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Obama Schedule || Saturday, February 20, 2015

In an insult to Justice Antonin Scalia and the nation, President Obama is notĀ attending the Scalia funeral today. He is scheduled to remain at the White House all day while Vice President Biden attends instead. Fortunately, he at least won’t be headed out to play golf, which is what he normally would do on a beautiful Saturday.

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  1. How is this for my take. Majic kneegrow is running out of time to completely ruin the country.

    Arch enemy stopping him is taken out. Now if this does not look very strange then your just not paying attention.

    Now HNIC has a chance to stack the court in his favor. Chance ? or Plot? You decide!!!!

    • I saw that when it aired. Can’t believe Megyn’s so dense that she’s surprised Barry would skip the funeral…like Charles said, there are many examples of these kind of insults and slights over the past seven years. O’Reilly’s the same way – he’s always shocked when Obama doesn’t do the right thing.

      • It’s all an act. As AFVet says, it’s a ratings game. We have to come to grips that these networks are in the game to make money, not to boldly, honestly convey the complete truth of a situation, particularly a political situation. If they thought their ratings would increase if they accused Rubio or Trump or any of the candidates of secretly wearing grass skirts and coconut bras, they would do it in a nanosecond. Megyn and O’Reilly are actors, playing a part in this media circus, and are no better than their script writers. Public trust and/confidence in the media is at record lows; serious news consumers and motivated citizens have caught on to what the MSM is up to. Long ago.

  2. It was a blessing for the Scalia family NOT to have the scumbag in attendance this morning.
    Justice Scalia represented everything that is good about America; Obama represents the exact opposite.
    RIP, Justice Scalia!

  3. How do you KNOW he is not playing golf… If he told this useless “WH press corps” to NOT report he is playing golf this pathetic, weak-willed, sycophant “press corps” would readily & happily agree to cover his skinny, lying, arrogant neo-socialist ass.

  4. If anyone is interested, this Politico article has a copy of the program for Justice Scalia’s funeral Mass this morning:

    Also, as far as the dignitaries who were there:

    While President Barack Obama attracted some public criticism for not attending the Mass, Vice President Joe Biden represented the administration. His predecessor Vice President Dick Cheney was also present.

    Other Obama administration officials at the Mass included U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and White House Counsel Neil Eggleston.

    Among lawmakers in attendance: Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

    Unsurprisingly, scores of federal judges were in attendance. They included several mentioned as potential successors to Scalia, such as D.C. Circuit judges Sri Srinivasan, Patricia Millett and Merrick Garland.

    Also present were all the sitting Supreme Court justices, as well as retired Justice John Paul Stevens. Numerous prominent members of the Supreme Court bar were on hand, such as Solicitor General Don Verrilli Jr. and former solicitor generals Ted Olson and Paul Clement.

    Dozens of priests were on hand as were top leaders of the Catholic Church: Archbishop of Washington Donald Wuerl and Archbishop Carlo Vigano, who heads up the Papal Nuncio.

    As Wuerl looked out over the thousands of mourners, he drew laughter by saying the event was in keeping with Scalia’s “desire to have a simple parish family Mass.”

    Many guests arrived more than an hour before the Mass was set to begin, milling and chatting in the large basilica. Many of the seats were folding chairs, due to a major renovation project underway in the church.

    Reporters on hand for the service were told by basilica staff that “no interaction” with the guests was permitted.

    However, some chatted with journalists as they filed out after the service.

    “I spent a day in the duck blind with Nino,” Cheney recalled, using Scalia’s nickname. ‘We had a lot of laughs.”

  5. Tonight on FOX Cable Special Bret Baier and the analyst panel, including Juan Williams, who said concerning Trumps large apparent win in South Carolina. “It seems the voters view politics different than us news people?” Well, well, after 50 years a TV talking head confessed a startling truism..

    • Interesting to watch the same conservative pundits twist themselves into pretzels trying to figure out how the Republicans can consolidate behind one candidate to knock off Trump (“The vote today shows that two-thirds of the people don’t want Trump!”)

      Also funny how the 2nd/3rd place finishers – some 14 points behind – are giving what sound like “victory” speeches.

      What a strange year it continues to be.

      • Remember when Rubio took 3rd and Fox and GOPe pundits made it sound as if he had won.

        Getting to be like the Dems and the MSM — facts are irrelevant.

        • Most desperate-sounding pundit moment tonight came from A.B. Stoddard when she said Kasich needs to stay in the race so he can help Rubio by preventing Trump from winning Ohio. (?!) The other panelists seemed confused and someone muttered “It’ll be too late by then” – which, of course, is true – since Ohio’s primary isn’t until March 15th.

  6. MrTrump wins SC today.
    The snobs, the elite sneering class of the MSM pooh-poohed his win because he didn’t win by a bigger margin than the polls claimed he would.

    These same leftish, biased commenters cheered when MrsClinton won Iowa with a coin toss after she failed to win one more vote than MrSanders.
    Congrats to MrTrump and his supporters who worked so hard for him. They overcame the most orchestrated smear campaign ever thrown at a candidate for the Presidency in modern history. From being described as a “clown” a few months ago, he now is situated to lead the Repub party to a victory in November.

  7. I’m proud of him…Trump called a “clown, a loser, a joke, an entertainer with no achievements..privileged wealthy white guy and on it goes. Got a pretty impressive family I would be proud of a degree from the Wharton School I could not survive in there for very long. yeah, he’s a clown alright. One I’d like to be. Wishing him the Almightys many blessings as we move forward in this cage match

  8. There is a certain satisfaction in that, for whatever reason, Obama is being denied a beautiful day on the golf course. Tantrum at the WH today for sure.

  9. And Trump managed to draw controversy in his final rally before the primary Friday night, when he told an apocryphal story of Gen. John Pershing, who purportedly dipped bullets in pigs’ blood to execute Muslim prisoners a century ago in an effort to deter Islamic terrorism. Rubio, speaking to NBC’s “Today” show on Saturday, called the tale “bizarre” and said “that’s not what the United States is all about.”

    Muslims and pig’s blood aside I really resent politicians saying “that’s not what America is about” or “no American would….” etc. As if they and they alone hold the key to what America is. And, I doubt that Rubio would have had the courage to say that to Pershing. Good thing for Marco that the General has long ago passed.

  10. Here is one of the most simple, substantiated and short discussions of how Ted Cruz is not lying and Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are. Particularly galling is Rubio — two tales to two audiences — which has been known for some time.

    Both Trump and Rubio want to take out Cruz. I would take Cruz over Rubio in a heartbeat. I would also like to see Trump/Cruz team up — they both bring different strengths and appeals to the base.

    All this pandering by Fox and others to the other Bush, that would be Rubio, is irritating and distasteful.

    • Mod Jail

      Comment on how both Trump and Rubio are lying — especially good on the Rubio doublespeak. See Ace of Spades, Polls Closing in South Carolina.

    • That was always my Dream Team, Trump/Cruz for four or eight years, then a Cruz/? ticket for another eight and maybe all of the Kenyan Queen Hussein’s idiocy and tyranny might be eliminated by then. Cruz could learn the Art of the Deal from Trump and get some great connections. Rubio needs to just go crawl under a rock and stay there!

  11. He was scheduled to fly to Florida to play golf and I bet the Kenyan Queen still does! We all know what a Liar and Criminal lowlife scumbag Hussein is, the Muslim Pig Queer boy and his Tranny need to spend eternity in Hell with his Allah/Satan! DEath to Tyrants!