on getting the nomination and he is blasting away at all nominees — hitting on both Cruz and Rubio on their eligibility. I expect different if he gets the nomination. One of the things I sense about Trump — even though it might seem thoughtless and cannon ball loose to you — is that there is a method to his madness and he is essentially a mine sweeper through his current opposition.

            Then again, someone might really tick him off and he will blow us all to smithereens. Not likely. :)

          4. I don’t think he would blow us to smithereens, I think people who didn’t get his peculiar charm and compelling logic would. The whole country would be betting on his somehow learning to govern and not screwing everything up–a yuge gamble…My past experience has been the people with the biggest mouths are the most insecure…sort of like men who say they are great in bed invariably aren’t.

          5. As for Rubio being scripted–this is a Christie. If he’s scripted, must be a pretty good scriptwriter–he sure spouts out detailed, articulate paragraphs that I can follow. I even briefly toyed with offering myself as a speechwriter–which I used to be. But my time for that has passed–even going thru an airport would be more than I could do. You say Trump would get good people–how do we know? Would they be Omarosa? Bill Rancic? Would they think of themselves as his apprentices? Would they dare to challenge The Mouth? Who would HIS Val Jarrett be–the leavening force, the controller of excess, the strategist?

          6. Star, Gotta’ run, to be continued my friend. But I would submit that rather than concentrate on the reality TV Trump with Bill R and Omarosa etc. take a look at some pretty well run companies in his “empire” and also at the talent and discipline of his children.

            I get a sense that he can ferret out and use and appreciate good people. Most people, and I think Trump, know their weaknesses and address them.

            The rest — is persona.

            As for Rubio — he has always had good speechwriters and people behind him — especially foreign policy, his real love I think. But they are rather “hawkish” and I find it interesting that you don’t see his inclination to be more involved in the world, especially the ME, more unsettling.

            Have a good one.


          7. I don’t find it unsettling because I believe he would tackle ISIS effectively with a thought-out plan…not some yak about making sand glow…or grabbing oil…As for the latter–who is going to do the seizing–you know, drive the tanker trucks, fill them up…Americans…soldiers? See where this leads?

  5. Help. Does anybody know who these guys are? by their headings they look new. Just recently they have been inundating my email box. When I tried to reply it was rejected — don’t send stuff to me if I can’t send stuff to you. When I clicked somewhere Firefox said not secure — not that that’s a big deal because I suspect Mozilla of playing with conservative sites. And when I do go to the site I can find no “About” or info on who is backing them. But they do allow comments.


      1. I am curious about some. And with Gowdy’s recent exposure as GOPe and endorsement of Rubio I was curious as to what he had to say about “Team Marco”.

    1. Grace:

      Conservative Intel owned by GOP email firm

      By Dylan Byers

      02/11/14 04:09 PM EST

      Conservative Intelligence Briefing, a website best known for releasing 2014 election surveys from a startup GOP polling firm, is owned by a Republican consulting firm that rents email lists and conducts fundraising for GOP candidates.

      The site, which partnered with Harper Polling in January 2013, is owned by Conservative Connector, a company that rents out email lists of conservative activists and donors. Previous clients include Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the NRSC, the NRCC, and others. The parent company has also been paid by conservative lawmakers like Bachmann, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash and Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock, according to the Federal Election Commission.

      Since Conservative Intel is a general website — made up largely of polls and blog posts — it is not required to disclose its financial ties. There is no mention of the parent company on its website. On the Conservative Connector website, the right-leaning blog is listed at the bottom of the page as a “partner,” without any additional explanation.

      Per FEC filings, Conservative Connector has received payments from Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith, New Jersey Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos, Arizona Senate candidate Wil Cardon, North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx, Ohio congressional candidate Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher and Florida congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria, as well as Bachmann, Amash and Mourdock, among others.

      Since partnering with Harper Polling, the site has released polls on races in Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as well as general national polls.

      David Freddoso, Conservative Intel’s editor, said the site was editorially independent of Conservative Connector’s clients.

      “Conservative Intel is a for-profit business,” he wrote in an email. “We have no ‘donors’ or ‘contributors’ and we operate with full editorial independence from our advertisers. Nor do we hide who our advertisers are — we advertise them. No candidate, politician, or outside group has ever paid us to do any poll, nor would we accept such an arrangement.”

      Brock McCleary, the president of Harper Polling, did not respond to a request for comment.

  6. I will vote Democrat if Trump is the nominee. Or I will sit out the election. I know I am not alone. I voted for Ted Cruz in the TX Primary (early voting)

      1. Sitting out the election because your preferred candidates isn’t the nominee is EXACTLY why we have had two terms of Obummer.

        It’s unforgivable to me that so many Republicans sat home in 2012 in protest of Romney when they knew what damage Obummer had done to this country and what was to come in his second term. To think that their votes could have made this horrendous PO(t)(u)S a one termer and saved this country from so much harm, some of which is likely irreversible at this point, is horrifying.

        1. Not voting is unforgivable to me. It is our right and our privilege, for which our forefathers fought and died. People in other countries even today are fighting and dying for the right to vote. To me, someone who refuses to vote out of pique because their personal favourite candidate didn’t get the nomination, is being both selfish and childish. And don’t forget, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!

          1. We had that happen here in Missouri in 2012. Todd Akin did his foot in mouth comment, McCaskill ran with it and when Akin wouldn’t do the honorable thing and bow out, Cacklin Claire was a cinch. So instead of someone standing firmly against Harry Reid and Obama, we got another 6 years of a loyal foot soldier. (And Iran got $150 billion to spread more terror.)

          2. That’s not why and you know it–I am not in a fit of pique–I am scared spitless of what your guy would do or not do…Sorry I won’t have your forgiveness…but I will have to struggle on without it.

  7. Well it appears we are now down to a three-way race – two Cubans and a real estate guy.
    On the other side – an Obama clone/professional liar and an old, deadbeat hippie Socialist.

    The Trump show lost its entertainment value months ago for me. It’s like watching a train wreck.
    As for Cruz and Rubio – don’t even ask!

    This election is turning out to be a Hobson’s choice: Hillary or no one. If my no-vote means she wins, so be it. Wait til HRC brings out her trump card – Julien Castro. Trump/Rubio/Cruz will be history.
    We have to face the inevitable – Hispanics are the New Americans (legal or illegal). Anyone who goes against the tide is destined to lose.

  8. SenRubio told MrWallace on a Fox interview that 70% of the Repubs don’t want MrTrump.
    Grr. Just another example of putting a spin on bad news by another political hack. MrWallace could have told Rubio that 80% of the Repubs don’t want HIM, too.

    This new math where second and third place losers are claiming a victory is just the kind of thing Americans have had enough of.

    ot: I read that some of you will be non-voters if this man or that man is the candidate.
    I beg you, hold your nose if you must, get drunk before you head to the voting booth, please don’t let MrsClinton and her minions win.
    No matter who the Repub candidate might be, cast your vote for him, he is our only hope to end the progressive, idiotic, and nation destroying path the Dems seem to want for all of us.

    1. What you mean is, we don’t want an absolute LIAR or an acknowledged Socialist. As usual, you are right srdem65. Just Do It. Also, hugely important will be local elections. Know the candidates and VOTE your heart. Why is it we have to keep voting for the lesser evil?

    2. Sr. Dem – it should be pointed out somewhere, anywhere, that a lot of people died just so we COULD vote. To willfully refuse this incredible opportunity reeks of spoiled. Very much the “If you won’t play my game; I’ll take my ball and go home.”

        1. Much as I respect SrDem, I will not get drunk and vote for Trump. I have one vote and can use it as I please..and I have commucations talent and will use that as I please. You can call me names, say I am taking my ball and leaving (how childish is that metaphor?), whatever–I don’t care.

    3. Exactly. Just vote. Don’t throw your vote away over some perceived absence of the perfect candidate. There are no perfect candidates, for goodness sake. Grow up! When election day rolls around, don’t be running around crying, “Oh, my. Oh, my. I can’t decide. I don’t know. I’m so confused. I don’t like any of the candidates. Oh, I don’t know. What’s the point of voting? I’ll show em, I’ll stay home in protest. That will teach them a lesson.”

      We have a genuine responsibility to vote, and to forsake that serious responsibility is tantamount to spitting on the US Constitution.

      I spent a lot of time behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War (doing stuff for my Uncle Sam ;+}). I saw first hand what happens when people cannot vote, or cannot vote in an honest election, at least. This wasn’t something theoretical or out of a textbook. This was in your face experience.

      I saw people there WEEP because they had no real say in their government, and, oh, how they admired our ability in this country to cast a real vote. People in East Germany would ask me if it was true, if people really, truly could vote freely. “Ist es wahr? Kann man wirklich stimmen, für die Sie in Amerika wollen?” ‘ I would answer, simply, “Yes, it is true. “Ja, es ist wirklich wahr.” We can vote for whom we want in America.” I’ve never forgotten that. And I never will. Stay home and not vote because of whatever reason? Never! Not this guy.

      1. I voted all the elections in my other 72 yrs–and am durn mad I don’t have a decent candidate this time–or may not. But here we are. This is hardly a case of the perfect being the enemy of the good, by the way–this man is sooo far from perfect or even good in my opinion.

        1. Can I have your vote, then? I feel the need to vote twice this year. ;+} Just email me, or use a carrier pigeon in case the Feds get wind of the plan. Wait! There are no carrier pigeons left! What to do!

    4. srdem65, I agree.
      Nina Murphy, I agree.
      A.J., I don’t agree. I could never vote for Satan. That is why I constantly pray for God to put someone in place and to reveal who He has put in place.

      1. And Marcus, your experience is a treasure.
        Young people today don’t know about those years.
        Continue to share your experiences. It makes a difference to those who knew those days – and to those who don’t.

    5. The last time a Republican won my State, Kalifornia, it was Ronald Reagan. I have faithfully fulfilled my civic duty every single election–knowing full well that my vote is wasted.

      It’s early, but I will be interested to see how Trump (if he is nominated) will poll in my occupied State. His ‘unfavorable’ rating is higher than every candidate, including the two Dems.

      My interest lies mainly with our local and State elections. If, by some miracle, a Republican is in a close race with the Dem on election day, I may have to hold my nose and cast a vote simply b/c CA is so pivotal. Otherwise, it’s going to be a no-vote. We shall see.

  9. Well, Obama did not disappoint this weekend. Although he was too busy to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral yesterday he found time to golf today.(golf game #276 of his presidency) How shameful! Fortunately, his game was cut short because of the rain.

    1. Rain was predicted. Little dick with giant hubris probably thought it would not rain because his intention was to play golf. I am glad that he at least got rained out. And if there was a Marine around, I am pretty sure the golfer in chief called for him to carry his umbrella. Because that’s the kind of #%#! he is.

    2. Ha ha:

      Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
      Pres Obama at @AndrewsAirForce since 9A playing golf with aides. Threat of rain.
      9:09 AM – 21 Feb 2016

      Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
      Rain cuts short President’s round of golf at @AndrewsAirForce.
      9:40 AM – 21 Feb 2016

      1. Correction: Those tweets were at 12:09 and 12:40 PM EST.

        So, I guess Barry was able to get in about three and a half hours of golf today, even though he was too busy to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral on Saturday.

  10. Some pretty heavy comments here today.
    But not to unusual for WHD, imho.
    The ones on our civic duty, voting, were of great interest.
    Whether it’s walking a post or walking into a voting booth, it all comes under the heading of duty. Duty, in uniform or civies, duty.
    Perhaps, just perhaps we veterans take that word more seriously than others.
    Duty, a stern mistress, but we gotta saddle up anyway.
    Hope I made sense, thanks for listening.
    Have to get this soapbox back to its owner.

      1. I see my “duty” as researching the candidates, evaluating them, listening to what they say–and if one is w wrong number or dangerous to the future of my child, not supporting that person. See? Different defn of duty. We should not have to get drunk with a thousand clothespins on our noses, and 100% against our better judgment, to vote for someone

  11. Rubio is now spinning himself as the person to bring in or broaden Republican base. He is paying homage to immigrants and even to slaves who were brought against their will … freedom … blah blah blah. All of which is just another way of saying I am not done with the Gang of 8 yet — I will champion the illegals and find a pathway to citizenship because blah blah blah. Slavery indeed.

      1. Yes, and so is this and groups and all collaborating states, Congressmen, who are collaborating to approve/allow non citizens, or as they should be called illegal aliens, to vote. It appears that there are all manner of avemues to sanction this.

        Obama should stay in Cuba since this kind of crap is where he is most comfortable. I have only skimmed the article but this makes me furious beyond belief as does the corruption of the Democrat nomination and electoral process.

    1. With Bush gone, the GOPe will now turn more attention to Rubio, who was always their backup, their No. 2 choice (IMHO).

      So money, support, good press, assorted “testimonials”, lots of TV ads, the general all around political theater we are subject to from R big shots will become Rubio-cized. As we speak, we can imagine the Rove-types, with their tassled loafers and starry-eyed, dead soul empty smiles, are confabbing in some meeting place–a very expensive hotel suite somewhere. Lots of expensive booze. Sleeves rolled up. Phones ringing all the time.

      We know what they are talking about. “How can we shape-shift Marco into a Trump-Cruz destruction machine? Should Marco get a different haircut? Do his suits fit him just right? Has he got the right smile? Does it inspire confidence with the Independents, with the seniors? How about better makeup for his TV appearances? He sweats a lot, we may have to do something about that. Should he lose a little weight? Should he speak slower? Lower his voice? Grow a beard? (No). Who should we have him photographed with? Kids, excited nuns, veterans? What will work best for us?”

      We know what’s going on. We’ve seen it all before. Lots of times.

  12. What a joke that photo op with Barry’s ring binder (full of minorities?) was on Friday:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    WH said Pres Obama would be using the weekend to start plowing through materials on possible SCOTUS nominees.
    6:37 PM – 19 Feb 2016

    As if we were all to believe that Barry was leaving the Oval Office with homework, to go over potential Supreme Court nominees. And, this just HAD to be done on Saturday morning while Justice Scalia’s funeral was taking place. Yet, Barry planned on playing golf all day Sunday, (and got rained out, ha), and then had yet another dinner party this evening:


    On Saturday, the President has no public events scheduled.

    On Sunday, the President will deliver remarks at the National Governors Association Dinner and Reception at the White House. The Vice President, First Lady and Dr. Biden will also attend. The President’s remarks in the East Room will be pooled press.

    Sunday, February 21, 2016


    7:15PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at the National Governors Association Dinner and Reception; THE VICE PRESIDENT, FIRST LADY and Dr. Biden also attend

    State Dining Room


    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Pres Obama addresses black tie dinner tonight for nation’s governors. “You all look spectacular,” he tells them.
    7:44 PM – 21 Feb 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    “I wanted to see how Michelle would react,” says Pres Obama, after saying tonight was his final governors dinner….at least as president.
    7:46 PM – 21 Feb 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Pres also jokes about his SCOTUS situation, saying he’s doing his duty addressing the Governors & hopes they give him a “fair hearing.”
    7:49 PM – 21 Feb 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    In a toast, Pres invokes words of LBJ about “working together for the common good.”
    8:00 PM – 21 Feb 2016

  13. Interesting info about Barry’s trip to Cuba next month. Moochelle will be going with him on the two day trip, (Monday and Tuesday, March 21st and 22nd). Then it will be followed by a two day visit to Argentina, (Wednesday and Thursday), where the White House says they’ll be joined by the First Family.

    So, does this mean that their daughters, who will be on Spring Break that week, will be flying separately to meet Barry and Mooch in Argentina?? Two planes all the way to Argentina and back to DC??

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    WH says Pres Obama will make a 2-day visit to Cuba March 21-22 before a 2-day stop in Argentina March 23-24.
    9:24 AM – 18 Feb 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    WH says Mrs Obama will accompany @POTUS to Cuba and the First Family will be join for the visit to Argentina. 9:35 AM – 18 Feb 2016


    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2016

    In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

    Later in the morning, the President will deliver remarks and take questions from the National Governors Association at the White House; the Vice President will also attend. The President’s remarks and question and answer session in the State Dining Room will be pooled press.

    In the afternoon, the President will have lunch with the Vice President in the Private Dining Room. This lunch is closed press.

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

    Oval Office

    Closed Press

    11:10AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and takes questions from the National Governors Association; THE VICE PRESIDENT also attends

    State Dining Room

    Pooled Press (Pre-set 9:50AM; Final Gather 10:45AM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

    12:30PM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT meet for lunch

    Private Dining Room

    Closed Press

    Briefing Schedule

    12:30PM Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, National Governors Association Chair Governor Gary Herbert and National Governors Association Vice Chair Governor Terry McAuliffe

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