As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Open Thread || Saturday, February 20, 2016



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    • DH & I heard this on a local radio show yesterday. We were laughing, butt I had to watch the road which was really hard, laughing hysterically.
      Yet funny as it is, what a pathetic sloth. I wonder if he still smokes pot first thing in the morning (wake & bake), then all day long. That’s just what this country does not need, another lazy druggie who wants to take our hard earned money away.

  1. Watching the ceremony now, beautiful.
    If there is only one thing that Catholics do well it’s the high ceremony.

    The good man leaves us with his amazing family, and a legacy of true patriotism.
    RIP, Your Honor.

  2. Funny one on MoJoe (yes–Sat–why miss another chance to whack at Rubio?). Anyhow–Joe went on and on so much, Mika finally said enough. this is like verbal vomit. Wish I had said that. And it was Mika!

    • Star, I thought Rubio was your choice, or perhaps I am wrong. Anyway, Larry Ellison just gave his campaign $1Million — ka ching from Silicon Valley. B1 visas most likely.